7 lists that each must keepgirl

Ср, 08 фев 2017 Автор: Элен Стельмах

Maintaining lists will help to organize and structure
life: personal, professional, social.

Also lists are the easiest and most effective way.
plan out your daily routine to complete
scheduled (at least the minimum of the planned, and at the maximum –
all you wanted).

The lists made life easier for all of humanity by allowing
manage time focusing on the list

Making lists one way or another helps us intelligently.
allocate time to our tasks. Also maintenance
and the implementation of the list items allow us to achieve the goals
и tasks. That is, lists, conditionally, can be compared with the stairs. Have
each of our goals has its limits, the degree of complexity and
certain height.

So, everyone chooses a path for himself: or quietly climb
top of the ladder (maintaining lists), or scramble
on steep turns and slopes, stumbling over obstacles
lists, random assignments).


Make life easier for you – keep lists

By maintaining lists, we can divide complex tasks into
small, thereby simplifying life itself, gradually moving towards
goals. The list also clearly demonstrates our success and degree.
approximation to the intended goal or task. Looking at your list,
you can clearly answer yourself the question: how much effort do I
Do I have enough of them? Sometimes overloaded lists
are evidence of too much diligence and reassessment of their
real opportunities.

In general, any list is a reminder of what we should
remember. It’s like a pendulum that shows us an approximation or
distance from the planned direction of our day, week,
month, year. In any area of ​​life lists can be maintained.
useful and productive. The classification lists are very
motley, try to identify the seven species that are needed
lead any girl to intelligently plan her time and
of life.

№1 – List of creative ideas

Any creative nature can argue, because it is very difficult
drive into the framework of such a spontaneous and unpredictable process as
creation. But sometimes even the most gifted and talented
man does not climb anything fresh and new, but to create
nevertheless necessary (forced labor obligations, contracts). And in
In this case, original, valuable ideas, thoughts and
Finds will help you cope with a creative lull, a crisis.

Look at a couple of ideas from your list and immediately in your head they
will be developed, the idea of ​​”play” and help cope with
creative challenge. Such lists for the person of creative professions
– an indispensable assistant and ally during periods of decline in creativity and

№2 – List of books that are required to read

When you can’t decide which book to choose
following, after reading the previous one, we recommend you
similar list. Write each book to the reading list: o
which you heard, read and liked the description; which
advised friends, acquaintances, relatives.

In addition to expanding the world view and initiation of art, books
universal source of inspiration and wisdom. It is said to
10 books are enough to understand life and its “salt”, but to find them,
need to read thousands. Such a list will serve as a reminder.
about how many books you have already read. If in the margins of the list do
tagging after reading each book, writing down the main idea and
favorite sayings – the list will become your own
well of pearls of thought.

№3 – List of interesting life events

This list is unique. It helps to become not only
creative, wise and educated, but also help to change the quality
of life. If it’s hard to fill out a list of interesting events,
experienced situations, places visited, exciting experiences, then
it becomes a sad waste of time. But in other way –
This is a reason to start making changes in your life, fill it with bright
colors, incredible and lively adventures.

Such a list will help break the usual pattern for many:
home-work-home and allow you to breathe life into the richness and fullness,
versatility. A list of interesting life events helps
slightly adjust your attitude to your life as well
fill it with exciting pages!

№4 List of current tasks

As much as this kind of list is beaten and banal, it’s still
important and necessary for organizing the daily routine. When administered
Such a list, it will be easier to cope with the daily routine, you
become more in time and faster to fulfill the planned. Also,
This is a great way to increase punctuality and commitment.
The list of current tasks, as a peculiar form of self-discipline and
work on yourself. Only the most important thing for the result is not necessary
just keep this list, but follow it, fulfilling to the maximum
tasks from it.

And what a pleasure you will delete from the list completed
task and in end of the day to contemplate fully completed tasks.
A sense of satisfaction and pride in yourself is very pleasant.
a feeling that will whip up your fuse in such lists and
will give strength to not abandon this venture.

Number 5 – List of films scheduled for viewing

The film industry is a very developed field, so the screens come out
incredible amount of movies. They are released so much that time
not enough to watch everyone, and you don’t have to spend time on
unworthy and silly pictures. Clearly thought out movie list
will save you a lot of time searching for a movie to watch when
you will have free time and desire.

No. 6 – Wish List

The wish list is the holy of holies, it must be cared for,
cherish and not show anyone! Joke.

But the reverent attitude to their desires and dreams, keeping
list, supplemented by pictures and life-affirming phrases
let you draw strength from it. Also such a list is the source.
self-development and dedication. A life без желаний – это не
life … Love and share your desires, try to realize them and
You will be truly happy and satisfied girl!

№ 7 List of prohibitions

Oh, how useful in dubious, complex, savory life
situations such a list here. He will be your guide and guide
how far one can go and what is better, though, to abstain. what
can I add to the ban list? На этот вопрос каждая girl
answers herself. Drink more than three cocktails or light a cigarette.
Spending time with uninteresting people, listening to gossip and eternal
complaints of girlfriends. Gossip and condemn the most. For someone connection with
a married man will be listed in the wish lists, and for someone –
This taboo and list number 7.

We offer you some more types of lists that will make your
life is more pleasant, lighter and more joyful:

– a list of cases that you have done for the first time;

– a list of causeless happiness or a list of reasons for

– a list of places you want to visit (in your city or
on a larger scale)

– a list of accomplished good deeds;

– a list of thanks (to whom and for which you are grateful).

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