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Excessive sweating of the head is called
hyperhidrosis. Sweat literally floods not just the hairy part.
heads, but the whole face.

The state is extremely unpleasant both for the sufferer himself and for

The result is poor health, problems at work and in
family, psychological problems. Why does the face and head sweat and what
to do with pathology? We understand the problem.

Why the face and head sweat: physiological reasons

Doctors divide hyperhidrosis into two types:

1.•первичный, когда повышенная потливость
is an individual feature of the human body and
inherent in him from childhood;

2.•вторичный, развивающийся как один из
symptoms of some kind of disease.

With primary hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating gradually
growing, and by the age of 14 or 21, it manifests itself to the maximum.

The reasons why you sweat your face are so different that you understand
they can only be a doctor. In most cases, increased
sweating is related to physiology and is not a manifestation of dangerous
for the health of the disease.

Here are the most common causes of increased

• very high temperature and humidity of the environment;

• large physical load;

• use of alcoholic beverages;

• spicy dishes and drinks;

• hats and clothes made of synthetics that do not let through

Any of these causes are not directly related to the person, her
can be eliminated, at the same time getting rid of sweating.

However, there are other physiological causes of hyperhidrosis,
related to the peculiarities of the autonomic nervous system specific
person As a rule, violations in her work are related to
hormonal changes and manifest themselves:

1. • in adolescence;

2. • during pregnancy;

3. • upon the onset of menopause.

Hormones in the human body play the role of regulators of many
physiological processes. Including they affect thermoregulation
organism. Therefore, any disruptions are manifested by increased sweating.
in the head, face, body. In any case, when
physiological manifestations of hyperhidrosis do not worry:
symptoms unpleasant, but nothing terrible with a person
going on. However, there are other pathological causes. Why
sweating face and head, can only determine a narrow specialist.

Pathological causes of sweating of the face and head

How to understand that excessive sweating is clearly pathological
характера и пора handle к врачу? Analyze your
state. If it does not depend on the weather, nor on the clothes, nor on
food is not associated with special hormonally significant periods of life,
it appeared suddenly, which means that there is a reason for going to the doctor. AND
the sooner you get a qualified answer to the question why
much sweating face and head, the better.

Which doctor to contact? First of all to the therapist. Comparing
hyperhidrosis with other symptoms, it will determine the possible cause and
will direct you to a specialist: a neurologist, a gynecologist,
endocrinologist and others. Diagnostic measures will be assigned,
to confirm or exclude the initial diagnosis and prescribe
adequate treatment.

Here are possible reasons why your face is sweating:

• endocrine system malfunction;

• violation of metabolic processes;

• thyroid disease (hypothyroidism or

• high blood pressure;

• herpes zoster;

• diabetes;

• obesity;

• stroke;

• disease of the central nervous system;

• pathology of the salivary glands;

• oncological disease;

• acute bacterial or viral infections, including
brucellosis, tuberculosis;

Severe sweating of the head is not at all harmless. AND чем скорее
начато лечение, тем быстрее удастся стравиться с hyperhidrosis.

What to do if your face and head sweat a lot

To eliminate dangerous diseases, you need as soon as possible.
seek medical advice.

Diagnostic measures

If the causes of excessive sweating are related to the disease, the doctor
after a visual inspection will appoint a comprehensive survey:

• blood test (total, sugar, thyroid hormones

• Analysis of urine;

• УЗAND щитовидной железы;

• x-ray of the sternum;

• MRI, CT – if necessary.

A full examination may not be necessary. It all depends on
состояния person Analyzes may be good, and in this
If the doctor does not prescribe treatment. He will explain why
the face and head are sweating heavily from you, will give recommendations on
removal of unpleasant symptoms.

General recommendations

In primary hyperhidrosis, when no health hazards
No, he will advise the physiological methods of normalizing the state.
As a rule, a person himself can determine why a person is sweating.
What to do in these cases:

• normalize the daily routine, do not go to bed later than 11.00, do not sleep
less than 8 hours per day;

• abandon harmful food and tough diets, go to
proper balanced nutrition;

• move more, increase physical activity;

• care for skin heads rinsing her with broths of healing
drying herbs;

• wash with cold water;

• wash your hair more often;

• to rub face with cooled green tea, water from
a solution of lemon, natural apple cider vinegar.

