Men’s hairstyles with shaved elements (20 a photo)

The trend of increasing popularity of shaved items in haircuts are gaining momentum this season and it is no coincidence. Men’s hairstyles with shaved temples and a nape may emphasize face benefits, distract from flaws and fit almost everyone types of persons.



While previously not given much attention to the temples, they either turned into a beard, or remained like whiskers, modern interpretations of the temples have defended their right to comprehensive appeal. Using a wide range of methods you can opt for a classic look or take more defiant approach to haircuts of temples and nape.

No matter which interpretation you choose, it’s important always remember that beauty and strength are in caring for her and maintaining her neatly. Also shaved items are a great way. combine long hair at the crown and collected honed the back of the head. Such hairstyles create a daring youth style, men look fashionable and even dapper.

  • If nature has endowed you with thick hair – haircuts with shaved items for you!
  • If you want a rock and roll style, please build Iroquois and completely shave the nape and temporal zones.
  • Even if you need a hairstyle for every day – again here you are You will find several suitable options.

Fear nothing, hair grows very fast, experiment with your head and have fun.

Clear lines and light summer haircuts

oneIn fact, a classic men’s haircut with bangs plus fashionable men’s hairstyle with shaved temples with one hit. A distinctive feature of this option is clean lines, clear angles and a neat needle-like texture. Relatively long the top of the hair in this hairstyle combs forward and smoothly pass into bangs, and smoothly shorten at the temples, and shave almost behind the ears. With such a well-groomed hairstyle, you will get Light stylish look for a modern dandy.

Hairstyle for straight hair with bangs

2A classic men’s haircut with bangs may not seem fashionable today due to smooth fading, but here you can add a new infusion to your familiar look. Saturation reduction colors with the subsequent complete shaving of the temples, you can create original feint, which is not obvious, and is noticeable only to those who attentive to details.

Beard option

3A haircut with shaved items looks especially originally, when it organically merges into the hairdo under the beard for account smooth transition at the temples. Hairstyle technology approximately the same as in the second embodiment, but in general the length should be shorter. Straight hair is easy to style, hairstyle is obtained sculptural without any sign of rough texture. Important neatly and skillfully hold the edging on the sides.

Option for curly hair

fiveA haircut version that is perfect for anyone wants to keep most of the hair at the crown with a minimum length On the sides. Such a contrast will look most spectacular on naturally curly hair. But then again, people with curly type should be more careful and even a little cautious, since the curls fall out of the general styling and may have to experiment with length until you find the best option, suitable for the shape of the face.

Men’s hairstyles with shaved temples photo with a rounded line bangs

6A bold version of the haircut is not for the faint of heart, and calls to create your own unique selfie. Clearly cropping attractive bangs attention and perfect curvature of the hair line attract look and give the face a slightly arrogant expression.

Men’s hairstyles with shaved temples photo for thick hair

7If you have really thick hair, it’s very important find a hairstyle that will maximize the advantages and hide the flaws. This option has a rather thick top the part that flows onto the forehead in the form of a voluminous bang.

Men’s hairstyle with shaved sides with a diagonal smoothing

Men's hairstyle with shaved sides for teensThe main the attraction of this hairstyle is a clear, straight line bangs at the same time as smoothing the side lines. Feature of this hairstyle schemes is that smoothing occurs by diagonals, which is a fashionable course of this summer.

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Neat hairstyle with shaved temples

tenThis classic men’s haircut with bangs suitable for beard hairstyles and especially suitable brunettes. The bangs are traditionally straight and neatly trimmed, smoothing on the back of the head is practically absent, but the complete absence of temples, smoothly turning into a beard, looks stylish and fashionable.

Men’s hairstyle with shaved sides for teens

Men's hairstyle with shaved sides for teensThis variant of expressive and fashionable hairstyle with shaved temples for you certainly enjoy it if you have thick hair. At the top a large pile of hair remains, and on the back of the head is quite sharp smoothing, starting almost from the very top and passing into completely shaved nape – the result is light and popular trendy haircut.

Haircut for long wavy hair

Men's hairstyle with shaved sides for teensThis the haircut looks particularly elegant on dark brown hair, but also Looks good on brown or black hair, the main thing is that they lay in light waves. Hair is combed forward, forming thick straight bangs, along with completely shaved temples and the back of the head creates contrast and a modern fashionable hairstyle with by shaving.

Short haircuts with shaved temples style

Men's hairstyle with shaved sidesSuitable for thin and naughty hair – the perfect combination of funky and cool. At the right haircut is enough to shake your hair with your hands to restore a casual style.

Hairstyle with a slightly shaved parting

Men's hairstyle with shaved sidesHair is laid on side. The best way to identify a more comfortable side for parting, find which way your hair grows naturally way. This will allow you to find a natural parting and provide ease of subsequent care and keep the original appearance longer. You you can identify it if you comb them back when wet and look at which side they will fall when slightly dry up.

Fashionable men’s beard haircut and creative youth style can be created by completely shaving the nape and temples almost to the top and laying with mousse or gel and look very impressive.

Defiant haircut

Men's hairstyle with shaved sidesIf you are a person who prefers to create trends rather than follow them, you can to experiment. Short chiseled straight bangs and full smoothing almost the entire head surface with a smooth exposure the transition will create a feeling of a harsher and stronger look.

Option with the effect of a split personality

Men's hairstyle with shaved sidesIf there is a desire at the same time wear a classic men’s haircut with bangs to the side, and also you want extravagant ideas, then there is no need choose, here you can combine everything you want in one submission.

Extraordinary way

Men's hairstyle with shaved sidesToday men’s hairstyles with shaven sides increased in popularity and now if you long for personality, you have to do something to do something more extraordinary. Drawings and graphics will come to the rescue.

The waves

Men's hairstyle with shaved sidesThis type is suitable for dark-skinned men, a curving curvy line on the sides mimics waves and looks very interesting and exciting. Also good option for men with receding hairline.

Medium Smoothing

Men's hairstyles with shaved temples and a napeThis style is a good example of medium smoothing that can used in a conservative or everyday setting. Clear a contour section from the forehead to the crown will be the only expressive place in a general way and will remove that isolation with which usually face classic men’s haircuts. Moreover, with laying on its side with special tools, it can come up and to exit.


Men's hairstyle pompadourHere is a conservative option with flat top. Pompadour is often associated with the past. for decades for a neat appearance, however, you can bring this style in the modern era, as seen in this photo combining it with a shaved strip. In the complex, it will be successful a mixture of styles. Do not be afraid of new improvisations and interesting combinations of classics and modernity.

Men’s hairstyle with shaved temples photo for thin thick hair

Men's hairstyles with shaved temples and a napeEven if u your hair is not very stiff, you can still make a flat the top. In this case, they will not be as tough and standing upright, like its counterparts for thick or curly hair, but you can create your own personal style. Due to subtlety the length can be significantly longer than in the case of thick and thick hair, and also it is enough to shake her fingers and she easy to give.

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