XS-L Medical Slimming

The drug for weight loss XS-L Medical got an army of fans
before it is available. All thanks to competent advertising
campaign organized by the manufacturer – the Belgian company OMEGA

The notorious Ksenia Sobchak for no reason in public
reproached her bosom friend, TV presenter Tatyana Arno for
that she looks too fat. Arnaud responded immediately, and
the girls began to quarrel in front of the whole country. Warming up
attention to yourself, the teledives made a bet according to which Tatiana Arno
was supposed to lose weight by a certain time. When she succeeded,
the loser Ksenia shot and uploaded a video in the Internet, in which
brought Tatiana apologies. And since throughout history
Arnaud constantly hinted that losing weight thanks to the new
Miracle slimming, Xenia in the clip, wringing her hands,
asked to open a secret.

Fans have literally burned out of curiosity, when, finally,
On Tatiana Arno’s Twitter photo of the XS-L Medical package appeared. And here
same, synchronously, advertising of this drug began to show on

XS-L Medical

Not surprisingly, the first time XS-L was bought in pharmacies very
active, without looking at the strongly “biting” price. And today
manufacturers of this dietary supplement (BAA) retain
cost at the level of 2800-2900 rubles. for 180 capsules (month of admission),
identifying your drug as unique, completely natural, and
because expensive means.


Composition and properties of XS-L Medical

OMEGA PHARMA releases it in two versions:

XL>S 40+ SLIM&DRAIN («похудение и очищение») – для женщин
older than 40.

XL>S DUO SLIM&SHAPE («похудение и форма») – для девушек,
dreaming not only lose weight, but also get rid of fat accumulations
in problem areas of the body.

The main active component of both options supplements – Litramine
(in the original Litramine). These are industrially processed vegetable
fiber Opuntia ficus-indica – Indian or fig

According to the manufacturers, Litramine is a patented
a substance capable of reducing by 27% the absorption of fat from food,
reduce appetite and achieve rapid loss of extra pounds
weight. Acacia spp (acacia) fibers are added to the preparation,
microcrystalline cellulose and fat soluble complex
of vitamins.

Under the spectacular names in Latin is the usual
plant fiber, the action is the same as in bran. Behind
due to its pronounced porosity, it absorbs everything from food
including fats, liquids and any slags, not allowing them to absorb,
and brings them out naturally.

Another pleasant effect, swollen in the intestines of vegetable
the fibers maintain a feeling of fullness for a long time, which helps not
overeat and easier to endure low-calorie diets. Behind счет
retaining a large volume of fluid they provide regular and
a soft chair.

XS-L Medical Fiber Extracted from Leaves
cactus. But this is hardly able to explain
overpriced (compared to other similar additives) price XS-L
Medical, since Opuntia is the most common on the planet
view of cacti.

In most countries, the belt of subtropics is grown in the fields,
like potatoes. In this case, only fruits are suitable for food (they are called
Indian fig, Zabr, prickly pear) and young shoots, and leaves,
as the husk of the grains, are considered production waste.

What is the uniqueness of XS-L Medical

Medically, nothing revolutionary about XS-L Medical
no – it acts on the same principle as other vegetable
the fibers. Rather, this dietary supplement was lucky with the manufacturer, not regretting
funds for advertising and competent marketers.

From ordinary bran, the packaging of which costs 50 rubles., XS-L
different in that:

– XS-L Medical is pressed into tablets, which are drunk 2
pieces at once at each meal or instead of it. Turns out
the one who is more accustomed to swallow the pill than will be overpaid
add a couple of spoons of powder.

– Added fat soluble vitamins. On the one hand, thanks
OMEGA PHARMA for caring: nutrients needed for bone strength
(vitamin D), strong immunity (E), for skin beauty and acute
of view (vitamin A), in the presence of XS-L Medical is indeed
absorbed in smaller quantities. Their shortage is especially acute.
felt by those who use starvation diets. However, take
any multivitamin complex is always better separated from the fibers (with
intervals of at least an hour), and not together as in Medical.

– XS-L Medical guarantees fast weight loss. Yes if strictly
adhere to the recommendations prescribed on each package
drug and on the website of its official representative.

Their list is ingeniously simple: the energy value of food must
be 500 kcal less need daily required
physical activity, at each reception dietary supplement to drink at least a glass

Try to start following these guidelines right now –
reduce calories by 500 kcal, every day to do for an hour and
drink plenty of water – you will definitely begin to lose weight. Will you
help XS-L Medical, regular bran or other vegetable
fiber is not so important.

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