5 places of the Kingdom of Morocco, from whichbreathtaking. What you need to see in Morocco: tipsliving there

Ср, 27 янв 2016 Автор: Наталья Швайко

Марокко — арабская страна на северо-западе
, удивительная во всех своих проявлениях.

People, traditions, clothing, art, nature reflect the unique

Unique geographical location and explosive mixture of cultures
(Arabic, European and African) gave rise to a number of real “miracles
light, which is difficult to find analogue in the world.

We represent the top five such places, from them really


Jemaa El Fna Square in Marrakech

This place is located in the heart of the cultural capital. AT
medieval times here were executed guilty subjects, and
heads put on public display.

Fortunately, these dark times are far in the past. Happy
Джэмаа-Эль-Фна представляет собой обыкновенную торговую

And in the evening the real mystical begins.
. Magicians and magicians, snake charmers and
fortune-tellers, dancers and acrobats, singers and musicians – at the same time
time each represents his skill.

ATсе они надеются на щедрость многотысячной толпы, которая каждый
The evening comes to complement this great performance.

ATся музыка, песни, крики и шумы сливаются в единый дикий поток.
The drum clearly punctures the rhythm.

To this spectacle is added hundreds of trays that prepare the best
Moroccan dishes in the open air. И вдруг ты
понимаешь, что переместился во времени
. Till 2-3 o’clock at night
You are without a doubt in the medieval square.

It should be noted that what is happening is not organized.
submission. This is a lifestyle, this is a recurring day-to-day.

It existed so many centuries ago, and hardly time
can change it.

Jemaa-El-Fna Square is listed on the intangible
cultural heritage of unesco.

Stone arches near Agadir

Traveling along the Atlantic coast, hundreds of kilometers from
города Агадир, мы встретим загадочный и величественный пляж

Travelers go a long way just to see
уникальный природный феномен: гигантские
каменные арки
. They look like orange elephant trunks,
crashing into the ocean to quench their thirst.

There are several such arches next to each other.

With good sunny weather, giants cast a bright red color,
creating a magical combination with an azure sky.

Until now, their origin is unknown. Быть может, это
construction of one of the ancient disappeared civilizations?
nature is impossible and no need to solve to the end.

It remains only with pleasure to surrender to the silent

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

This place is amazing, if only because the Hassan II mosque
– самая высокая в мире. Her minaret soars on
height of 210 meters.

It is the second largest after the mosque in

Twenty-five thousand believers are placed inside and another eighty
thousand outside. What could be grander?

Согласно Корану, трон ATсевышнего покоится на воде. ATосприняв эту
metaphor specifically, the French architect Michel Pinso created
облик этого величественного сооружения, разместив его у
самого побережья Атлантического океана

ATеликолепный двор, который представляет образ рая, вмещает в
itself rows of arched corridors, fountains and mosaics.

In the decoration were used pink granite, golden marble,
green onyx. Incredibly breathtaking combination
the infinity of the ocean and the architectural mass …

Dakhla – Atlantic Desert

«Пустыня, обнимающая океан» – так называют
the locals are a wonderful place.

Dakhla is located in the south of Morocco, in the Western Sahara.

It is in this part of the continent that the world’s largest desert
meets with the Atlantic Ocean, spawning incredible

Rarely where you will meet such a union of two powerful elements.

Also the hot climate and the region’s generous wind attracts these
edge surf lovers.

Roman city in the north of Morocco

The Roman Empire was so huge and powerful that its
the influence has endured even Morocco.

AT северной части страны находятся руины античного
, который назывался ATолюбилис.

AT давние времена он был самым юго-западным городом Римской

Here lived and the Carthaginians, and the Moorish, and the Arabs, and even
christians But в виду ряда сильнейших землетрясений, город был
destroyed and the population moved to more favorable

Even the ruins tell us about the typical Roman city
buildings: basilica, forum, bath, mosaics, arches, gates.

AT Марокко возможно все: окунуться в античность,
Middle Ages, to feel the greatness of all the elements of nature …
it only remains to get here!

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