14 of the most effective exercises forslimming

effektivnie-uprazhneniya-dlya-pohudeniyaIntegral part
your healthy and safe weight loss program should be
следующие эффективные упражнения для slimming. But about everything

Just as proper nutrition is of paramount importance, so and
regular sports workouts are a basic part of a successful
fight overweight.

The best exercises for this purpose should contain, like cardio,
and the power aspect that allows you to see the results of your
works much faster.

Before you the TOP of the most productive exercises that
proven to work and help you burn calories efficiently.
Choose which one suits you best, or
use everything in turn, because each of them will be true to you
assistant at the whole stage of the struggle for a beautiful and slim figure.
So let’s start:


14 ТОП эффективных упражнений для slimming:

1. Step aerobics

Расход калорий: до 700 кал / час

In any program of the most effective training, unconditionally,
there is step aerobics. Workload during classes mainly
is aimed at the leg, thighs and buttocks muscles – that is, those
parts of the body that women most want to bring in

Do it an hour a day, or divide the workout into two
30-minute sessions in the morning and in the evening – this will be enough to
You saw a positive trend for 2 weeks.

More information in the article: “Step aerobics for beginners:
photos, video + reviews. “

2. Dancing is the funniest exercise from the TOP.


Расход калорий: до 500 – 750 кал / час

This exercise has a positive effect on our entire body, and
is an excellent aerobic load. Besides, this is one of
the most emotional exercise for weight loss, as well as one of
the most fun!

I often turn on the music channel on TV and dissolve into
dance, besides, it allows me to burn many calories and
get rid of stress! Just strive to stay longer.
active and try to dance for at least

More detail in the article: “Dance and lose weight!”.

3. Walking


Расход калорий: до 390 кал / час

Such a simplest exercise, like brisk walking, is
excellent cardio training, and also helps tone muscles
legs and abdomen. A walk through rugged terrain or walking in
the mountain will burn much more calories, and,
As a rule, it is very easy to fit into everyday life.

Узнайте больше в статье: «Ходьба для slimming. 10,000

4. Hiking


Расход калорий: до 380 кал / час

Hiking (should not be confused with a regular walk) will give
you can burn about 380 calories per hour and allow
spend more time outdoors with your loved one.
Or just enjoy the beautiful scenery, if you
traveling alone!

5. Elliptical trainer – my favorite exercise!


Расход калорий: до 550-650 кал / час

This is a brilliant cardio machine that also contributes
build strong muscles, and results in the shape of the abdominal muscles.
Install an elliptical trainer in front of the TV or
use your MP3 player to listen to your favorite tunes,
while you train.

And when you are “distracted” by pleasant music, you will not even notice
how long can you do this 100% effective exercise for

More details in the article: “How to choose an elliptic
training apparatus?”.

6. Strength training


Расход калорий: до 250 кал / час

Although most of us don’t need a full hour of strength training.
every day, but still it should be part of your fitness
plan for weight loss, allowing you to burn about 250 calories, but
only if you are able to study for a full hour.

My personal trainer recommends getting strength training around
35 – 40 minutes three times a week.

Worth reading: “Complex strength exercises for beginners

7. Horse riding


Расход калорий: до 200-500 кал / час

Perhaps it may be a bit difficult in the organization, but personally
for me horse riding once a week is one of the best
ways to stay fit, be healthy and enjoy
by nature.

Besides, you do not even notice how beautiful tonic
Impact on the thighs, buttocks and the press has a horse ride, and
how many calories you burn during this time! And also you would
surprised to organize a riding session once
Weekend quite inexpensive pleasure.

8. Running – easy and pleasant pastime.


Расход калорий: до 550-650 кал / час

I love fast, interval running and simple jogging – this is
Excellent invigorating exercise for your entire body! Besides all those
calories that you burn, you also have a lot of time
for reflection, without any distractions possible in the gym
the hall.

Indeed, some of my best thoughts and solutions
came to my mind while running.

More details in the article: “Running is an effective way
lose weight!

9. Cycling


Расход калорий: до 500 – 800 кал / час

Depending on how fast you twist pedals
Depends on your real calorie consumption. Ride in the fresh air
always nice, but if your time is limited, then think about
investing in a quality home exercise bike. This is one of
my favorite weight correction exercises because its so easy

What about using the exercise bike while watching
tv? It would be a smart decision to “combine the pleasant with
useful, “think about it!

All the most important thing in the article: “How to lose weight with
exercise bike?

10. Swimming pool is the most enjoyable exercise.


Расход калорий: до 800 кал / час

Swimming is certainly a powerful and effective exercise.
both in summer on open reservoirs and in winter,
visiting the pool.

In just one hour of active swimming, you will burn order.
800 calories, and you can tone almost all the muscles
of your body. After a workout for dessert, you can pamper yourself
30 minute relaxation in the jacuzzi.

All the effectiveness of swimming in the article: “Swimming – sparing
способ slimming».

11. Trampolining


Расход калорий: до 300-400 кал / час

You would know how fun it can be to use
great exercise. Trampolining and adrenaline make your
heart to work in a crazy rhythm! On the trampoline you can do
any tricks but be careful, a bad fall can result
to sprains of muscles and ligaments.

12. Yoga is the most relaxing exercise.


Расход калорий: до 170 кал / час

Elements of yoga are extremely beneficial for your body and soul, and also
are a good way to lose weight!

With this, you will improve flexibility and tone all
body muscles, reduce back pain and can burn about 170
calories per hour or even more if you perform more complex
movements and combine them with difficult positions.

In more detail: “Basic yoga asanas for weight correction” and
�”Yoga. Exercise video.

13. Gardening / gardening


Расход калорий: до 300 кал / час

An excellent reason to spend more time in the garden, destroying
weeds, raking leaves, cutting and burning grass, and, of course,
Spending about 300 calories per hour! Do not forget to protect your skin
from the sun and keep it hydrated!

14. House cleaning


Расход калорий: до 200 кал / час

Let’s talk about multitasking! Tidy your
home, while burning calories! Turn on your favorite music, add
a little dance and do the cleaning, it will allow you to burn around
200 calories per hour!

Try each of this list of great exercises for
slimming, но помните, что вы должны всегда консультироваться с
doctor before starting any intense workout, especially if
you have health problems.

Do you have favorite exercises or interesting ways to lose
weight? Please share your experience with us!

Which of these exercises do you find most effective?

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