Wrinkles: care, prevention and smoothing.Proper anti-wrinkle skin care – beautiful you!

ATт, 23 авг 2016 Автор: Ирина Тарусова

At all times, women have sought to look younger and
more attractive, regardless of age. At different times, the criteria
beauty changed. Unchanged remains the desire to have a healthy,
young skin and as soon as possible see the wrinkles on your face.

Wrinkles: care and warning. Skin structure

For a start, remember the school course of anatomy. At the heart of the building
skin distinguish three main layers – the epidermis, dermis, hypodermis.

Эпидермис (надкожица) — верхний слой, с
constantly updated (regenerating) cells. It was he –
�”Mirror”, reflecting the state of our body. Regular
lack of sleep, problems with internal organs, uncomfortable weather
conditions, insufficient amount of vitamins in our diet,
unstable mental state immediately manifest themselves,
projecting problems onto our skin.

Under the epidermis is a dense “pillow” –
. Dermal fibers – collagen and elastin. Together they –
�”Skin frame”. If the formation of derma decreases
New cells and fibers, the skin’s elasticity weakens, leading to
to the appearance of wrinkles. Derma is rich in bound water
which is responsible for the elasticity, smoothness, tension of the skin, and
blood vessels that literally penetrate the dermis, give the skin
pink backlight.

Hypoderm subcutaneous adipose tissue – lower (base)
skin layer.
Its main function is to protect the subcutaneous organs.
from harmful environmental factors, as well as mechanical
damage. In the hypodermis are lymph vessels,
a large number of capillaries, various nerve endings. AT
connective tissue of the hypodermis fat is deposited – “subcutaneous
jars with nourishing cream. The older we get, the
slower skin replenishes fat reserves. It gets drier
wrinkles appear.

Wrinkles: care and accents. Impact factors

There are several factors that adversely affect and
contributing to the appearance of wrinkles.


Statistics show that in most cases, early or
late aging of an organism depends on the genetic code that
parents gave us. But it does not say that you need
relax and calmly watch the changes. Skin wilting
the face and neck begins from 30-35 years and increases to 40-45 years.
Starting in adolescence, it’s very important to learn
anti-wrinkle skin care. Current cosmetics
help, at a younger age, to care for the skin, thereby
prolonging her youth.


AT процессе старения организма, замедляется регенерация клеток и
fat production. From the destruction of collagen and elastin in the cells, the skin
becomes less elastic, loses its ability to retain moisture.
In order to avoid “tightness”, dry skin, “saturate” it
moisturizing and nutrition, the cosmetic industry produces
special creams, emulsions, serums, oils and masks. Below we
We will touch on the topic of proper anti-wrinkle skin care. For
the result from cosmetics was more effective
notice the consistency of the contents of each jar and
tube Begin to apply to the skin lighter, watery
means, ie, serum or emulsion. Next come creams, texture
which are denser, and nutrient-rich, saturated
compounds or oils.

Hormonal background

The work of the sebaceous glands is completely dependent on the level of hormones. Few
testosterone – dry skin, a lot – too oily. Periodically
check your body’s hormones. AT зависимости от
condition of your skin, to avoid excessive dryness, choose
more fatty, nourishing creams.

ATредные привычки

It is no secret that the skin of a smoking woman looks dull, often with
yellowish gray tint. ATсё дело в том, что канцерогены, смолы и
Nicotine is very thin capillaries. Clog them up. Blood not
can freely circulate and supply cells with oxygen.
ATпоследствии сосуды становятся хрупкими и, к сожалению, не
being restored.

Alcohol, on the contrary, expands the walls of blood vessels, contributes to
swelling and dehydration. Skin cells lose precious
moisture, the presence of which makes it young. The only advice
which can be given in this case – do not get carried away, because wrinkles
easier to warn than to deal with them.


Continuing the topic of bad habits, you need to pay attention to
mimicry smoking woman. Lips tightening, narrowed eyes
while letting out smoke – all this acquired mimics will become
cause extra wrinkles.

Various “experiences” and emotions fall on our face sad
imprint. Want to control facial wrinkles? Look in
mirror. Pay attention to which muscles work during
different emotions. Learn to relax the right areas of the face to
give wrinkles no chance.

