Hats fall-winter 2019-2020

Autumn-winter collections captivated fashion shows, models demonstrated not only the stylish clothes of this season, but also accessories that make the look completely finished. This is about hats to be trending in the upcoming cold season.

The emphasis in the issue of hats for the fall-winter was placed on unusually exquisite shapes, bold colors and prints. Let’s figure out what It will be fashionable to wear. And most importantly, it has become very fashionable to wear hats self made. Pay attention to this fact that delicate handwork valued in itself. And so, we begin.

Hat autumn-winter 2017-2018



The most varied designers have variations of furniture. In fashion wide-brimmed models, retro hats, bowler hats, tablet hats. For creating models used felt, felt, tweed, leather, fur.

The color scheme is unlimited, the designers created hats of turquoise, pink, red shades, classic habitual ones remain in fashion colors. It is important to say that decor elements are actively used in cold season. These are buckles, fringe, applique, stones, rhinestones, embroidery and much more.

Stylish felt hat

Fedor’s hat

Fits any wardrobe item, so combine it with classics are completely optional. She looks great with informal things far from rigor.

Classic Fedor hat 2017-2018

Hippie style

This is a modified version of the fashionable hat of the 70s. She is fully adapted to modern fashion requirements. AT a popular headdress lacks rusticity so that it is necessary to select clothes with such style with care.

Hippie hat 2017-2018 fall-winter

Bell hat

Cloche style is an option for lady cuties. Models run with rounded tulle, have narrow margins. This type of hat is considered universal, while creating a trendy feminine image. It is recommended to wear such a hat with an A-silhouette short coat either with a classic coat.

Bell hat autumn 2017

Wide Brim Hat

This model is luxurious, it is associated with Hollywood actresses. and sophisticated ladies. Even the most uncomplicated image will become chic, if you give preference to just such a style. Will fit wide-brimmed hat under a fur coat, short fur coat, coat with fur, trouser suit.

Trend spy with wide fields for the cold season


Say thanks to Coco Chanel, because it was she who introduced this bohemian style hats. The model does not lose popularity and is presented non-standard tulle, the height of which is more than 4 cm.

Trend boater hat cold season 2017-2018

Knitted hat patterns

A variety of knitted hats for fall-winter is simply unthinkable: plain and with patterns, with and without pompons, coarse and knitwear. This element of the image also fits under a strict coat, and under a short jacket.

Knitted hats autumn-winter 2017-2018


Made this stylish version of mohair or wool. She is perfectly complements the image of a girl with her hair loose. Wear as you like: pulling on the most eyebrows or vice versa raising high on the forehead.

Trendy beanie knit hat

Knitted berets

Among them, berets made of dense viscous and soft, carelessly hanging to one side. Notable flowers of the cold season It will be pale pink, turquoise, peach, cream. Also not the colors of nature are forgotten: dark blue, black, khaki. Complement serve knitted elements, for example, rhombuses, braids, etc.

Stylish takes winter 2018


The appearance of such a model of headgear is simple, but spectacular. The difference between the style and the bin is that the canvas is pulled together in front vertical drawstring and fixed. The turban hat will fit fitted coat, fur coat, short fur coat. Popular colors are dark shades of blue, gray, brown. Decoration can serve as a brooch or buckle located on the front.

Turban hat for the cold season 2017-2018

Animal hats

To attract attention, designers launched a line of stylish creative hats in the form of animals. The models are driven by ears, eyes made in bold bright colors. Suitable option for young and courageous girls.

Winter Women's Cat Hat


In a different way, a scarf hat is also considered a fashionable addition to cold season. It is combined with fur coats, coats, sheepskin coats. Designers presented models of various colors, but in a special low-key tones remained in esteem.

Stylish snoods fall-winter 2017-2018


Autumn-winter collections of hats from famous designers demonstrated the popularity of fashion scarves. Handkerchief can wearing, tying behind, wrap around the head with a wide stripe, to tie, copying a turban.

Fashionable scarves on the head fall-winter 2017-2018

Fur hats

Beautiful and stylish fur hat is especially popular this winter. The hat can only be made of fur, in combination with other materials, for example, leather. Also, fur can be used as decorative addition.

Trend hat with earflaps 2018

Hat with ear flaps

For cute fashionistas, designers have developed a line of fur hats with earflaps, which are decorated with embroidery, applique and other decor. In addition, the creators of fashion showed how extraordinary you can combine this type of headgear with a seemingly incongruous things, for example, a romantic dress. For tailoring natural fur is used, but also from an artificial headdress will be trending. As for color, it should be natural, but contrast with outerwear.

Winter trend hat with earflaps 2018


Designers for fall-winter offer novelties based on tenderness and femininity of the fair sex. Stylish french Berets again filled fashion shows. Of particular popularity are smooth berets that go well with long gloves.

The decor of the headdress can be a pattern, composition, fur pompon. Wearing one side is not worth it. In this cold season his need to slightly shift to the back of the head. Fashionable berets are made in calm pastel shades.

Stylish French Beret 2017-2018

Caps and caps

If you are adherents of massive shoes with lacing, which, By the way, very popular this season, then caps will be the best complement to the image. Headgear fits tall boots and poncho, to ankle boots and a short fur coat, sneakers and a coat. Most stylish models are fur, denim, printed caps and kepi bell. Original performance of this image element. will give the girl attractiveness and audacity at the same time.

Stylish cap for the fall of 2017

The task is to please fashionistas with stylish accessories in autumn and winter designers completed in full. Girls will be able to complement their stylish a bow is the most suitable option for a hat. Creative feminine, eccentric, calm models of hats will bring to the image harmony.

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