50 ways to become happier

Ср, 08 фев 2017 Автор: Элен Стельмах

Every woman for the feeling of inner harmony and happiness
you need to give yourself time, attention and care. Even the most
caring of men can never satisfy all desires and
woman’s needs are so diverse and sometimes

To achieve complete happiness, inner comfort and
well-being, a woman should know that she is filling her with energy and
pleasure. Therefore, we have compiled a list of lessons for you.
will help to gain inexpressible satisfaction from life, feeling
Joy and tranquility. The result from the methods described below is not
short term: energy and joy will become your permanent

1. Regularly visit the massage room. Body of a woman languishing
without touch and caresses. It must be kneaded, ironed,
crumple, otherwise the vital energy of a woman will stagnate, put pressure on
body from the inside. This can lead to ailments and illnesses. If a
there is no opportunity to go for a paid massage – do it
yourself at home, or ask your
loved one. Watch a video on the topic, read about the technique
execution of massage and get down to business!

2. Lead a healthy lifestyle. Harmful habits are taken away from us.
not only health, money and beauty, but also joy and energy.
Give up smoking, drinking, swearing and staying up late
sleep. You will have so much energy, joy and enthusiasm that you
certainly awaits another success!

3. Read poetry. Not everyone loves poetry, but try to find
those that will resonate in your soul. You will feel the harmony
and comfort from reading “his” poetry, understandable and close to you. Also this
will help you speak more beautifully and you will begin to think
more correct!

4. Occasionally meet with friends. Women’s communication,
even if it is only about discussing children, men and clothes,
brings a lot of benefits. This is a kind of energy exchange, which
able to strengthen each of the participants in the conversation. So, a woman is easier
cope with their own problems and experiences, whereas
the man will be helped more by internal dialogue and work on himself

5. Take a walk. Walks in the open air
necessary woman at least once a day. Communication with nature
very important to us. Walking has a positive effect on hormones.
background and general well-being of women.

6. Daily listen to your favorite music. It may be the same.
same music or every day is different, classical or popular –
never mind. Favorite music uplifting, improves well-being
and inspire us!

7. Get the ability to relax. If a вы не на работе,
abandon complex topics and discussions. Woman, for youth and
beauty, you need to “turn off” the head, relax and not strain
her endless reflections. Thinking about trivia can also be useful.
and right!

8. Pamper your body with a fragrant bath. Let your bath smells sweet
oils, and in the water itself will be foam or rose petals. It will help
your skin to shine freshness and purity, and you yourself guarantees
relax and great mood!

9. Learn basic yoga asanas. It will calm your mind and give
him strength, and the body will give endurance and flexibility.

10. Try to take vocal lessons. Even if the expression
�“The bear in my ear has come” is personal to you, it’s not
reason to refuse such studies. The point is that singing clears
chakra, which is located in the throat. After such a cleaning is unlikely
you want to swear, reproach and saw the second half.

11. Go shopping. Oddly enough, but you can shop
without money. Just measure your clothes, enjoy your beauty in
new things – it is very charged women with happiness and energy.

12. Communicate with older and wiser women. Here it is
will talk about the transfer of knowledge and female wisdom, the opportunity to see
on your life from the other side. Communication with mother, grandmother,
great-grandmother and a qualified female psychologist.

13. Dance. For sexuality and the new forces of the female body
need movement and rhythm. Prefer sensual styles
Dance: Latin American, Arabic and other.

14. Take care of animals and flowers. Care and care for those
who needs it is a great way for a woman to be filled
energy and satisfaction.

15. Assist the one who asked you. This is one of the most
powerful tools that lets you feel
Much better, more confident and happier. You can also feel free to
asking for help – it also enhances the feminine energy.

16. Read interesting books for you and visit books
the shops. Reading books is very inspiring for women, gives them breadth
thoughts and awards new knowledge. For centuries, women have been
keepers of knowledge and passed them on to their children.

17. Delegate part of the household responsibilities to family members. Here at
You will receive several bonuses at once: and time will be free
more, and the assistance provided to you will warm and amuse.

18. Готовьте пищу с pleasure. All that associated with cooking,
given to any woman from God, therefore it is only necessary to reveal in yourself
hidden potential or improve existing skills.
Cooking with a soul gives a woman strength, tenderness,
satisfaction and kindness.

19. Do not leave unfinished business and tasks. Master the
planning and follow a clear schedule of affairs and
duties to be in time. It will help всегда оставаться
self-assured, calm and balanced.

20. Bring sophistication into your life. Let it be on the table
beautiful tablecloth, candles and delicious delicacies. Let your
the house has fresh flowers on the table (you can even
donate), and let the pictures weigh on the walls. Let your гардеробе
there will be beautiful and stylish outfits. Refine your life, home,
wardrobe and everything that surrounds you. It will make you not only yet
more attractive, but also more harmonious and contented.
The magic of all life in the details!

