72 quick ways to lose weight Part 5 (5-7)

potseluiWe continue the series of articles about
how to effectively and quickly get rid of extra pounds and always
stay slim and beautiful.

We collected 72 of the most creative and successful ways quickly.
lose weight

This is the fifth article, with previous ones you can also find on
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72 quick ways to lose weight

41. Kiss!

Is there a better and faster way to lose weight than
kisses It turns out, kissing, you burn about 5-6 calories in
a minute I know that it is not so much, but put these minutes in
over the course of the year and you will see that you have spent quite a lot

And let’s not forget that our body produces endorphins,
when we kiss! So you can simultaneously lose weight and feel
yourself happy!

42. Get enough protein from food.

To lose weight quickly, it is important to have a healthy and healthy diet.
balanced diet. That’s why you need to make sure that
at least two meals from your daily meal
contains enough protein. Eggs, white meat and fish
will be the best natural source of protein for you.

In case you are a vegetarian, you can get protein from
products such as cottage cheese, beans and nuts. Protein not only
helps you feel more satisfied, but also contributes
�”Repair” the muscles after workouts, makes a huge contribution to the beauty
your skin, nails and hair.

43. Increase fiber content.

Fiber is important for healthy weight loss – yours
the digestive system will work smoothly, your body
will be able to perform natural detoxification, your
metabolism will increase, and you will feel healthier.

Eat porridge for breakfast and a few vegetable salads in
throughout the day to get the right amount of fiber, and you
see how quickly you start to lose weight.


44. Do not starve yourself

This is a common mistake of many losing weight. From my personal
experience can say that skipping meals to lose weight is not
work. First of all, it is very difficult and distracting, since you do not
you can stop thinking about food, secondly, those few kilograms,
which I managed to lose, came back in abundance in a week,
when I start eating normally.

The fact is that fasting puts our body in “conservation mode
energy, ”essentially it means that the body is trying to keep
for all the fat that we are trying to burn. And don’t forget
that fasting affects your overall health and your

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45. Do not get distracted while eating

Basically this means watching TV. Increasingly and
more often we hear that the food in front of the TV is bad
habits, because “thanks to” the TV consumes much
more food than is necessary to satisfy hunger.

46. ​​Listen to your body

Listening to your body is a good way not to overeat. Like us
already said, our brain reacts only 10-15 minutes after
as we ate enough food to saturate, so u
we have enough time to eat more than we actually
really need. Which exit?

Eat slowly, as we mentioned, and listen to your
to the body. For example, I pay attention to my taste buds.

At first, when you first start eating, each piece seems
incredibly tasty, but the more parts of the food you eat, the
less you taste. Now, I know that when my flavors
the receptors are no longer sensitive, it means my stomach is already full, and
it’s time to stop. Listen to your body each
the time you eat and you find some more small signals
who sends you the body to report that you are already full.

47. Avoid “emotional eating”

It can be difficult to distinguish the actual need for
food, water and the emotional need to eat something. But we
must learn to see the signs. This will help you create a schedule
power supply. If you plan on 5 meals during the day, you
it will be very difficult to slip out of the way. Especially when you know
what exactly of the foods and when you eat them.

Hold for a moment in the evening after dinner to make your
meal schedule the next day. Having exact time and
fixed meals and snacks, you just have to eat
the right things at the right time in the right place.

Therefore, no chance for emotional food that
makes you opt for the wrong diet
to gain weight and feel uncomfortable afterwards.

48. Eat surrounded by fewer people.

Eating in a small group of people, you are guaranteed to eat less,
because you will spend less time at the table. We all know,
as in a large group of people (at anniversaries, weddings, etc.) each
continues to remain at the table, even when already completely ate,
for verbally supporting the rest of the company.

49. Add diversity.

Try different things at the gym, for example, I found it in
aerobic exercise to take a break from orbitrek which i
I use as my main cardio simulator.

Hundreds of healthy food recipes are available online, so
You can always diversify your daily diet interesting and
new dishes every day. Who would have thought that the loss
weights can be interesting, isn’t it?

50. Throw out home scales

The fact is that when you start to stick with the program
losing weight you never know what yours really show
scales – the increase in fat or muscle mass. Why then do you need
get upset when you’re not even sure what that figure means?
Flexible tape, mirror and, of course, your clothes should be
The main indicators of how fast methods work successfully.
lose weight

To be continued…

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