5 DO NOT in the first week after the break

Mon, Oct 31, 2016

The first week of a break is the hardest period for any woman.
You constantly come across traces of the former. In my head spinning:
“Why?”, “For what?”, And if you left the man, then also: “Where did
I took so much energy “and” Or maybe I was wrong? “. There are
5 нельзя, которые подходят всех расставшихся:
for those who left, and those who voluntarily struck out
mill “couples”.

1. Do not think about the past

Your memories will ultimately only lead to
alone – you are already without him, he is no longer around. Do you think with
negative or remember good moments, thoughts are the flow
continuous and where he will lead you is unclear. No need to hurt yourself
even more pain.

How to handle

You can never remember him. It’s unbelievable
difficult, but try to strain yourself and repeat to yourself the cherished words,
которым нас когда-то научила Скарлетт О’Хара: “Я подумаю об
этом завтра”

Build plans for the summer, plunge into work, drastically change
image and hairstyle. Think about anything, try to hammer in your
head any nonsense.
If things are really bad
and the former does not get out of my head, there is one way out. Let’s say you neither
words do not understand in English – urgently sign up for courses for
advanced polyglot. Study at home, otherwise you will look
a complete fool in front of his group!

2. Night is the most dangerous time.

Admit it, thoughts are so very difficult to control, and at night the brain
as if living apart from the body, it is he who controls you, and
decides what you will think about and what you will not. Also good
forgotten old feeling of an empty bed cannot act

How to handle

These fears in the night are not so difficult to overcome, the most important –
reduce the time of empty stay in bed without sleep.

– Invite friends (or friends) to spend the night at your place

– Use sleeping pills

– Get up early to cut down as soon as you put your head
on the pillow

– Watch movies, read boring literature on the couch, go
in bed only when you are already unbearably sleepy.

It is very important that you understand the importance of these “no” and not
gave myself up the slack. Why do you hurt yourself too much? Parting
and so the feeling is not pleasant.

3. Do not call and do not look for meetings

You (like him) need to rest and think things over. You come
to this decision, since they did not see themselves as a couple. You need
time to understand everything and take a fresh head

How to handle

Unfortunately, for this “no” there is no other
method, except as self-control. Read the terms below and ponder:

If he broke up with you, now you’re not
will return.
This is the specifics of men, they are not so emotional.
as we women, and wait for him to rush to you with open arms
hugging is not necessary. If you wanted to – he called himself a long time ago.

If you broke up with a guy, then the more you should not call. You
this decision was not easy. Think things over, don’t let emotions
to control you If you hurry, you may have to
more than once to go through the parting with this man.

4. You can not drink sad

You can drink, but only so that later you will not be sad.
Your evening should not end with drunken calls to the former and
lamenting his “worthless life.” This relationship and so caused
you hurt Most likely, the last months were not the most pleasant.
in your life. Perhaps this is he, a goat like that, made you
suffer. In any case – do not make yourself worse. When you see
poop, you do not cry and do not suffer if you part with

How to handle

Выпивай только с проверенными людьми. You for sure
there are friends who will certainly not let you be bored and
get upset Call them if you want.

Мало кто знает свою “грустную дозу”, но если ты
treat these lucky ones, then you are lucky. The main thing is not
overdo it.

Алкоголики страны выявили, что водка в 99% случаев
acts on the nervous system depressing. After her you fall easier
depressed, you have even more sad thoughts. No way
case do not drink vodka. It’s very good if you know the drinks that
guaranteed to cheer you up.

Просто не пей.

5. You can not get depressed

Some women naively believe that they can now
cry out, suffer deeply, and then it will be easier for them. maybe
this is so, only nobody can guarantee you that
the time of this “woeful rampage” you do not do anything about what
then you will be sorry. In addition, it is very harmful for the nervous
system. At least you yourself regret.

How to handle

Well, first, you have to control yourself and remember the dangers,
which cause your body because of some man who
no place in your life. Chat with friends, call friends,
if necessary, go to a psychologist, just do not allow yourself to be ill.
Your ex you don’t give a damn if he finds out
most likely will think that you are some kind of abnormal. And you … why?
do you torment yourself?
Be stronger circumstances.


o0 11/01/2016 I did something like this in due time. It was difficult
but thank God that all this is in the distant past ..

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