5 diseases considered as such onlyOf Russia

Thu, Feb 12, 2015

Curious, but there are a number of diagnoses that only provoke
Russian doctors in a hurry to take action. While in
In most countries, such diseases are not the only
recognized, but do not require any treatment or hospitalization.

  1. Первое место занимает вегетососудистая дистония,
    manifested in dizziness and weak but piercing pain
    sensations in the heart. It is believed that this “disease”
    escalates during periods of sharp change in ambient temperature.
    However, each of the symptoms of dystonia should be considered as
    separate diagnosis requiring an individual approach.
  2. В подавляющем большинстве зарубежных стран дисбактериоз
    perceived as a serious disease which, however,
    is quite rare. However, businessmen from pharmacology
    somehow convinced the doctors and their patients that
    There are wonderful supplements that can get ahead of development.
    of this disease.
  3. Остеохондроз, который на самом деле может стать
    manifestation of hernia of intervertebral discs, fibromyalgia and inflammation
    muscles and ligaments in our country is presented as a disease
    spine. However, each of the above diagnoses, which
    may be a manifestation of osteochondrosis, requires an individual
  4. Пониженный иммунитет. Doctors have different opinions about
    Is it possible to artificially strengthen the immune system? However pharmaceutical
    companies are convinced: to help the body in resisting diseases
    can. True, drugs for this, as a rule, are sold at
    very over priced.
  5. Отложение солей врачами давно признано «народным
    a diagnosis. After all, this disease has nothing to do with excess
    the amount of salt in the body has not. Behind her hides osteoarthritis
    and osteoarthritis.

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