Yellow Pig 2019 – New Year’s Yellowmanicure

Traditional colors of nail polishes – pink, red, white,
beige, and for the pattern – black. During the holidays palette
expands. In the course go and deep blue with sparkles, and a combination of
white with deep purple, and gold, and silver. Every fashionista
trying to decorate their nails with something bright and unusual, even
while forgetting about the harsh rules of everyday dress code. There you are
another idea you probably haven’t used yet: let’s
let’s experiment with the yellow color and all its shades. Yellow
manicure на Новый год? Beautiful thought, because Yellow is coming
Pigs! It remains to choose the design and do not forget to coordinate it with
suitable for the occasion outfit. So, let’s begin.

What can be combined yellow color

Yellow цвет «прячет» немалое количество оттенков. Representation
about him solely as the sun in children’s drawings too
narrowly. Yellow может быть:

  • lemon;
  • saffron;
  • mustard;
  • corn;
  • canary;
  • gold;
  • oily;
  • banana;
  • fiery;
  • honey.

For one of the shades even a very special name was invented.
– Bumblebee. Here are how many colors fraught with the color of the sun’s rays!
It is curious that it can not only be warm (according to the rules
applied by artists in creating paintings), but also cold. Example
cold yellow – light lemon. Such a shade is beautiful
It combines with a different color of the cold spectrum, for example, with
sky blue.

Perhaps it is easier to say which combinations for yellow are unacceptable,
what to call all those many colors that are completely organic
look paired with yellow. Try not to apply on nails
simultaneously with dark yellow brown and gray lacquers, mauve – here,
perhaps that’s all. The rest is allowed!

It is interesting to combine cold yellow and:

  • light blue;
  • light pink;
  • white;
  • the black.

The warm shade of sunny color looks especially advantageous in
companies with green, red, orange, beige, brick,

Try to combine thick, deep purple and
rich yellow. Dark blue and yellow complement each other perfectly.

Сложнее с градиентным manicureом. Not very elegant looking varnish
желтого цвета, когда его оттенки плавно перетекают друг в friend
It turns out somehow inexpressive. An exception may be
что градиентный manicure, украшенный дополнительным декором:
pattern, one large pebble, small rhinestones.

Matte finish or glossy finish? Here the choice is yours.
Combine varnishes as follows: one or two nails with a glossy
varnish, the rest with matte. Do not forget the decorations: New Year
night without them is not enough!

Ideas for the New Year

In creating the perfect image there are no trifles. Everything is important: from the model
shoes to the size of the stones in the earrings. Since the New Year is
special occasion you can allow yourself to sparkle and shine in your
pleasure. The coming of the year of the Yellow Pig is a great occasion for
unusual experiments with sunny color.

  • If you want to create an image of a gentle girl, your dress should
    быть простым и легким, а manicure – оформленным в пастельных
    shades. Paint your nails like this: alternate yellow, light blue and
    light pink shades – let there be one of them on each nail.
    The unifying moment: this color should be like a picture frame
    surrounded by white lines. К такому manicureу наденьте кулон или брошь
    with a flower made in the technique of enamel.
  • Лунный manicure: лунку оставим в натуральном виде, покрыв только
    clear lacquer, and then apply yellow. It also looks interesting
    такой лунный manicure с добавлением черного. Black only
    should not contrast, but smoothly “flow out” of gold.
  • Fashionable lunar options: on the edge of the hole we glue small rhinestones,
    marking their border. Pick up the color of the rhinestone so that it is harmonious
    looked in combination with the color of the dress or individual details
    toilets. And you can take transparent rhinestones: they fit
  • You can do it easier: apply to the entire surface of the nail
    plate yellow lacquer and then draw a horizontal strip
    gold closer to the base of the nail. It will look like
    as if wearing a gold hoop.
  • �“Broken glass”: leave part of the nail yellow and cover part
    multi-colored foil.

A huge scope for creativity opens to those who love

What if in the midst of winter let yourself dream of a warm summer –
Does yellow color bring the most pleasant memories? In order to
your thoughts “materialized”, “put” on the yellow color of the marigold
dragonfly, butterfly or bee. You can “grow” a small one
flower. It’s great if you use the possibilities of technology
объемного manicureа – так получится еще интереснее. Only
It is desirable to make such a decor on one or two nails, otherwise it will
bust, and you will be blamed for the lack of taste.

  • If you want to be closer to the subject, feel free to portray in yellow
    background green spruce branches, brown cones, red balls with
  • With the help of fashionable acrylic powder, you can create a gorgeous
    зимний «вязаный» manicure.
  • Always in fashion geometric patterns: triangles, rhombuses, lines,
  • Do you have a dots? Then draw with it snowflakes –
    made from white dots, they will look fresh and
    original Weave patterns of white lace, inventing the most
    fancy patterns.
  • We dive headlong into childhood memories. What images arise
    in the imagination above all when we think of the magical new year
    nights? Christmas tree, gifts and tangerines. Depicting juicy tangerine
    orange shade on the background of yellow lacquer, you will definitely fall into the trend.
    Do not forget to add a drop in the technique of 3D. It will look like
    a real, refreshing image.

Any of the selected patterns can be generously savored with rhinestones and
pebbles. Be creative, enjoy, sparkle! In winter, we are not so
enough warm sunshine – let’s create our own
a little sun, decorating the nails with yellow varnish. Then the mood
will be joyful and fun, and the holiday will definitely succeed.

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