Youth clothes: experimenting andbreaking stereotypes!

When it comes to youth style clothing, many imply
bright, unusual, extravagant outfits. In many cases, so it
and there is, because it is young people most often prone to
experiments, not afraid to stand out from the crowd and violate stereotypes.
They follow the fashion and strive to follow the latest fashion
trends, boldly carrying remarkable ideas from podiums to
everyday life.

Features of youth style

However, the very concept of “youth style clothing” is not
limited only by this. Some stylists define
youth style as a combination of casual and traditional
classics. The ability to combine original things of these two types
so that the image turned out relaxed, relaxed and at the same
being elegant is almost the key to success and popularity. it
direction can be described as “youth classics” or
�”Intellectual and youth style”. Its features of course
depend on the fashion trends of the season, but you can always name a few
characteristic combinations and items of clothing.

For example, these are jackets and jackets for girls – fitted, often
short, sporty or more romantic type. They are very
Looks good with narrow and straight jeans. This combination
popular with guys. Fit a jacket in this case, of course, can
be much more interesting and free than the classic costume
instance. Under the jacket does not dress shirt and T-shirt or
jumper. it идеальный вариант для офиса в пятницу, если в
organizations there is a rule of Friday.

Knitted things – sweaters, sweaters, including high
collars – popular details of classic youth style.
Many girls love poncho very much – it always looks original,
attractively and perfectly warms in the wet autumn or frosty
winter days.

T-shirts with unusual patterns and prints, checkered and
striped clothes are also traditionally included in the wardrobe of young people,
not indifferent to their image.

Shoes – infinitely diverse. Guys are more likely to be moccasins,
shoes and boots of sports type. Strict “costume” shoes rarely
fit into the youth style of clothing. Girls have anything you want:
from light ballet flats to the finest stiletto heels or the notorious
uggs. Bright colors, decor (buckles, fringe, rhinestones, patterns,
Buttons, ribbons, etc.) are welcome.

In addition to clothing, much attention is paid to the choice of accessories.
Chains on the neck, bracelets look stylish on young guys. For
girls choice is much more. Jewelry is very appreciated
non-traditional forms and designs, as well as from rare materials
(ceramics, glass, wood, leather, etc.) and handmade. Wide
belts of interesting textures with bright buckles, gloves – high,
graceful or insolent short with cropped fingers, scarves and
kerchiefs, original handbags give a real highlight

However, in addition to the above direction, under the definition
�”Youth style clothing” fall and styles formed in
accordance with numerous youth trends and

Goths dress in black and love the romantic-historical or
aggressively challenging styles.

Those who like hip-hop prefer free stuff –
voluminous hoody-like T-shirts and wide trousers.

Ethno style is rather peculiar and attractive in its own way –
Usually these are clothes of light shades, from natural materials.
(for example, flax), often decorated with characteristic ornaments and
resembling the outfits of the inhabitants of ancient Russia – long shirts
dresses …

Black and pink colors, skinny, close-fitting jeans and T-shirts,
soft shoes, similar to sneakers – the distinctive features of emo.

However, all areas of youth style list
impossible, and they are very diverse. But the characteristic sign
each of them – a great imagination and desire for freedom

Молодежный стиль одежды Молодежный стиль одежды Молодежный стиль одежды

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