How to lose weight with the help of sportsfood?

  • 1 The benefits and harms of sports nutrition, as a means for
  • 2 Какое спортивное питание подходит для slimming?
  • 3 Fat Burners for women
  • 4 Fat Burners for Men

In pursuit of harmony, many use a variety of techniques,
including strict monodiets. However, the result is not always
justifies the means and the extra weight comes back after some
time after leaving the diet. The reason for gaining weight, in addition to
possible diseases or the use of harmful food associated with
slow metabolism. Diet only temporarily accelerates it, which
leads to weight loss, and in the transition to the usual diet, he
slowing down again. In this regard, recently very
The use of sports nutrition taken from
fit and athletic athletes. Nutritional supplements are not
drugs and a full diet.


The benefits and harms of sports nutrition as a means for

Numerous studies, as well as consumer reviews
доказали пользу спортивного питания для slimming. Sporty
nutrition is a special supplement that contains proteins
(necessary to speed up metabolism), fat blockers
(preventing fat deposits), a complex of vitamins and
minerals. Taking these supplements can lose weight without painful
fasting Of the obvious advantages – useless cooking and counting
calorie daily diet.

Common myths:

  • �”Chemistry” – the main product contained in sports supplements
    – protein (protein) derived from casein or whey
    by filtration and concentration, not chemical reactions.
  • Any product of sports supplements acts the same.
    Universal supplements do not exist, each product comes with
    specific purpose and with different composition.
  • Taking fat burners those extra pounds will “dissolve.”
    Sporty питание — добавка, помогающая улучшить качество питания
    and speed up the metabolism.

During the application of food additives can be observed:
heartburn, bloating and diarrhea, nausea, skin

Применение добавок для slimming может нанести вред
body when:

  • Allergic reactions and individual intolerance
    components contained in its composition;
  • The use of substandard products;
  • Improper use (eg overdose).

Какое спортивное питание подходит для slimming?

To date, a huge range
additives from various manufacturers. Sporty питание для
slimming — жиросжигатели, прием которых способствует уменьшению
appetite, activating the breakdown of fats, accelerating metabolism. Each
from the presented fat burners sports nutrition has its
recommendations for use, so before you start taking
read the instructions.

Sporty питание для снижения веса рекомендуется людям,
having a fat interlayer not less than 3 cm. The fat fold is measured
navel level on both sides of the abdomen. It is important to understand that
fat burner is an additive that does not apply to medicinal
drugs. Its use helps to speed up the metabolic processes in
the body. Для slimming рекомендуется сочетать применение пищевых
supplements with physical exertion. Loads saturate the body
oxygen, help actively burn fat, maintain muscle tone
and skin elasticity.

Fat burners for women

Sporty питание для slimming женщин обладает
following features:

  • Contains a large amount of natural ingredients (green
    tea, caffeine);
  • Contains ingredients to calm down the central
    nervous system;
  • Contain the vitamins and minerals necessary for the female
  • Some products contain fat blockers in
    problem areas (thighs, abdomen, buttocks).

L-карнитин — способствует активной переработке
fat and its conversion to energy. Accepted 1 capsule in the morning
on an empty stomach and 30 minutes before the start of training.

Омега 3 — повышает иммунитет, снижает
cholesterol, improves cardiovascular function, and
prevents the formation of fat. Take 1 capsule 2 times a day
after meal.

Гуарана — состоит из натуральных компонентов
vegetable origin. Accelerates metabolism, increases
endurance and vigor. 1500-2000 ml are applied 30-60 minutes before
start training

Fat burners for men

If the female body is most susceptible to
cardio, then male to power. Based on this, men
для slimming нужны другие добавки, нежели женщинам. Composed
fat burners for men contain testosterone boosters such
like, epedium, aspartic acid, eurekom. The basis of drugs
для slimming мужчин входят: карнитин, кофеин, а также блокаторы
fat The use of fat burners will allow men to lose weight in
case of regular workouts with high intensity.
It is recommended to perform the exercises with the burden to achieve
effective result.

Sporty питание для slimming мужчин:

Протеин — восполняет потребность организма в
protein, and also blocks fats. Is the main agent for
slimming. Accepted in half a serving 2 hours before and after 1
an hour after exercise, as well as snacking between the main

BCAA — незаменимый продукт спортивного питания,
containing various amino acids. Receiving a BCAA helps control
weight gain and muscle growth. Apply 2 tablets in 30 minutes
before training and immediately after its completion.

Opti-men — содержат в своем составе витамины и
minerals necessary for normal life. Help
the absorption of nutrients by the body and prevent fat
sediments. Are taken after meals 1 capsule 2-3 times a day.

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