Deficiency of nutrients

Excess or lack of vitamins, minerals, micro and
macronutrient reflected on our face is not the best in a way.
Regularly monitor your diet. Nourish your diet

Environment: weather conditions and microclimate

Our skin is regularly exposed. ATетер и
frost add to the skin dryness. The sun contributes to the destruction
elastic fibers serving as a skin frame. Scientists long ago
Three types of UV rays have been studied and proven (A, B, C –
rays). Penetrating deep into the layers of the skin, they cause irreparable harm
your beauty and health. This can also be attributed to artificial
a tan. The abuse of “sunbathing” leads to burns,
excessive pigmentation, freckles and early aging of the skin.
Playing sports, walking, protect
open areas of the body. For the cold season, choose tight
by texture creams. Do not neglect products containing protection.
from ultraviolet radiation.

Calculate the duration of protection is easy. On each package
the degree is indicated in numbers (5, 10, 25, 50, etc.). For example:
ten minutes under the open sun
get sunburns. These 10 minutes you multiply by a digit
written on a tube of cream (lotion), and get “protected”

Heating of the dwelling during the cold season, air conditioning cooling
in the heat – factors that increase the appearance of wrinkles. ATсегда помните о
proper skin care against wrinkles even when you are not
going to go out during the day.

Wrinkles: care – daily phased procedures

There are basic, selected by cosmetologists, skin types –
normal, oily, combined, dry. Regardless of the type of care
must be phased. The fatter the skin, the later it appears
wrinkles, therefore, women with oily and combination skin can
slightly envy – they need less effort to
look younger.


Removal of dust, residues of cosmetics, products from the skin surface
work sebaceous glands. Cleansing creams, light lotions, wipes,
soaked in a special makeup remover – all this
Variety – your faithful helpers in the morning and in the evening!

ATажно: если на тюбике с очищающим средством
the application areas (eyes, face) are not indicated, which means that it is intended
only for the skin of the face. Eye make-up removal is best done with lungs.
emulsions or solutions.

Exfoliate. Update

We focus on this important care procedure. Look at
little babies. Their skin is always fresh and healthy. ATсё потому, что в
at a young age, cell regeneration is much faster.
Given this fact, we will begin to turn back the clock. So!

The exfoliation step involves the use of special
Scrub creams with a light abrasive or with a unique formula
gently dissolving the dead layer of invisible cells that lie on
the surface of the epidermis. Also for this procedure, suitable masks. AT
their names must contain the words “Exfoliating”,
�”Renewing”, “For regeneration”, etc. While “spent”
dead cells are not removed, – new ones cannot appear.

ATажно: во время солнечных деньков,
exfoliation (update), best done in the evening (before
sleep). This will help avoid unwanted pigmentation.
stains. ATо все остальные дни можно «порадовать» себя и утром. This
the procedure is carried out, not more than two, three times a week for fat,
combination and one (maximum two) for normal, dry skin. WITH
at intervals of one, three days, depending on the exfoliating
product. When applying means excluded areas around the eyes and
lips These areas require care with an emphasis on their


Daily procedure for removal of residues cleansing,
exfoliating means from the face. Held in the morning and
in the evening. WITHтимулирует быструю циркуляцию крови в сосудах. Strengthens
their. Prepares for the application of the final stage.

ATажно: кожа век и губ после демакияжа не
requires additional toning.

Moisturizing. Nutrition. Protection

It is believed that in winter the skin lacks nutrition, and in summer
moisturizing. We can say that these needs are individual.
WITHмотрите по своим ощущениям. Be sure to use the necessary
средства утром и in the evening.

ATажный пункт — защита. In the morning, going out
sun, do not forget to “protect” from the harmful effects. Highly
often modern tonal creams (makeup bases) contain

Wrinkles: care and massage lines

AT завершение — правильность нанесения всех косметических
means. Knowing that the creams are applied along the massage lines, it is important
determine their direction. ATсе они ведут от центра лица к его краю.
On the nose – down. Chin and neck, with massage and application
cosmetics, require upward movements, thereby not giving
skin sagging and get additional wrinkles.

ATажный секрет: лицо у женщины заканчивается
under the breast!

И помните: заметили у себя морщины? care,
good mood and great desire will help you stay long
young and beautiful!

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