If a doctor prescribes drugs, take them
sit rigorously. It may be sedative, that is
sedatives, hormonal pills,

Drug treatment

There are special pills that remove sweating very quickly.
For example, blottoyr sweat glands glycopyrrolate, oxybutynin, etc.
However, on their own, without prescription, take these
drugs can not. They have side effects associated with direct
risk to health and even life. It is important to choose the right one
dose, and only a doctor can do it.

In some cases, shown to receive vitamin complexes with a combination of
group B vitamins. They improve metabolic processes in
body, which has a positive effect on sweating as well.
Only a doctor can decide whether to take it.
of vitamins.

Additionally, foods rich can be included in the diet.
vitamin B. These are nuts, wheat germ, liver, bran, buckwheat,
egg yolk, greens, fish, cottage cheese, cheese, legumes, meat, etc.

Other methods of treating hyperhidrosis

Medicine can answer the question of why a person is sweating and
голова person If hyperhidrosis is a concomitant symptom,
then the treatment will be directed to the identified primary
disease. If the problem is caused by individual features.
and is not associated with a serious illness, there are ways to influence the state
human, remove the sharpness of hyperhidrosis.


Most effective against excessive sweating of the head.
iontophoresis. The essence of the procedure is to act weak electroplating.
current to the problem area of ​​the body. As a result of the impact of the function
sweat glands are broken, their secretion decreases. Besides,
there is a blockage of the sweat ducts due to the death of skin cells.
The method is quite effective, but may not work because
individual features.

ANDнъекции ботулотоксина

Botox or Diasport to combat hyperhidrosis is applied in
if no other methods worked. A drug
injected subcutaneously into the scalp, blocking the nerve
impulses for secretion of sweat glands. It is very important that the procedure
conducted by an experienced doctor.

After the introduction of drugs pathological sweating
stops or decreases significantly. However, not forever.
Botulinum toxin will have to work periodically, as over time
the effect of the injection weakens. As a rule, repeat the procedure
need every 6-8 months.

Psychotherapy sessions

A psychotherapist can help deal with anxiety,
fear arising on the background of excessive secretion of sweat glands.
ANDспользуются разные методики, в том числе гипноз, аутотренинг.

In some cases, psychotherapy helps reduce symptoms, in others
turns out to be useless. The doctor may include in the treatment plan
sedative drugs, tranquilizers.
The task is to stabilize the emotional state of the patient and
restore normal functioning of his nervous system.


The doctor and the patient decide on surgical treatment methods.
extreme cases where another way for organizing normal
there is simply no human life. Simpaectomy is a surgical procedure.
the intersection of the nerves responsible for the regulation of perspiration
or other part of the body. The effectiveness of this method is high, since
the nerve is either completely cut or clamped and stops
perform its function. Accordingly, the release of fluid from the pores
is terminated.

However, in case of hyperhidrosis of the head and face, such exposure
undesirable. The fact is that the facial can be damaged
musculature, and this is a completely different problem. On the other hand,
With a successful operation, the quality of a person’s life changes completely.
Here we have to make a choice between possible complications and
almost complete cure.

Traditional methods of treating sweating

Traditional medicine also has the answers to the question of why sweats
face and what to do to get rid of this serious problem.
Medicinal herbs are what healers recommend for reducing
secretion of sweat glands.

The easiest way to remove primary hyperhidrosis is to flush.
hair strong decoction of black or green tea. Tablespoon
dry leaves or 2 tea bags per liter of water – this is the basis for
tea rinse. Tea to boil for 15 minutes. when slow
Boil, then cool and rinse clean hair.

You can prepare rinsing products for the head and face on
based on sage, calendula, birch leaves, cranberries, mountain ash.
Oak bark gives an excellent drying effect. Skin can
wipe infusion several times a day.

Remember that it is better not to engage in self-treatment, if the increased
sweating appeared suddenly and was accompanied by other symptoms.
Consult a doctor, make sure that there is no direct threat to life and
Choose an adequate treatment regimen with your doctor.

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