10 golden rules for the use of essential oils.How to choose a real essential oil and why it can not be worthcheap

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Essential oils are a generous gift from nature that
can be used with health and beauty benefits. but
ignorance of simple rules and precautions may have a reverse
and unexpected effect.

How to behave in order to get the maximum benefit from
aromatherapy and avoid negative consequences?

Rule number 1. Choose only high-quality essential oils.

Today the market is literally flooded with a huge amount of essential
oils from different manufacturers. Natural miracle jars can
buy in supermarkets, and in cosmetics stores, and in pharmacies, and
in the markets. but делать этого не стоит. Quality product to you
will be able to offer only in a specialized store
aromatherapy products that collaborates with serious
by suppliers.

In laboratories and aromatherapy centers, raw materials pass
careful quality control, and ready essential oil –
chromatographic analysis. Of course, such a product cannot
стоить cheap и продаваться на прилавках рядом с товарами массового

Rule No. 2. Before applying a new essential oil, hold
component tolerance test

Intolerance to a specific essential oil can turn into
sad consequences, no matter how pleasant for you his scent.
The test consists of two parts.

First part. Put 1 drop of oil on the back of your hand.
At first, you may feel a slight burning sensation – this is normal.
reaction. If after a few hours in your hand
�”Flaunting” the focus of inflammation, unpleasant sensations (pain,
itching), then stop using the essential oil. If these
no negative symptoms, go to the next part of the test.

The second part of. Add 1 drop of essential oil to the handkerchief.
Periodically inhale its aroma throughout the day. If you start
disturb the tearing, sneezing, shortness of breath or sore throat, then
will have to conclude that the intolerance of the essential oil.

Rule number 3. Inadmissibility abrupt transition

Suppose you have determined that you are carrying a particular etheric
butter. But even in this case, you should not try to embrace the immense,
using large doses of a new substance. Small enough
quantities of essential oil so that it starts to have an impact
on the body. One or two drops will be enough. BUT
then if all goes well, you can gradually increase

If this is your first time flavoring a room, then
should last no more than 20-30 minutes.

Rule number 4. Observe the dosage of oils specified in

Excessive dosages of essential oils can lead to intoxication.
of the body and cause such unpleasant symptoms as headache,
muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting, allergic reactions,
difficulty breathing.

Также важно понимать, что в instructions указаны только
approximate figures. Oil dosage for a specific person
should be determined gradually, taking into account the recommended range.
As a rule, children are more susceptible to essential oils, people with
chronic diseases, the elderly. Accordingly, for them
The recommended dose may be reduced.

Rule # 5. Do not use pure essential oils.

The only exceptions are lavender and tea tree oils,
which can be applied by a dot method on problem areas of skin.
Other oils have a very strong concentration of active substances.
therefore, when used in its pure form, can cause at least
skin irritation and burns.

Essential oils can be distributed over the skin during aromatic
massage (3-5 drops of essential oil per 30 ml of base oil) or
by pre-enrichment of neutral cosmetics.

Before taking the bath, essential oils should be dissolved in
emulsifier, which can be used as a marine or
ordinary salt, honey, sugar, cream, liquid soap.

Rule number 6. Use caution with essential oils.

Ни в коем случае нельзя использовать эфирные масла citrus
before going out in the sun. It can cause sunburn and
lead to the formation of age spots.

Rule number 7. Trust your inner feelings.

Each essential oil affects not only the skin and
internal organs, but also on the psycho-emotional state. Inhale
aroma. If you do not like it, then abandon
use of essential oil. Whatever wonderful properties it is
possessed, the positive effect of the unpleasant aroma you hardly
will come.

Rule number 8. Carefully study the properties of your choice.
essential oil

As a rule, the essential oil has a wide spectrum of action.
But its individual properties may have features for each
specific person. So, there are quite a few essential oils,
which improve mood. But some of them do it at the expense of
enhance body tone, while others, on the contrary, due to
relaxation. So, if you suffer from insomnia at night due to
bad thoughts, you’d better use lavender essential oil,
it calms well. If you spray oil in the air
orange, then bad thoughts, most likely, will go away, but you all sleep
Equally you can not, because the orange is invigorating.

Rule number 9. Store essential oils in suitable conditions.

The following factors have a detrimental effect on essential oils:
sunshine, too high and low temperatures, elevated
humidity. Therefore, these substances should be stored in the dark.
dry place at room temperature (essential oils in the refrigerator,
as at high temperatures they quickly oxidize).

Essential oils have their own shelf life, it is usually
2-3 years, but there are exceptions.

Rule number 10. Do not use essential oils without consultation.
specialist during pregnancy or in the presence of chronic

So, during pregnancy, essential oil is contraindicated
basil, hypotension is not recommended to use oil
citrus, а людям, страдающим эпилепсией, вообще стоит
refrain from the use of many oils. In such cases, should
get advice from an aromatherapist.

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