Fat Burner Lipo 6 – its composition and howtake

Lipo 6 is an American fat burner that contains
substances forcing you to expend more energy. You
exercise, add Lipo 6 capsules and spend 30-50% more
calories than without capsules. Reducing fat on the abdomen, hips and other
parts of the body depends on only one factor – the lack of energy.
You get energy from food, and measure it in kilocalories. When
you consume more calories than you eat, your body in search of
fuel begins to burn its own fat.

And here comes the fat burner Lipo 6. It refers to
class of so-called thermogenics, because of its ability
increase heat generation – thermogenesis, and these are additional
waste of energy.

In addition, it contains stimulants that activate the nervous
system, and you want to run, jump, and generally do not sit on
place Spontaneous activity, plus an increase in intensity
training increases energy costs even more.

The effect of taking Lipo 6 is powerful, but before you buy this
drug, look what components it consists of.

Lipo 6 - состав на баночке


What is included in Lipo 6

Due to the popularity of the additive, the manufacturer began to produce different
options Lipo 6. The composition of each is different and is intended for
different groups of consumers. However, in all Lipo there are “common”

Synephrine – a substance from bitter varieties of oranges

Synephrine is a safe analogue of banned ephedrine. is he
weaker, and that is what protects you from pronounced side effects.
is he увеличивает теплопродукцию, снижает аппетит и повышает
endurance. He also contributes to the synthesis of adrenaline, and that in his
queue releases free fatty acids from adipocytes
(fat cells).

At doses of over 50 mg, synephrine causes headaches, rapid
pulse and pressure increase.

Yohimbine – aphrodisiac, plant alkaloid

There are alpha and beta receptors in fat cells. Beta group
breaks down fats and increases adrenaline levels, and alpha receptors
on the contrary, they reduce slimming activity and promote deposition.
fat in order to preserve the balance of energy and not waste precious fat
in vain.

Yohimbin disables some of the alpha receptors, stimulating
fat loss It also whips up the nervous system so that you
felt the excitement and charge of cheerfulness as from several cups
strong good coffee.

Be careful. A dose of over 15 mg leads to excessive
agitation, hypoglycemia, headaches and dizziness.

DMAE – a nootrop that improves brain function

In the USSR, prescribed astronauts during the preparation for the flight.
Normalizes memory, concentration and mental state. Part
fat burner is included to reduce the stresses of hunger and
physical exertion. The more stress, the greater the loss of muscle
tissue that must be preserved, if only because she herself
on its own spends a lot of calories, even during rest.

Thanks to DMAE, and your mood is not going down due to
chronic lack of energy, it is easier for you to motivate yourself
workout and dieting.

Caffeine – an alkaloid that stimulates the nervous system

You probably know the feeling of cheerfulness after a cup of strong
coffee. In training, caffeine increases the synthesis of adrenaline, and this
improves weight loss. Также он повышает endurance. Train
caffeine is easy, be it cardio or strength training.

Thyroid stimulants

Many plant components have a positive effect on the synthesis
hormones T3 and T4, which regulate fat metabolism in the body.
The most common guggulsterson. is heи не заменяют Т3 и Т4, и
Do not copy their action. Guggulsterony activate receptors,
interacting with thyroid hormones.

If the fat cells in the abdomen or thighs are not slimming,
or leave last, it can be a bad signal
work receptors, including the T3 and T4. Guggulsterones included in
The composition of Lipo 6, stimulate their work, promoting natural
fat burning.

The effect of taking Lipo

All components in total with each other make you move more
and less tired. If you are too lazy to do, or not at all strength
get up from the couch due to poor dietary intake, taking Lipo 6
easily fix the situation.

Now you will sweat, move, train in full force
both physically and psychologically. Stimulation of the nervous system
will focus you on the training process. Synephrine will increase
heat production, caffeine will start the synthesis of adrenaline, and yohimbine
cheer up

Returning to the beginning of the article – you will lose weight, because you will start
тратить гораздо больше <>энергии. Increased calorie consumption
– this is exactly how Lipo 6 works.

Lipo 6 side effects – doctors reviews

Lipo 6 is a strong fat burner, so even with proper administration
in the first days, people notice dizziness and pressure drops.
Synephrine along with caffeine will make you hyper excited, you will be
сложно усидеть на place Yohimbine affects blood sugar levels
and pressure. is heо может подняться до высокой отметки, от чего вы
you will feel apathy, shaking hands, trembling. And all this on background
rapid heartbeat due to stimulants such as caffeine.

Everyone reacts differently to Lipo 6. Most in the early days
The reception will be uncomfortable. Therefore, we recommend to start taking supplements
with half the indicated dosage. Three days later, you can gradually
increase the dose to normal. Such a smooth entry into the mode
insure you against side effects.

