12 Tips to Make Hands Beautiful

kak-sdelat-ruki-krasivymiAs you already know, I usually write on
general topics about losing weight, but today let’s focus on
a particular problem area that many women are concerned about –

Personally, I had this problem when I got pregnant. And this
lasted until the day I saw the magnificent in the store
dress without sleeves, but could not buy it just because
because of the fat, my hands looked terrible in him. And then I decided that with
enough for me

I can proudly say that today I got rid of this
problems and now I have the opportunity to wear again
open clothes.

And if you want it too, I’m sure I will be able to you
help with this ordeal.

So, to make your hands beautiful, you need:

1. Count calories.

You need to reduce your daily calorie intake.
Every day you have to count the “eaten” food. However,
I personally think you should be more oriented
on the quality of the products you eat, rather than on their quantity.

2. Drink water

Did you know that 75% of the arms are water? But other
– make up the muscles. If you want to make your hands beautiful, you
need to focus on proper consumption of clean
water. You must drink from eight to twelve glasses of peeled
water every day. When you drink water, it also helps you
flush toxins from your body.

3. Exercise

Did you know that getting exercise is very important
moment in order to quickly get rid of extra pounds and
make your hands beautiful. You can find a lot on our site.
different types of exercises that you will need
do. The only thing is to make sure that you choose the ones that
designed for your gender.

4. Proper nutrition

In order to get thin arms, you need to make sure that your
A healthy and complete diet. You have to consume a lot of protein.
(fish, lean meats) and good carbohydrates (vegetables and fruits).
Carbohydrates, fats, proteins and vitamins that you eat every day,
must be balanced.

sdelat-ruki-krasivimi5. Cosmetic surgery

It should be your very last option to make hands
beautiful, because this procedure is painful and costs a lot of money,
but the choice is yours. However, if you lose a lot of excess weight and
Stretching and sagging of skin appeared in the hands;
Surgeons would be a fair decision.

6. Dietary supplements

Herbal supplements may be a good idea, but if you get
them after consulting a good homeopath who tells you
which ones will really be useful to you. There are many
supplements (dietary supplements) to help you lose weight and make
beautiful hands. But if you start combining supplements and physical
exercise, you will see results even faster.

7. Gymnastics for hands

Many people sit at a table or computer for
long period of time. If you want to use this
method, you need to do gymnastics for hands every hour. By doing this
you will contribute to the rapid elimination of fat deposits of hands,
and improve blood circulation in the vessels.

8. Dancing

Would you believe me if I say that dancing is for 30 minutes
every day will help you make your hands beautiful? When you dance,
you actively move your hands without even realizing it.

More details in the article: “Will the dances help to remove the excess

9. Walking

Try to allocate daily time for a long walk. Yes,
walking itself is not aimed directly at the arm area, but you
you need to work out every part of your body in order to
get rid of fat. Cardiovascular exercises such as
walking is the best choice for you.

10. Weighting compounds

When you are walking or running, to increase
effectiveness you could use weighting agents that when
can also be used as an extra load during
active hand movements to make them more beautiful.

More detail in the article: “Are weighting agents effective for

11. Children’s toy “yo-yo”

In my opinion, “yo-yo” is one of the best ways
getting rid of extra pounds in your hands and make them beautiful. I
I understand that this may sound frivolous to you, but it
really works. In fact, it will also help you develop
arm muscles.

12. Confidence

To quickly build graceful and beautiful hands in the first place
you must really want this. And as soon as you
make that decision, be sure you win. And this
inner confidence will not let you down.

Video exercises to help you get beautiful

(больше видео занятий в категории Полезное видео для
,статья «Упражнения для рук. Video”)

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