10 ways to improve health in 1 minute

Tue, 16 Jun 2015

We live in a crazy rhythm and sometimes the days are so intense
that there is absolutely no time to give

And when, finally, such a time appears, to replace the dynamic
rhythm comes relaxing laziness. And again, we are not up to health.

How to be? We offer you 10 very simple and fast ways.
improve their health, which does not interfere
it only takes you a minute.

1. Hug somebody

Most modern health problems are disorders.
digestion, obesity, insomnia, depression, premature
aging, diabetes, cancer – or caused, or aggravated by stress. TO
Fortunately, people have the ability to calm their body through
physical contact: during touch, the body produces
a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin gives a signal to the brain that you
safe, reduces the feeling of aggression and allows you to focus
body attention on maintaining the body systems. So hug
anybody! For one minute.

2. Touch yourself

TOак другой человек может активировать в вас гормон окситоцин,
so you yourself can always do it. Just put your palms on
chest and feel the warmth of your body.

3. Take advantage of dental floss.

Studies show that poor oral hygiene can
lead to inflammation of the gums, ulcers and various infections. Dental
the thread removes food debris that your tooth does not get to

4. Go up or down the stairs instead of the elevator

You only need a minute to walk to your
floor if you live no higher than fifth. This is a good leg workout.
gluteus and cardiovascular system. If you live
high, then the ideal option for you to walk down the stairs
(only if you are not in heels). Practice not only your legs, but also
vestibule apparatus :)

5. Put a kitchen sponge in the microwave.

TOухонные губки — сборище неприятных микробов, которые могут
get into the food or into the arms. Get in the habit of putting every day
sponge in the microwave and set to full power for 30 seconds –
this time is enough to kill all the germs. And do not forget
change kitchen sponges for new ones every two weeks.

6. Call parents

Studies show that when you hear your voice
parents, your body produces additional oxytocin,
which, by the way, promotes healing of wounds – literally

7. Wash fruit

Even if you are not hungry, wash the fruits immediately after coming from
store. Rinse the blueberry basket and place the berries in a bowl.
fridge or on the table. Then when you want a snack, you have
in sight will be a healthy option, and you will not be tempted by the packaging
chips or chocolate bar. The main thing is healthy habits!

8. Plan your training schedule.

Take a minute to add a calendar to your calendar.
workouts are not a week. From a psychological point of view, if you
pre-allocate time to schedule class schedules in
the gym, you’ll be less likely to skip them and make excuses,
not to go to class. In other words, take a moment to create
extra motivation and in the future get huge benefits
from effective workouts.

9. Examine your chest.

This is not the most pleasant thing, but regular breast exam can
help detect a potentially dangerous nodule. The best time for
Breast exam is the first week since the start of the cycle. If you
feel discomfort or a lump during palpation, call
to your doctor.

10. Click on your “positive point”

Press the point between the eyebrows (as an option – massage it
finger) for one minute to improve well-being. This
manipulation will direct blood to the prefrontal cortex, which helps
make you informed decisions. Pressure on the point between
eyebrows have a positive effect on the mind and body.

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