15 rules of a successful New Year

15 rules of a successful New Year

The next year is coming to an end, before the chiming clock
less than a month left. It is said that all is important
prepare for a magical holiday and meet him impeccably.
Then the year will definitely be successful. It’s time to pay attention to yourself
close people and remember the traditions.


To begin with, we will put in order our housing and think over important
nuances of the future celebration. And for this you need:

  1. Do general cleaning

It is necessary to wash the floors and wipe the dust on the dresser before the New Year,
but not limited to this. It’s time to clean the apartment from unnecessary
garbage: throw a broken cup or a long-broken vacuum cleaner, make
revision in the closet, review the contents of the cabinets.

  1. Find a suitable company

On such a night, the right people should be near: family, friends,
close ones. Those who want to meet a wonderful holiday. But even
if it happened that the New Year is planned to be held in
alone, there is no reason for sadness. Maybe it’s time to do
anything out of the ordinary? For example, make your dream come true
chimes to drink champagne in the bathroom? Or call the day before
a person with whom I would like to share these moments.

  1. Decide where to go

Usually, the New Year is considered a home holiday. But spend it in
special place is not prohibited. It’s time to order a restaurant if
Planned rest in a fun institution. Or purchase
trips to go on a holiday weekend in another country.

  1. Think over the menu

If the feast will be held at home, you need
make a list of dishes for him. In addition to traditional dishes you can
Slowly find a recipe for some exclusive yummy. To
understand that the dish is really suitable for the feast is worth
prepare a trial version in advance.

  1. Buy gifts

Already a couple of weeks before the New Year it’s time to write a list of those who
I want to buy presents. Buying gifts should not be postponed for
the last day, it is better to purchase them gradually. 2-3 days before
holiday you can congratulate some friends: school girlfriend,
elderly relative or a good neighbor. After all, December 31 is
risk in the hectic of someone to forget, or just not enough for all forces and
of time. If friends and family are very far away, then congratulate
well in advance is also due to different time zones.

Do not forget about yourself

Part of the time you need to spend on yourself. What to draw

  1. Find the perfect outfit

It is not necessary to choose an extravagant dress or give it away.
a preference for color that the animal loves the upcoming year.
A modest, monophonic outfit in dark colors is fine. Special
for those who do not like to dress bright. But catchy detail
use desirable. For example, a scarf, earrings or
original belt.

  1. Prepare your body

A great idea for the pre-New Year period – a hike to
stylist, masseuse or hairdresser. Tanning salon or salon
beauty is better to plan in advance, because those who want to bring themselves to
order at this time a lot. A week before the holiday, you can at
needing to go on a diet.

A couple of days before the party, it would be good to test your
festive image. You need to try on all the equipment: linen, dress,
jewelry, shoes. Now it remains to walk on a flat surface and
up the steps, crouch, raise up arms, perform energetic
dance moves. Conveniently? It’s good. And if you still have
certain discomfort, then there will be time to make changes in
New Year’s look.

  1. Tune in for a belly feast

Salad “Olivier”, jelly, delicious desserts … At the festive table
it’s hard to resist tasting the next yummy. Nutritionists do not
recommend to starve all day on the eve of New Year’s Eve. Better in
during the day do some light snacks, and during
festive meal eat moderately.  Hunger will not only deliver
psychological discomfort, but also may cause bloating. Alcohol
dehydrates the body, so before the feast will not be superfluous
drink a small bottle of water.

  1. Recharge positive and relax

During short days, the sun rarely pleases. Little fresh
of vitamins. It happens that over the past year has not been fulfilled
cherished dreams, or to realize all our plans failed. Winter
depression is understandable. It is necessary to find the source for
Have a good mood. For example, build snow in the yard with children
Castle. Or hang a bright picture in the hallway. Maybe it’s time
Revise your favorite old movie or photo album. Everyone will help
your antidepressant. Give in to despondency is definitely not worth it.

  1. Find your highlight

There is always a desire to make the next holiday special. What in
will this help? Original new dish on the table. Extreme
venue of the New Year’s party. Exclusive gift for
loved ones.  Option prompts fantasy and personal tastes.


There are things that help to plunge into the festive atmosphere.
It is important not to forget:

  1. To decorate the home

You can decorate the apartment with garlands, toys, tinsel,
purchased in the store. And even better – homemade creations. For
it is not necessary to be a creative person. On the Internet you can
find master classes on making the most different New Year
decor. It remains to pick an interesting idea to your liking and embody
her life.

  1. Decorate New Year’s tree

The main symbol of the New Year is the Christmas tree. Artificial and
natural, big and small trees help to tune in
holiday mood.

  1. Think about entertainment

Trite and uninteresting to spend the whole holiday for the New Year
table, so the list of comic fun, intellectual contests and
funny jokes are thought out in advance.

  1. To cajole the symbol of the upcoming holiday

The host’s favorite dishes of the new year on
table, a figure with his image in the house and outfit with
animal preferences.

  1. Make a wish

This item turned out to be the last in the list, but it is one of the most
important. Your dreams can be written in a notebook, and under the chiming clock
burn the conspiracy leaf. Creating a poster of desires – an option for
those who are used to doing everything thoroughly. Guessing process
Wishes gives hope for a bright future.

The season of Christmas miracles and salad Olivier announced
open! Happy New Year, with a magical

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