When you exceed the dose – you will get a whole bunch of negative
effects ranging from pressure drops to nausea with

Fat Burner Lipo 6 – how to take

Take supplement every day. The first capsule in the morning, the following
two after dinner in 3-5 hours. In the days of training the second portion
Capsules must be taken immediately before exercise.

If your weight exceeds 55 kg, increase the dosage. In the morning – 2, and
after lunch – 3 (before training). Do not take Lipo 6 less than
4 hours before sleep, otherwise it will be difficult to sleep because of
caffeine and other stimulants.

Drink Lipo 6 need cycles of 2 weeks. The fact is that after 14
Intake days, the effectiveness of the supplement will decrease. Body simply
will get used to the active ingredients.

At this point, you need to refuse to take 7 days to
organism lost the habit. Then start taking the supplement again. Body will react
on her like for the first time.

Will Lipo 6 help you lose weight?

Any fat burner, even banned, will not give long term
slimming effect. Reducing fat mass is a diet with nutrition.
If you continue to eat high-calorie food – no additives
help you lose weight, because energy can not fade magically
in a way. It was you and I who went to school in physics lessons. Section –
mass conservation law.

At the same time, if you are calorie deficient, exercise,
and have a good rest, additionally take a fat burner Lipo 6
for weight loss does not hurt. Provided that you are healthy
a heart.

However, the main factor in weight loss is balance control.
calories (getting less than spending). Lipo 6 – like all the others
Supplements only assistant. It does not start fat burning for you.

Who is Lipo 6 for?

Lipo 6 is a strong thermogenic. Target audience – experienced
athletes, girls from a fitness bikini and those who are already following a diet.
Consider special cases:

– You weighed 100 kg and dropped to 80 kg. The lower the weight, the
less progress in losing weight. To not come to a dead end you use
Lipo 6;

– You are preparing for a fitness bikini or beach competition
season. You have a moderately low percentage of fat (from 15 to 20%). Simple
Diet and exercise do not help get rid of the most problematic areas.
Lipo 6 can help by increasing power consumption;

– You are tired of training, you can not concentrate, but
lack of progress reduces motivation. Push forward can be
Lipo 6.

If you have not learned to control the balance of calories in your diet or
train, then think about taking Lipo 6 and others
fat burners early.

What is the difference between different types of Lipo 6

Разные виды Lipo 6

Lipo-6 STIM-FREE – нет синефрина, йохимбина и кофеина,
as a result, the additive does not stimulate the CNS, and does not cause
excited state. Carnitine and guggulsterones are basic
Components. Supplement suitable for those who do not like stimulating

Lipo 6 Stim Free

Lipo 6 Rx – подходит для тех, кто мало двигается и даже
does not train. Caffeine is only a stimulant. Dmae facilitates
following a diet;

Lipo 6 RX

Lipo-6 CLA – не имеет ничего общего со своими аналогами.
A set of conjugated linoleic acid, which accelerates
fat loss due to effects on body fat metabolism. Can
buy together with the main “Lipo”;

Lipo6 CLA Lipo-6 Carnitine – чистый карнитин в
L-form. Not tartar or hydrochloride. There is nothing more in the composition.
The name is chosen from marketing motives. Buy for
workouts, namely for tonus and increased stamina;

Lipo 6 Carnitine Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate
the classic version with double dosage of yohimbine, synephrine and
yohimbina Suitable for men and professional athletes;

Lipo Black Ultra Concentrate

Lipo-6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate – женский вариант
the above supplement. There are no guggulstersons, as many
women have problems with the thyroid gland, and interference with her
work is undesirable. Reduced dosage of stimulants, in particular

Lipo-6X – первая версия жиросжигателя. Contains all
list of major components in moderation. Fits
to all;

Lipo 6 Hers – версия 6x без гуггулстеронов;

Lipo 6 Black – not available. Replaced by Lipo-6 Black Ultra

Lipo 6 Unlimited – not available. In the composition were twofold
dosages of all components.

How is Lipo 6 different from other fat burners?

A set of potent components. It is also important to note
liquid capsules that promote rapid absorption and
full manifestation of all effects.

For people with cardiovascular diseases and beginners, supplementation is not
fits, and this distinguishes Lipo 6 from many universal
light fat burners.


People pay too much attention to the choice of fat burners,
forgetting about the main factors of weight loss. Actually, whatever
Supplements you have not used, with an excess calorie diet lose weight
You do not will be

Imagine that excess fat mass is a monetary condition.
When you get more money every day than you spend, your
condition grows, right? The same with calories. Each
an additional hundred kilocalories is deposited in your

To make a difference, it’s enough just to spend more than you do.
get it Lipo 6 and other fat burners make it easier to waste “money”, but
no more. They will not be able to shop and spend money for

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