5 signs that he does not like you

Thu, Nov 03 2016

The most interesting and exciting in relationships is first.
weeks of communication. You do not know what he is, but you are all terribly interested.
There are a lot of questions in my head, you are planning for the future:
can he send you to the Maldives; will he give you a birthday
new phone, this spacious apartment is already hanging on it or on it

Men will not stop laughing at us until we stop
consider each boyfriend as a potential husband. I do not see in
this is nothing wrong! Why waste time on a guy
which does not suit you by any criteria. Not for that mom
raised a berry so that she would have fun with everyone in a row
only one breakfast in bed, and even tasteless, and even

To think about the future is right, only we do not understand sometimes.
men, not all those with whom we meet, consider us even as
potential girls, we are for them so for a while.

Where do goats or girl come from for a while

Before moving on to future plans, you need to figure out
is it possible? Does a new acquaintance need our thoughts, feelings and
emotions or he just decided to encroach on a spicy body?

For any girl, this, of course, is incomprehensible. What the hell
a normal healthy man to spend time on a girl if he is from
she only needs sex. Around full of other women, let
finds one that will be pleasing to their lustful mind, and
wicked heart.

Here we underestimate ourselves. Men are sometimes primitive,
I saw – I wanted. Yes, exactly you. Neither sleep nor eat nothing
only wants you. Yes, you can feel Angelina Jolie
or any other movie star.

Battle for commanding body

Is it worth finding out whether a man likes you or he just needs
one? You decide. In the battle for your body, he may fall in love,
True, it happens quite rarely, but there is still a chance.

I would not like to know that men do not like me, but it is important
he only know me in an intimate capacity. This is very unpleasant. TO
the girl and especially his future wife, he would not treat so.
There he will become a gentle lamb, and with me it is possible in every way? Bad
man, very bad.

Love does not love

But the worst happens when you fall in love. Who
this was not? It is guaranteed that you will deploy active
fighting to conquer it, that’s just to meet such
powerful repulse that then collect not only the body, but also
a heart.

If you know in advance that you do not like a man, then you
much easier to decide whether you need it, well, and as a result
think through a strategy to conquer it.

Sign of the first. He is constantly busy

If your man is constantly busy, he doesn’t even have time to
to call you – he does not love you. Do not lie to yourself,
You can always find a few minutes to call back. Many
do men smoke and find time for this occupation, why are you worse than cigarettes?
Even if your man is a fireman, a policeman, a superhero,
supervillain or president, he will always make time to save
one nervous system. He doesn’t have to pick up the phone all the time, but you
should always be sure that he will call back. If not – does not like
he you

Everything is good in moderation

It is worth mentioning those girls who love to talk very
long or call very often. In your case, do not take up –
This is the instinct of self-preservation. If a man says he works,
you should not continue the conversation. If you call 16 times a day,
then you don’t need to call back anyway

Sign of the second. He is not looking for meetings

If a man, again, is busy: he does not invite you to
dating, not offering to just meet, but content
talking on the phone, he keeps you in reserve. You will meet
only when he has no other options. TOак
People speak, bezbabye.

If a man needs, he will do everything, if only to achieve the desired.
You probably know that even working for days on end, many
guys are able to cross the city in the hope of seeing his beloved! You
this unworthy? Admit that you yourself would come if he
called out. Do you really believe that he is so busy that only
sleeping and working? Does not eat lunch, does not watch TV, does not play in front
sleep in the phone, nothing: sleep – work.

Sign of the third. Itself offended – myself and farewell

If you felt one of the previous factors
dislike, then probably already had time to say something about this
to your friend. TOак он прореагировал? If he didn’t care and
you were the first who could not stand it and called back, this is the third indicator that
your “young man” doesn’t like you.

Any man is well aware that if a woman is offended, then
she just needs a little caress. Call back is the minimum
which will go absolutely all men who love. They are not
beasts of some kind that will leave their girlfriend to suffer alone. AND
no matter who is to blame!

Eagle – a proud bird

If you are offended, you have told a man many unpleasant words:
insulted him, started shout, cry or run amok in others
ways, then do not call – this is again the instinct of self-preservation. You do not
have known each other for so long, and calling (and even more dating) with
hysterical, who are able to make the brain in the first weeks
dating … it must be a kamikaze. What will happen next?

Sign of the fourth. He is not interested in you

You chat only on abstract topics. He doesn’t care
how are you going to get home at three in the morning He doesn’t care
your plans, at least for the next few days.

If a man shows you that you owe him
adapt and makes you change plans to meet him,
then he does not respect you. If he shows no care, then
don’t expect anything good. You думаешь что ситуация изменится со
time? Very vain. At the beginning of a relationship, certain
stereotypes, if he does not care now …

Sign of the fifth. He is a cold-blooded macho

He is a handsome man, all women fall at his feet and he is about it
knows He loves himself. Such as he does not say compliments, not
they pay for you (and rarely for themselves), they don’t give flowers. You должна
be happy that you can swim in the rays of his glory, his beauty,
his divinity. He is incredibly intelligent and degrades yours.
intellectual abilities he is handsome and points to your
flaws, he flirts with everything, but he came with

Believe me, he doesn’t like you. He needs a girl like him
myself. The one next to which he feels ordinary. He will become
dumber, kinder and more appropriate. TOстати, не факт, что та единственная
will be really very beautiful, just for him she will be the one
the only one. TO сожалению, это будешь не ты. Stereotype already
has developed. You — это тот человек, рядом с которым он еще круче.


Well, there is another option that he is notoriously complex
nerd who only took a seven-year pick-up course and
six year old by seduction. He was recently taught to communicate with
girls, and he so wants you to like that full
trying to be an alpha male.


If you notice that you do not like a man, start actively
think. If he somehow humiliates you or behaves unworthily –
better leave. I understand that girls love to try to change
man, save a lost soul, but about the joy they get
from the conquest of men, I generally keep quiet. You должна понять, что мужчина
almost immediately realizes that he met his love. His attitude to that
itself will never be inappropriate. Even Richard Gere was originally
уважал свою “TOрасотку”.


author of this article) 11/07/2016 We are talking about women) They are more likely
commanders than commissioners. Oh, how I got out))) story 11/03/2016
why for the “commander” body? – for commissar, in original
it does not matter 04.24.2016 well and went to hell Julia 04.23.2016 Yes it is
indeed indeed, it is a pity of course that it is not immediately
you notice! ((

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