10 obstacles that prevent a woman from buildingwonderful life

Ср, 08 фев 2017 Автор: Элен Стельмах

Real sages realized that true happiness is not
finding the desired, not the realization of the intended goals, and the lack
critical, critical difficulties in life.

So, we can be absolutely happy and satisfied.
people, if with the help of wisdom and experience we avoid
the obstacles that cause problems and troubles in our lives.

You want to be happy and build around you beautiful and
rich life ?! Immediately bypass the following


The first hurdle is unfinished business.

If you want to improve your life, you need to learn.
bring important and really meaningful things to the end. This rule is
number one for people who see their future bright and

Most people have already managed to gather up a whole swarm of
unfinished business. Of course, all tasks are really difficult.
to overpower, it is possible that even this and there is no need.
However, the really important and significant things must be completed.
Keep a weekly, remember, plan – do whatever you want
in order to structure your time and have time to perform
the most important and main affairs in your life. Unfortunately,
unfinished business with time can turn into unbearable
cargo. Such a burden pulls into the past and does not give a chance to come to life
new way.

Let your affairs be always in order! Not necessarily all
perform the most, you can abandon unnecessary tasks or
delegate affairs to another person in charge, but the important thing is not
accumulate unfinished business, pulling down. Make your
the habit of bringing things to the end, whatever it may be: diets,
project commitments and more. Your life will be much easier
more promising, disciplined and easier.

The second obstacle is ignoring the present.

Here we are talking about the law: “What you sow, you will reap.” Is our
the present is the result of the actions and actions that we
committed in their past. And the future is the result of action and
the deeds that we commit exactly today. If wisely and
gratitude to approach this, your actions, thoughts and
words, they will become a solid and confident foundation for
wonderful future.

Any area of ​​your life can be improved by following this simple
to the law. Do you need to save money? Start putting off with
today (albeit little but regularly). You need
bring the body to a perfect standard and part with the extra
pounds? Start playing sports today and eat
smaller portion. Do you want to meet your loved one? Become
more feminine, kind and affectionate from today.
Remember, what we are doing today will surely affect
our future. This is the law and the rule! Try using it
for your own benefit and good.

The third obstacle is the lack of priorities.

To find time for really important activities.
and things you must always keep them in focus and not lose sight of.
If you have a spontaneous idea in your pretty little head,
which you caught fire, do not rush to its implementation. You ask
why not to do the work that is most important to you now
nice and nice ?! It’s simple – if you waste your
time for the first cases, even very attractive ones, you have
there will be no time to realize the really worthwhile
of things.

The fourth obstacle is self-deception

If you want to be for yourself the most evil and greedy enemy –
Try self-deception. Most pernicious form
self-respect is a lie to yourself. She leads nowhere
giving nothing in return. However, a huge number of people
mostly women, from time to time attached to self-deception:

– he is good, he just has a complex character;

– children are obedient, just now they have another age
a crisis;

– I love my job, I’m just exhausted and very tired;

– I didn’t get better, I just got my jeans on …

And so on to infinity. What to do with such a common
an obstacle to a bright and joyful life? Everything as usual
simple enough. Try to remember all the times when you
indulged in self-deception and were not honest with the closest person
in the world – with itself. Think about the installation in your life
false and try not to deceive yourself anymore.

The fifth obstacle is pleasing others at the expense of their own

The surest way to become unhappy, embittered, and ever-failing
always and say “yes” to everyone (even when you want to say “no, not
for what the world “). Women who always agree to requests in
to please other people (it does not matter to friends, close relatives,
family members) lose control of their own lives.

To start building a beautiful life around you,
need to get rid of this addiction. Learn
defend your boundaries and interests. We do not recommend you to become
selfish always and all denied requests. No, not at all! we
just want to draw your attention to that the fact that pleasing others in
damage to yourself, you chain yourself, you lose your life energy and strength on
other people’s goals, deeds and values. Consider: Do you need it?

The sixth obstacle is an energy drain.

We need vital energy to build
wonderful life вокруг себя по своему усмотрению. But daily
problems, difficulties, conflicts lead to the loss of a huge
amount of vitality. In difficult situations it is important to keep
calm, calmness and faith that everything will be resolved
the best way. How else?!

A clear timetable, which
adjusts to efficiency and regularity. Also recommend
to simplify tasks, where possible, in time to replenish their strength with
using good rest (walking in the fresh air,
creativity, massage, SPA, communication with children, etc.).

Seventh hurdle – complaints instead of questions

The sages say that we all get exactly as much as we
have asked. Notice, not as much as you deserve or suffer,
earned, and how much they deigned to request. Speak openly to the world and
people what you need and what you would like. Never try
not complaining is a non-constructive waste of energy.

Eighth hurdle – insufficient reserves

Every girl has a certain set of reserves that is needed
us for a comfortable and normal life. More and deeper such
the reservoir, the more complete, “full” and rich life.

Of course, in order to have a fairly good reserve of reserves
(time, money, energy), you need to work on it. For
this, most likely, will have to be regularly excluded from life
habitual things that lead to a decrease in stocks in your
tank. But having sustained a pause and accumulated supporting reserves, we
attracts opportunities and situations, and then
we have every chance to succeed in life and build around us
wonderful prospects. But the lack of supporting
reserves, leads to erroneous decisions and disappointments.

The ninth hurdle is the denial of one’s own faults.

Never be shy and do not deny your shortcomings! You even
have no idea how quickly and deftly the “minus” can turn into
“a plus”. A huge number of people, including famous, not
they were afraid to turn the flaw into their highlight and attract
to his admiring glances.

In addition, your weaknesses will help you become more honest with yourself.
yourself and with people. Better warn those around you that
for example, love to gossip or always late. In that
If you provide a person with important information about yourself,
demonstrate honesty and win his heart!

Tenth Obstacle – Desires Instead of Planning

The error of most people who could not achieve the desired in
that they only dreamed but made no attempt
realize your idea. If you just want something badly,
sitting on the couch and not lifting a finger, it is unlikely your desire
come true. It does not happen!

If you want to build around you a wonderful, beautiful
life, take action. Do at least a small part, at least
anything for this and you will be surprised that everything is possible and not so

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