Stylish and fashionable fur coats winter 2018-2019

Fur coat has always been and remains the standard of style, status and comfort. AT 2018-2019, practical models endowed with fashion will be fashionable classic style. Fur coats in style have lost their relevance butterflies, with bat sleeves and other wide models. Now girls tend to have excellent taste, not pretentiousness. Fur coats seasons have virtually no outlandish colors and extraordinary designs, but they are able to perfectly protect from the cold and are suitable for any style of clothing.


Correct length

The favorites of the fashion season will be short fur coats made in jacket style, also short styles will remain in trend short fur coat. Minimization has also shortened gates, sleeves, hoods. Perfectly harmonize such fur coats with boots and dresses, with voluminous boots with lacing.


Medium and long fur coats look practical and feminine. But there are no models to reach the floor in the upcoming season. The greatest length reaches the ankles. Can say that the cancellation fashion for long fur coats is a very practical step, because winters are not now so snowy, and ruining the fur in the puddles is the height of cynicism. Fashionable there will be fur coats, both of a fitted cut, and of a more direct and free.




Ideal for our winters, as the volumetric fur is excellent warms up due to an air cushion. Famous designers suggested combine these coats with masculine boots for a more rigorous appearance. If you want a feminine appearance, you can prefer leather or suede boots, such as stocking boots.


With a belt

The fitted style of the fur coats, which is equipped with a belt, remains more in demand among fashionistas, as it is able to perfectly emphasize waist line. The belt can also be replaced with a wide belt. Among of this style, fur coats from sheared fur or plush options that do not reach lower than mid knee.


Short sleeve

Fur coats with sleeves ¾ are especially honored. This option is very feminine, and equipped with a shortened sleeve, as short fur coats and short fur coats. Practicality of such models lies in the fact that the sleeve will not be jammed from contact with surfaces, and for auto-ice the opportunity with maximum convenience to drive a car. You can complement the image with long gloves.


Long sleeve

Fashion for standard sleeves do nowhere, classic length remains in trend. Many designers have proposed options even with sleeves covering the brush. And here they have not forgotten about practicality, because such a sleeve can be equipped with a lapel, have cuffs, assembly and other elements. In this case, the sleeve should be wide, not fettering movement.


Without sleeves

Fur vest is a very popular thing for the cold season. AT this year and the upcoming vests turned into full-length fur coats styles without sleeves. It is recommended to wear them with long gloves or pry off warm knitted sweaters and dresses. Most furry and voluminous styles of fur coats without sleeveless.

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With a collar

Collars that are still popular traditional cut and go into the hood. They look elegant gathering on shoulders in beautiful folds. Will be no less stylish look turn-down collars, which are decorated with fur coats with a straight cut. Semicircular collars that add to the look will also be trendy. Lady elegance and femininity.


Fur combination

Designers have proposed models of fur coats that gather as if a mosaic from fur of various color schemes, and also textures, different from one another. Even the details, hem, sleeves, pockets, differ in their performance from the overall design of the fur coat. Equipment the patchwork is presented in the works of many designers, moreover, than more due to differences in pieces of fur, and the stronger it will be differ in length, color and texture, the more fashionable it will be thing.


Long fur

Long, unshorn fur is the most for severe frosts. But only this fur must be natural. Most fur or fox fur will become trendy, cheaper but stylish the option is nutria or beaver fur. With the correct manufacture of such a fur It is very light, although it seems heavy.


Colored fur coats

Classic – these are the shades that will be fashionable in 2018-2019 year. But for fashionistas who want to stand out, there are options for brighter shades, such as wine color or dark blue. Faux fur also has a place to be, it is made in even brighter colors. Graphic print, abstraction, stripes, stains were present at fashion shows. Fur coats, which combine multiple colors at once. Predatory and floral prints also considered the leaders of the season.


Fur coats

Fashionable fur coats on the figure, made in the style of bathrobes, are a great solution for those who do not want to wear oversize models or styles with long fur. Another name for a fur coat dress. They Available in an interesting knee length, have original colors, there is no gate on them. Therefore, they remind more in their own way I tailor dresses. Favorites of the upcoming season are fur coats-bears, these are voluminous models that will warm on cold days. Fur coats can be worn wide open and equipped with a belt.


Every woman should definitely get a fur coat. Especially, that for fashionistas the opportunity to choose the most original options. It’s not necessary to buy expensive natural a fur coat, you can give preference to cheaper options. The main thing, so that the quality is appropriate.

Fur coats winter 2018-2019 – even more photos!
















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