21. Take care, communicate and educate children. Only with children
a woman can reveal all her facets, natural instincts and
talents. Play with children, teach them to sculpt, draw and everything
what you do – you will feel happiness as it is,

22. Try yourself on acting classes. Recall
the great Shakespeare: “The whole life is a game, and the people in it are actors.” Emotions
– is the second name of the woman. Therefore, trying on the images and roles
a woman learns to better understand herself and her life situation
control your facial expressions, gestures, gait. The game gives the woman
special grace and seduction.

23. Do not skimp on makeup and personal care. This advice
gives a lot of pleasure to the woman herself, and also folds
men in stacks. A woman who looks good makes herself
great favor: pleases himself, delights men and makes others angry

24. Drop envy. Never compare yourself with others –
we are all different and not similar to each other. Accept your uniqueness
and remember that to be the best in everything will never work.

25. Wear dresses (you can skirt). Feminine elements of clothing
very much affect a woman. It blooms, younger
becomes more tender, more charming and more touching.

26. Watch romantic movies, read novels. It does
make us happy and feminine.

27. Learn new cultures. This is a way to not only expand your
worldview, become more interesting and more erudite. Such a way
will help you not to withdraw into yourself.

28. Spend time near the water. Woman is extremely necessary
contact with water: rivers, lakes, sea. Such a pastime
will help a woman to be filled with harmony, sexuality and full

29. Exercise regularly. For woman
it’s not just a way to keep yourself in great shape, but also
source of energy, strength and good mood.

30. Take out of your life and home all the trash and rubble. Start with
small, let there be only clothes you like in the closet
and which you wear regularly. Revise things in your
house, give unnecessary to those who need them, and who can not
afford them. It is more difficult to deal with emotional rubbish.
Use for this meditative or psychological techniques.
The trash-free space will be filled with light, cleanliness and

31. Appreciate what you have. Be thankful for all that
surrounds you It’s not easy to learn, but with such an attitude
life you will become much happier and more satisfied.

32. Regularly pay attention to your hands. Do a manicure
moisturize and take care of your pens. Men want to
kiss well-groomed, beautiful female hands.

33. Attend exhibitions, museums, galleries. It will give you energy
a deeper look at the world, and also decorate your look. Everything
the beauty makes the woman more attractive and
more charming!

34. Find yourself a mentor. Teachers of life can be loved
authors of books, lecturers, clerics, and just acquaintances from
daily life that cause admiration.

35. Get your own diary. It is very important to splash out on
paper and then be aware of your desires, thoughts, concerns, and goals.
Then we can work on analyzing everything recorded, improve
thereby life in the future.

36. Take a collage of beautiful pictures. Let at your fingertips
there will be an album with your most beautiful, the best
photos. Admire yourself and your beauty! For woman очень
it is important to realize your beauty, charm and uniqueness. Your
the collage will be a reminder of how beautiful you are and
are unique.

37. Determine the range of their desires. Ponder what
you want to receive from life, especially in your personal life.
Write down thoughts on paper – so are more likely that everything written
realized in your life. Men set clear goals: “I can”, “I
will do. ” Women’s approach is different: “I want” and “I need” and to
a real woman filled with energy, everything comes and
attracted, as if by itself. Without strain, effort and

38 Make your speech gentle and sweet. Monitor
his voice, his timbre and intonation. When you speak gently, gently
with all, especially with men, your energy will double.

39. Learn flexibility. Sometimes in dispute, competition to woman
better to give up and stay calm and balanced. How does it look
furious in argument, domineering and in no way inferior woman
The show is very funny and caricatured.

40. Be selective by engaging in intimate relationships. Woman
will feel joy and happiness sexually in order
whom she loves Otherwise, it is waiting for the devastation and loss

41. Everythingгда будьте чистоплотными (быт, одежда, собственное тело).
It saves and multiplies feminine energy and strength.

42. Do handicrafts (molding, knitting, beads, sewing,
pottery art). In the arsenal of needlework classes
There is something that will be interesting and pleasant for you.

43. Learn to praise people and give them compliments. It will make
your life is brighter, kinder and more beautiful.

44. Learn to openly express love. Kiss, hug, stroke
your friends and relatives, say kind words. You will feel like
become happier and happier.

45. Learn to make bouquets. New strength and energy from work
with flowers you provided.

46. ​​Eat right. Eat more fruits, vegetables and other
natural and healthy products. Eat an apple better than
a sandwich. This is not only a guarantee of health, but also optimism.

47. Spend a little time alone. Do that
love in moments of solitude. It is at such moments that people come to us.
correct and ingenious ideas.

48. If a вы спите в кровати в одна — положите в кровать мягкую
a toy It is harmful for a woman to sleep alone, and a teddy animal will give
warmth and comfort

49. Buy yourself a new perfume. Pleasant aroma strengthens the woman and
makes her more confident, sexy and happy!

50. Want to change – change hair color. Changes will not make
wait a long time!

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