Will green coffee help Tropicana slim?

So, we are promised a quick and easy weight loss using green
coffee telling about the miraculous properties contained in it
chlorogenic acid.

Is it possible to lose weight with the help of green coffee, and what
Our Russian dietary supplement Tropicana Slim is different from foreign
jars that say Green Coffee? Now we will understand.

Зеленый кофе Тропикана слим

It all began in 2012, when scientists found out that
chlorogenic acid (CGC), which is in high concentrations
contained in unroasted coffee beans, able to stimulate
fat splitting.

Since the problem of overweight is one of the most pressing in
modern society, manufacturers of dietary supplements around the world have begun
release slimming products containing green extract

Now, chlorogenic acid supplements are actively sold in
Europe, Asian countries and, of course, in the USA. Not behind and
Russia’s largest manufacturer of dietary supplements – Evalar, which
launched the product Tropicana Slim – a domestic drug
based on green coffee bean extract.

So: the active ingredient Tropicans Slim is an extract
green coffee containing, as the manufacturer assures us, 50%
chlorogenic acid. To understand what is the essence of the magic
the effect of the CHC, let’s take a little excursion into
human physiology.


How it works

Daily to maintain vital functions and perform any
activities we need energy. We get it from food and
measured by calories.

We need energy every second, but we cannot eat in the mode
non-stop. Therefore, nature has foreseen the creation of energy
glycogen and fat stores.

The first energy depot – liver glycogen – is consumed
body first. With intense physical exertion
(for example, during exercise) the supply of glycogen in a healthy, non-healthy
a calorie-deficient person spends about 30
minutes Next comes the second energy depot, the subcutaneous one.

The dramatic feature of the energy storage process in our
the body is that the stockpiling of glycogen is limited
(this is a kind of mobile reserve for short-term tasks), and
fat storage is almost limitless.

The effect of chlorogenic acid is to block the breakdown
glycogen liver. Those. CGC turns fat into first available
source of energy. Simply put, our fat under the action
chlorogenic acid will begin to thaw from the first minute of the workout, and
not half an hour after its start.

The effect of ChGC on the body is not limited to blocking.
glycogen breakdown. It also resists the destruction of our cells.
of the body, helps lower blood sugar, prevents
blood clots and reduces the risk of diabetes,
diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Correct dosage

Recent studies have shown that in very large doses of HGC
causes irreparable harm: disrupts the metabolism and causes
severe obesity with excessive deposition of visceral fat (fat,
which is not under the skin, but in the abdominal cavity, around the loop

Studies were conducted on mice, and the above described negative
the effect of CGC was achieved if the mouse received an average daily
дозу хлорогеновой кислоты, эквивалентную 5 чашкам coffee.

Of course, it is difficult to extrapolate the results obtained from mice
per person. However, most scholars agree
that the maximum permissible daily dose of HGC is 600-800 mg. Reception
Tropicans slim, in particular, suggests getting only 200 mg
chlorogenic acid per day (2 tablets containing 100 mg of CHGC).
American manufacturers of dietary supplements recommend more “bold” doses,
close to the maximum allowable.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that the HGH itself
does not break down fat, it just does not allow glycogen to break down. BUT
we must start the process of fat burning, creating a deficit
energy when the amount of calories consumed is greater than
consumed with food.

Therefore, the reception Tropicana slim, not supported by diet and / or
exercise, does not make sense. Alas, miracles are not
it happens.

Side effects

During the reception, not very pleasant side effects are possible:
people with high acidity of the stomach – discomfort and pain in
stomach; sometimes a laxative is noted when taking the drug

Reception БBUTДа противопоказан беременным и кормящим матерям. Also
It should be noted that they take Tropicana in the morning.
Otherwise, insomnia is possible, because green coffee is like
black contains caffeine.

Of the minuses can be noted the large size of the tablets and their
pronounced bitter taste.

What is the difference Tropicans from drinks and capsules

The fundamental difference between Tropicana and ground green coffee
various drinks based on it – in the concentration of chlorogenic

The tablets consist of an extract (extract), in which the concentration
the substance we need is many times higher than the raw material with a hammer. To
get a dosage of 100 mg of chlorogenic acid, you need
take 1 tablet Tropicana BUT чтобы получить ту же дозировку из
ground green coffee, have to drink a few cups.

The trick is that by themselves green coffee beans
contain only 10% chlorogenic acid, and their extract is obtained
mainly from the upper shell, where the concentration of CHC reaches
50%. Therefore, for example, athletes use exclusively
preformed tablets with a known standardized content.
экстракта, а не молотый зеленый coffee.

Основное отличие Тропиканы от иностранных БBUTДов на основе
Green coffee extract is the recommended dose of CGC.
Evalar offers dosages 2-4 times lower than foreign ones.

And finally, the main question: “drink or not drink” Tropicana slim?
Surely, you can only say one thing: it does not make sense to take
Tropicana, if you have not created a shortage of calories in the body. Create
its easiest low-calorie diet in combination with classes
fitness BUT усилить этот эффект можно экстрактом зеленого coffee.

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