5 female habits that prevent live

Mon 02 Mar 2015

Remember how many times you’ve complained lately
fate and considered themselves a victim of circumstances? But maybe never
They did not know that there was your fault in what was happening. Many
women have no idea what impact their lives have
harmful psychological habits. Let’s look at the most
распространенные из них.1. Strive for all
The desire to be good for everyone often
leads to the fact that we somehow betray ourselves, pushing
own interests in the background. It is impossible equally
adapt to each, without changing yourself. Such a desire
due to low self-esteem and the need to get recognition from
others. This habit is very disturbing in life, because you depend
from the opinions of others and are afraid to disappoint them. Like you need
first of all to myself, then to a loved one, and as for
the others, they have the right to accept you or not, depending on
your desire.

Sorry yourself.
The position of the victim will never lead you to
problem solving. Therefore, blaming their troubles husband, boss,
country, fate and other circumstances, you risk even more
get bogged down in a swamp of bad luck. No matter how difficult the situation,
it is extremely important to learn to look at it from the outside and analyze it.
Give yourself some time to accept the situation, and
then start thinking constructively. Ask yourself the questions: “What
can do in these circumstances? What depends directly
from me? What is positive about the current situation? ” Is not
so simple, but this approach directs thinking in the right direction and
gives strength to move forward.

Compare yourself with others.
Another bad habit
which gives a lot of trouble. Comparing yourself with those who
in something better than us, we get upset, and thinking about those who are worse,
trying to assert itself. These unnecessary comparisons take a lot of power.
and energy, but do not give anything useful. The only thing that can
to promote your development is a comparison with yourself. comparison
yours. This will help the self-development diary, where you can
record and track your own progress, personal qualities,
навыки и достижения.4. Mentally scroll
Habit of endlessly scrolling in one’s head and
the same is true of many women. This is when we are mentally trying
change a problem situation that has already occurred, constantly
grinding it from different sides. We think it would be possible
say or do differently, experience what happened with different
parties. Of course, this does not lead to anything good, but only
wasting power.

The following will help to get rid of such “mental chewing gum”
ways: write out your concerns and solutions,
talk them to someone to take off the significance. And radical
way: as soon as you notice the appearance of unproductive thoughts, immediately
start doing active physical exercises. It will help
switch to another wave and get rid of the harmful
привычки.5. Обсуждать others. This addiction is
also not uncommon in women. We love talking to
friends about other friends, with colleagues about the chief, to discuss with
husband of neighbors. We are following with interest the stormy lives of celebrities.
and stars of show business. Why do we do this? Due to desire
повысить собственную значимость за счет others. Sometimes it seems that
compared to others, we behave more intelligently or have higher
moral qualities. But this is just an illusion. The habit to discuss
to others speaks of the psychological immaturity of a person and also
that he simply had nothing else to do. For those who are passionate about their
In fact, there is simply no time for gossip and discussion. Such a person
focuses on their own development and on promotion in the selected
activities. His life itself is rich and interesting, and
It means that it does not require additional incentives. If you find out in these
habits of yourself – this does not mean that you are hopeless. It speaks of
that you are able to see your faults and are ready for them
work. I wish you success in your self-improvement!

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