7 stages of relationship development. And which oneare you?

Чт, 14 май 2015 BUTвтор: Элен Стельмах
Each couple goes through certain stages in a relationship. AT
At the beginning everything is romantic, passionate, fun and easy, but it comes
the moment when it becomes crowded near and not as interesting as
before, and sometimes – just unbearable. How to find out where are moving
your relationship and what is true love ?!

Such a deep feeling like True Love is not easy.
build, but successfully and patiently overcoming the complexity of each of
stages, it becomes possible. Want to know which one
stage are relationships in your pair? Then read on.


The first stage – strong hunger

This stage is often called love, passion, candy
Bouquet period. This is a very bright, fun, intense period, about
which he remembers later with such ecstasy, sometimes with undisguised
sadness AT нем много эмоций, ярких и жарких; life boils and boils:
you are more active than ever, and you do not seem to need sleep, rest, food
at all … There would be only one cute one.

ATсе встречи и звонки долгожданны; in each other’s society the world
seems better; time spent together is always a little how much
actually did not last a date. Lover’s image all the time
consoles your imagination, pleasantly exciting your heart. I want to him
touch, hug and kiss, and so that he was near always …

AT это время парень может делать сумасшедшие поступки, ухаживать
gallantly, talk tirelessly, all the time wants to be side by side, and
no matter where. And the girl, in turn, can stand in front of a mirror
a few hours before the date with her beloved, she is prettier and
kinder, her voice changes, it becomes even softer and more tender.
ATлюбленные проявляют свои лучшие качества, они стремятся показаться
in the best light and they really both behave
exemplary. Note that it is at this stage that poets and artists (and
other creators) composed works of art for their

ATторой этап — onсыщение

Inevitably in a relationship comes a moment of satiety: you
enjoyed each other’s company and got used to it. At this stage
it is already possible to go somewhere separately (on a visit, to the shop, to
exhibitions, anywhere); time spent together no longer so
quickly, as in the first stage of a relationship. ATам интересно с любимым, но
feeling of thrill before each meeting and burning desire to be near
every minute is gone.

This stage is also called the stage of smooth relations. ATсе идет
smooth, quiet, peaceful. ATам хорошо вместе, спокойно и уютно. ATам
it is interesting to each other’s society, but the former feeling of “hunger”
beloved you no longer have. In short, you still like each other.
friend, but already managed to get used to the charm of his

For example, if the funny joke was told to you by the beloved one at the first
stage, you would sincerely laughed a few minutes with a great laugh,
and then praised his unique sense of humor. And on the second
stage – saturation, you would be awarded a favorite smile and say
�”Well done, really funny!”. The difference is palpable, right?

The third stage – the stage of disgust

We arrived to the most dangerous period for any relationship – stage
disgust. This is the most critical and dangerous period that ruined
a huge number of happy and harmonious, but rather weak unions.
Most often this period falls on the notorious three years since
relationship. Sometimes it can happen before, by the end of the first
года relationship. And sometimes the first stages can take longer, and
the stage of disgust will come in the seventh year of the relationship, but it happens
rarely enough. I would like to note that in love with this
stage already, most likely, had time to formalize the relationship, and
became spouses.

Most lovers, at the beginning of a relationship, naively believe that
they will never have such quarrels and squabbles, as happens with their
friends who are at this painful stage. But
remember that this stage, sooner or later, will still come and
it will need to be overcome by joint efforts. Pity that
a huge number of couples part on it, and not
guessing that it is temporary. How long
it will flow depends on temperament and wisdom

AT этот период может раздражать все в ранее любимом человеке: как
he eats, how he walks, how he laughs, how he twists a tube of pasta. Even
what used to be liked in him may now cause a terrible
hostility and disgust. And if he does something really
bad, for example, swears, shouts, lazy, scatters
clothes, and so on, you may experience a fit of acute dislike,
bordering on hate. It seems that everything he does, he does
spite, specifically, to derange, annoy and
to annoy.

Those who found themselves at this stage believe that they were mistaken in a person, that
he pretended to be another. Often, they decide
parting, because sharing happiness and pleasure has become abruptly
little, it simply is not enough for a normal marriage. BUT
here quarrels, scandals and reproaches became more than ever. Being on
this stage in a relationship, a person thinks that love is completely
passed But какое же это заблуждение…

The fourth stage – the stage of patience and forgiveness.

This stage comes after one of the spouses realized
that you can still somehow be measured with the shortcomings of the once beloved
person Usually this person in the pair is more intelligent
wise or simply mature.

Gradually, with patience enduring the shortcomings of the spouse, comes
понимание, что лучше onчать с себя. The kinder and gentler themselves
lead, so he, in principle, and is responsible.

At this stage, there is a deep work with its own
selfishness when you revise the notion of love, marriage and
relationship. ATы искренне onчиonете замечать человека, его нужды и
потребности, вы узonете его заново и, в первый раз, onстоящего. Not
more plume of love in a relationship, but there is an understanding of his
responsibility to the person (sense of duty; responsibility
in front of children; decency and traditional ideals about loyalty and

На этой стадии происходит спокойное принятие onстоящего человека
with his features, character and tastes. there are no special pleasures yet
but anxiety and irritation has become much less. ATы уже не
Get up with a half turn.

It is during this period comes the understanding that the beloved
человек не обязан быть моей копией, что он отдельonя и уникальonя
personality, with their needs and desires. At this stage, the pair
rarely diverge, as relations are slowly moving towards
onстоящего чувства — любви.

The fifth stage – the stage of duty

ANDменно с этого момента onчиonет зарождаться подлинonя Любовь.
Когда человек осозonет свою обязанность выполнять долг перед своим
spouse or spouse. Осозonв, еще on прошлом этапе, уникальность
своей второй половинки, onличие у него собственных потребностей,
interests and desires, comes the understanding that you need to take care of
him and fulfill his duties.

Каждая пара, семья – уникальon. But в общих чертах, если речь
идет о женщине, то оon понимает важность выполнения перед супругом
women’s responsibilities for the protection of the family hearth – childcare,
maintaining its own attractiveness, cooking, cleanliness in the house
And so on. A man comes to understand how important it is to provide
family with everything necessary, to protect from external problems and adversities and

The sixth stage – the stage of divine friendship

Это трепетonя стадия, когда приходят в дом теплые, уютные
heart-to-heart talk. When it’s interesting again together, but not just
greedily and fervently, but with great respect and devotion to man.
Это ведь onмного ценнее, зonя человека от корки до корки, уважать
him and be interested in him, trust him and be inspired. This
прекрасonя стадия: светлая, добрая, искренняя, как в сказках. AND
пара, оказавшаяся on ней, вплотную подходит к onстоящей любви.

At this stage люди становятся родными. Spouses turn into
the most devoted and best friends for each other. They are inseparable
cheerful and friendly. It is pleasant to look at such families, they can
admire and take an example from them: they have already experienced so much
(stage of disgust), but stayed together, they are good next to each other
a friend. But это еще не любовь.

The seventh stage is the stage of divine love

The best description of such love is given in the bible:

Love endures for a long time, charity, love does not envy,
love is not exalted, not proud, not outrageous, not looking
not annoyed, does not think evil, does not rejoice in untruth, but
rejoices with the truth; всё покрывает, всему верит, всего onдеется, всё
transfers Love never ends…

We wish everyone to proudly go through all the stages described above and
find true love!

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