10 reasons not to love Italy

Tue, 01 Nov 2016

Sunny, warm, welcoming homeland of Cipollino – can it not be
be in love? She is beautiful, famous for its monuments and majestic
architecture, famous for fantastic sales and great
Mediterranean cuisine – are there really any
dirty tricks? However, the first euphoria subsides, tearing pink glasses from the eyes
and a veil of exaggerated elation. And what do we see?

1. Bureaucracy

Do you think that there is no worse bureaucracy than in Russia?
You are mistaken! Our officials at least realize that they are sinners, but
Italians seem to revel in paperwork. Besides,
makers of human destinies themselves are poorly aware of what
the department is vested with one or another authority. And as a result –
lengthy deadlines and a complete information collapse.

2. Transportation

You swear at what the world is worth Moscow traffic jams, expensive travel and
irregularity of public transport? Visit italian
the subway, perhaps, seen there will help assess the magnificence
our metro. Dirty floors, poor lighting and countless
graffiti on the windows more like a decoration to the base
horror film than a convenient means of transportation. Waited a long time
trolley bus in cold Novosibirsk? And how do you weekly total
drivers strike? They are on strike – and let the whole world wait.

3. Cold

Did you have to go outside in the winter to … keep warm? BUT
here the inhabitants of the italian mediterranean are regularly warmer on winter
the sun than in cold houses. Central heating is not here, but
to drive a heater in its absence is against the rules
save the budget. Therefore, it is necessary to return to the cold
apartment and catching sunny days for airing the premises – cold
together with the humidity of particular comfort is not added.

4. Schedule of stores

Gorgeous, exciting, exciting shopping strictly
regulated. Got used to kill the evening, walking along
shopping? Nothing will come of it: workers of commerce are people
family, and prefer to spend their evenings at home, in a noisy circle
Italian family. Therefore, a tourist spoiled with nightlife
most likely “kiss the castle” on the door of the store already in 6-7
o’clock in the evening.

5. Xenophobia

There are patriots, and there are xenophobes. The second is about them, about
Italians, with xenophobia in the most unexpected
areas. For example – in art. It only seems to you that
there is a Russian opera that Mozart is light and airy, and Wagner is
turns the soul. You certainly admire Verdi and Puccini,
however, every Italian will explain to you why only their composers –
the real ones, and the Italian school of singing is the only one. It is not difficult for them
fail tour, offended that “fortissimo” in the aria seemed
they are not passionate and loud. BUT как же — они ведь уже
prepared to cry on your favorite moment.

6. “Uh, no, no need to hurry”

Are major cities of Russia exhausting at their own pace? Well – live
a couple of weeks in the rhythm of slow motion. Italians say fast, and
for the rest they prefer not to hurry. Including in
customer service – in banks, shops, restaurants. You somewhere
hurry? Why, you have the whole life ahead.

7. BUTнтракты в кинотеатрах

You like to watch movies in the cinema so that nothing
distracted from the plot, and the tape would not be interrupted by annoying advertising?
Planned to enjoy your favorite movie, completely plunged into
on-screen events? It was not there. Sitting in the cinema
one and a half – two hours in a row – this is not for Italians. therefore
get ready in advance that the film will be interrupted at the most interesting

8. Emotions

Emotions are a good thing when they are positive. But its bad
mood in Italy, it is customary to express very expressive. BUT причин
a great many for discontent. For example, bad weather.

9. Food

Pizza, pasta, seafood and desserts are great. But
arrogant nation will certainly dictate when, how and what
should eat. For example, breakfast should be limited to a cup.
a cappuccino with a croissant, and dinner before seven o’clock in the evening is not
will come out. Is that at home, where no one will teach you for the violation

10. Conversations

Something that at first seems sweet, spontaneous and so
Italian – talking about great Italy, music and food, taking risks
very soon get bored. Indeed, in the world there are many other topics. AT
the world – yes, but not in Italy.


Masha 02.11.2016 The bureaucracy is plying me, although they at least don’t
rude, but honestly do not know the answers to some questions. Strike –
in general, their favorite business is at least once a month and
unexpectedly so satisfied. Shops open late lunch
unrealistically long and maximum at 8 pm everything is closed already. ATначале
shocked the speed of service, as they crack an hour and a half
every visitor, but got used to nothing, now I’m popping myself on the floor
hours;) The same is true for all workers, a Russian plumber
for half an hour everything will be repaired, Italian 5 times in the car for something
run away (or go to the office) and of course he will sit down on his ears, like without
of this. Well, the schedule of restaurants is difficult to get used to, and you
will really look as if they are dumb, if you eat
buckwheat with meatballs in the morning or order a cappuccino for dinner. Lunch
you will be fed only until 15.30, and dinner is not earlier than 20.00, so
if you do not eat after six, then you do not have dinner at all. BUT вообще
These are all not flaws, but cute features, to the torus with time
you get used to. Come and relax

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