10 tips on how to improve metabolism

kak-uluchshit-obmen-veshestvMetabolism or metabolism is
the process by which your body transforms everything that you have eaten and
drank into the energy necessary for normal
life activity.

Even when your body is in a state of sleep, it needs
energy for breathing, blood circulation, creating and restoring
cells and other uncontrolled body functions.

Since we derive energy from calories, by improving metabolism
substances, you can burn calories faster and easier to lose extra

Fortunately, you can speed up your metabolism by taking advantage of
our next tips.


10 tips on how to improve metabolism

1. Eat breakfast

Without enough “fuel”, your metabolism is severely
slows down. Skipping breakfast will cause your body to
go into starvation mode, which is sure to be displayed in the form
conserve excess energy and accumulate it as fat
deposits on the background of a slow metabolism.

2. Fractional nutrition

Frequent meals in small portions throughout the day may improve.
metabolism, providing the body a permanent source
�”Fuel”. Also, fractional nutrition will help prevent
the emergence of energy deficiency, keeping blood sugar levels

3. Good sleep

Inadequate or poor quality sleep slows exchange
processes and makes you overeat more often. In a 16 year study
68,000 women were involved – so, women who
five hours or less sleep daily, on average, they weigh 2 to 3
kg more than those whose night’s sleep is 7-8 hours. 4. Aerobic

Cycling, walking, jogging and swimming are
magnificent cardiovascular exercises capable
burn calories efficiently and speed up your metabolism. For
maximum metabolic normalization effect, give
Exercise at least 30 – 40 minutes a day.

5. Интервальные workout

Interval training – performing a specific exercise in
maximum tempo in a short period of time
then alternating between a slow pace or a rest –
able to significantly improve metabolism, especially at peak
power. Также интервальные workout способствуют максимальному
calorie consumption, which means more efficient fat burning.

6. Силовые workout

Since muscles burn far more calories than
adipose tissue means the greater the percentage of muscle mass you have,
the higher your metabolism will be. Weight Loss Specialists
рекомендуют проводить силовые workout 3 – 4 раза в неделю в
for 20 to 30 minutes using free weights (dumbbells) or
specialized simulators.

7. Be active

A sedentary lifestyle can help slow down your
metabolic processes in the body, which means you need to move more.
Try to walk while talking on the phone, television
commercials, park the car away from work and
take an active part in cleaning the house or garden.

8. Drink coffee

Some experts note that coffee can raise your
metabolism. A study published in January 2009 in
�European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, revealed that 50 mg
caffeine – the equivalent of two cups of coffee – has greatly improved
the main metabolism of healthy, with a normal weight of men.

9. Get enough protein.

Protein helps build muscle, which in turn allows
you restore metabolism. For максимальной эффективности
It is recommended to obtain proteins and healthy carbohydrates with each intake
food, for example, a chicken breast dish with brown rice.

10. Water

Water is necessary for normal digestion, recovery
cell, body temperature regulation and other energy
dependent body functions. To further enhance the exchange
substances, drink a glass of ice water. Your body will burn
calories to bring it to body temperature, thereby, raising
ваш metabolism.

How to improve the body’s metabolism and lose weight?

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