Enterosgel for weight loss: instructions forapplication

  • 1 Composition of Enterosgel
    • 1.1 Показания к application
  • 2 How to take slimming Enterosgel?
    • 2.1 Diet and Enterosgel
  • 3 Contraindications and cautions

Often the cause of weight gain is slow
metabolism and slagging of the body. Toxins and slags
accumulate in soft tissues and organs, slowing down the metabolism and
preventing the removal of excess enzymes from the body. Slimming
need to cleanse your body of harmful substances. For these
targets developed special preparations – sorbents. On the market
various brands of sorbents are presented, but leading positions
takes Enterosgel, which has no analogues. Enterosgel is not
fat loss agent and is used for weight loss in order to
gentle cleansing of the body. Slimming рекомендуется сочетать
drug with diet and exercise.


Composition Enterosgel

Enterosgel is an enterosorbant containing in
composed of (per 100 grams of product) active substance –
polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate (70 grams) and water (30 grams).
Is white paste without smell

The enterosgel porous structure allows screening of enzymes
gastrointestinal tract, delaying beneficial pathogens and not
affecting healthy cells, removing accumulated toxins and slags.
The drug is not absorbed into the blood and does not settle on the intestinal walls,
maintaining the integrity of the tissues and mucous membranes. Purification from toxins and
The toxins are carried out gently, naturally.

Показания к application

Enterosgel is indicated for adults and children and applies
as a detoxification agent for:

  • Acute and chronic intoxication of various
  • Acute poisoning with toxic substances and medicinal
  • Acute intestinal infections;
  • Purulent septic diseases;
  • Dysbacteriosis.

Enterosgel recommended as prevention
when working in hazardous industries, as well as residents of areas with
polluted ecology.

During the diet for weight loss is burning
fat, which is accompanied by the release of toxic substances accumulated
in body fat. Losing weight may cause heartburn,
diarrhea or constipation, aggravation of gastritis. Enterosgel helps
minimize all possible side effects of the diet, cleansing
intestines from toxins and slags, without violating the microflora.

How to take slimming Enterosgel?

Инструкция по application энтеросгеля указывает дозировку
a drug that is affected by the age and grade of a particular
person Adolescents older than 14 years old and adults are shown to use.
1-2 hours before meals (or other medicinal
means) 3-4 times a day. Daily norm for weight loss should not
exceed 67 grams (4-5 tablespoons). 1.5 tbsp is allowed at a time.
drug (22.5 grams).

Dosage according to the instructions indicates that the duration of the course
enterosgel for weight loss is from 5 to 30 days. Shown
the amount of the drug 1 dose must be mixed with 0.5 cups of water
without gas and drink. At will, you can use it in its pure form,
drinking water.

Slimming не рекомендуется превышать показанную норму
dosage. The tool is not addictive. If taking
estogel during a diet for weight loss is difficult, it is worth gradually
reduce the daily dose from 3 to 1. Numerous reviews losing weight
with the help of estogel says that the drug helps in the first week
diet, cleansing the body of accumulated harmful substances and helping
rebuild to a new diet. It is recommended to repeat
shown the course of weight loss with the help of enterosgel twice a year.

Diet and Enterosgel

When taking a diet, enterosgel should be taken for 1.5 tablespoons.
spoons 3 times a day for 1-1,5 hours before meals, drinking plenty of water
its water without gas. Effective diet for weight loss –
balanced and low-calorie. You should choose low-fat
protein foods (meat, fish, dairy products), vegetables
(except potatoes), cereals and cereals (oats, rice, buckwheat), berries and
fruit (except melon, grapes, banana and mango). The dishes are better
to cook for weight loss by boiling, stewing, baking.
Sugar consumption should be eliminated at the time of the diet, and salt reduced
to a minimum. It is necessary to observe the water balance for cleansing.
organism from harmful substances. It is recommended not to drink a day
less than 1.5-2 liters of non-carbonated water.

Menu for a week for weight loss with the reception of 1.5 st.l.
enterosgel 1-1.5 hours before meals (breakfast, lunch, snack,


  • Muesli with berries;
  • Vegetable soup. Boiled chicken breast;
  • Salad “Brush”.


  • Omelet with tomato and herbs;
  • Bouillon. Steamed beef cutlets;
  • Greek salad”.


  • Buckwheat porridge with skimmed milk;
  • Green borscht Baked fish;
  • Hard boiled egg. Natural yogurt with greens.


  • Fat-free cottage cheese, seasoned with natural yogurt with
  • Cream of broccoli. Steamed veal medallions;
  • Lenten cabbage rolls.


  • Oatmeal with dried fruits;
  • Shchi Baked turkey fillet;
  • Fat-free cottage cheese with greens.


  • 2 hard boiled eggs. 2 slices cheese;
  • Spinach cream soup. Braised rabbit meat;
  • Fig. Cabbage salad.


  • Cottage cheese pudding;
  • Broth with pieces of poultry meat. 2 pieces of wholegrain
    of bread;
  • Vegetable stew.

Contraindications and cautions

Не смотря на то, что в инструкции по application указано,
that enterosgel can be taken during pregnancy, as well as in
childhood (including infants), its use
It is not for everyone.

If after eating enterosgel for weight loss
nausea, it is recommended at the subsequent reception to sweeten it. With
tendency to constipation is recommended to combine the drug with tea with
laxative effect, as well as drink plenty of water without gas (at least
1.5-2 liters per day). With повышенной кислотности желудка
Enterosgel is recommended to be combined with alkaline preparations
neutralizing hydrochloric acid.

Enterosgel for weight loss –

  • Individual intolerance to the components contained in
    composition enterosgelya;
  • Intestinal obstruction;
  • Diabetes;
  • Cirrhosis of the liver;
  • Bronchial asthma;
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases of the stomach (gastritis,

It is also contraindicated for losing weight Enterosgel for diseases
kidneys, requiring additional intake of diuretic drugs.

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