6.35 grams of silver will knock down not onlyvampire, but also a living adult. The truth about silver water:benefit and harm

Пт, 24 ноя 2017 BUTвтор: Юрий Федоренков

About the bactericidal properties of silver is known from
ancient times. How effective are “grandfather’s” methods in
modern world? It’s time to dispel all doubts and myths about
the benefits of silver water treatment.


Where did the belief about the benefits of silver water

Ancient civilizations, such as the Phoenicians and the Greeks, knew that
long storage of water and oils in silver containers
freshness of liquids. Some also realized that drinking from silver
cups were healthier than from copper or lead. Hippocrates
considered the creator of a medical practitioner, crushed pieces
silver into powder and consumed it with water for the purpose of obtaining benefits
for good health. In ancient times, the causes of disease were not understood, but
The years of practice gave noticeable fruits that were registered.
In fact, many people, up to the wide use
refrigeration and homogenization, used silver
spoons and coins in milk to keep it.

As a person began to better understand that microorganisms, such
like bacteria, viruses and mold, caused diseases and food spoilage,
more attention was paid to the detection and use of substances
who killed them. Until 1938, when penicillin was discovered,
silver solutions were used as disinfectants
tools, especially for surgical instruments and laboratory
equipment. Silver nitrate ointment used for disinfection.
eye of newborns for many decades after opening
penicillin. Ionic silver solutions were used for
disinfection of drinking water on the International Space Station and
Russian orbital station “Mir”. WHO in its sponsored
Water Disinfection Guidelines states that silver colloids
are effective disinfectants for drinking water
in third world countries.

Although the evidence supporting the ability of silver to clear
water and sanitize inanimate objects exist in
abundant, then its ability to kill pathogens
in the human body is considered controversial and not good enough

Getting silver water

The easiest way to get some disinfecting benefits
from silver, as noted above, is the use
silverware, as well as placement in silver water containers
items. But in this case, silver is released for a very long time.
(you need at least three days to achieve a result) and effect
it turns out insignificant.

Another most effective way is to use electronic
ionizer or sergear. The method allows you to quickly get
silver water, and adjust the concentration of silver.
The disadvantage can be considered significant energy consumption.

The third method is ambiguous – the use of colloidal solutions
(sols) of silver. It is a suspension
submicroscopic metallic silver particles in colloidal
basis. Since its production is the least expensive, it
is the most popular product in this category.

In the end, if you just want to do an experiment and
try the effect of silver water on yourself, then you can buy it in
shop or take in church (holy).

The benefits and harm of silver water

Silver is a heavy metal, and in the periodic table
adjacent to extremely toxic cadmium. Belongs to class 2
Hazards “highly hazardous substances”, which also include:
lead, cobalt, arsenic and cyanide. Able to accumulate in
the body.

This is what the people call the “soundness” of silver.
We treat one, cripple the other.

Silver is not considered safe or effective as medical.
means whether it is in water or in another form. It does not have
direct targets in the human body. The direct role of silver in
организме человека мало studied. And even though a person eats with food
about 7 micrograms of silver per day, this mineral is not important for us, as
say some manufacturers for whom it is only important to successfully
sell your goods and make a profit. Moreover, silver is capable of
at the cellular level to block the processes of energy exchange, therefore
it belongs to the cell poison.

The main advantage of water silvering is high
efficiency and long disinfecting aftereffect. By this
the reason silver can be justified in marching
conditions when water quality in natural sources causes
doubt. And canned silver water can
stored for years and even decades. But in other way,
there are other antiseptics, and preserve water
in banks, and put them on the mezzanine, it makes sense only in
strategic purposes – in case of apocalypse.

Silver, unlike its modern counterpart – an antibiotic,
simply does not cause resistance or immunity in
the organisms that kills. This moment can not be no
emphasized as many people suffer and die of disease
as a result of antibiotic resistant infections. At the same time, with
the use of silver water does not die useful microflora
intestine, unlike the use of antibiotics, since
simply silver is rapidly absorbed in the upper GI tract and with
blood is carried throughout the body, killing pathogens
microorganisms. Silver concentration should be around 10-20
mg / l, at a dosage of 3 x 1 tsp / day.

The least toxic metal is silver, the most
– in the form of silver nitrate.

At the same time, long-term use in significant doses may
cause irreversible serious health problems including
kidney damage and neurological problems such as seizures. BUT
also lead to general poisoning and specific disease
argyrosis, a condition in which silver salts are applied to the skin,
eyes and internal organs, and the skin becomes ash gray.
It is impossible to completely remove the silver from the body at this stage.
Many cases of agrigoz have occurred in the period before antibiotics, when
silver was a common ingredient in nose drops. When the reason became
obvious, doctors stopped recommending their use, and
reputable manufacturers have stopped their production.

It should be understood that silver preparations cannot be used.
(drink silver water) for more than 14 days in a row, just
trying to get rid of the flu or runny nose.

For the reason that in centralized water supply systems
water is treated with chlorine (that is, it is undergoing disinfection),
the use of silver is inappropriate, meaningless, and when
non-compliance with precautions, even dangerous. At home
it is better not to experiment with silver, especially if there is a family
Small children. Silver water is contraindicated for them.

In general, the use of silver as an antibiotic has its obvious
advantages and disadvantages. It is impossible to recommend it as a solution “from all
diseases “or supporters of a healthy lifestyle, but in
In exceptional cases, it is irreplaceable as an aggressive

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