Whitening mask on age spots inhome conditions. Whitening Mask Recipes for Pigmentspots: with lemon and without

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So you want to have a beautiful, healthy skin without
the slightest flaws. Unfortunately, this is not always possible, because
Acne, peeling, and sometimes
dark spots.

If you provide skin care, you can avoid or
would minimize the appearance of pigmentation. One of the best and
universal ways of dealing with pigment spots are
whitening masks.

What are pigment spots and what are the reasons for their appearance

Пигментное пятно— это гиперпигментация кожного
cover due to uneven distribution of melanin in the skin.
Because of this, in chaotic places the skin is darker than
on the rest of the body. Also, the formation of pigmentation can be
the consequence of pregnancy, manifest during lactation and after
reaching the age of 40 due to hormonal jumps in
the body.

However, before resorting to using bleaching masks
from age spots, it is necessary to identify the cause of their formation, because
порой это может быть причиной серьёзного сбоя в the body.
Also to the causes of pigmentation

• Diseases of the liver, kidneys, alimentary tract and genitals.

• Abnormal thyroid function.

• Lack of folic acid and vitamins of group C.

• Stay in the sun for a long period
of time.

• Irritable body reaction.

Rules for the use of whitening pigment masks

The whitening mask from age spots is universal and
quite a budget way to cope with such a lack of skin.

However, so that this procedure was maximally
effective, it needs to be carried out correctly:

• One of the main rules of an effective whitening result.
masks – systematic procedure: ideally, you need to make a mask
in one day. A full course of face whitening consists of 15 procedures.
Sometimes, it may take up to 20 to achieve an effect.

• Mask application should be carried out only on the cleaned,
scrubbed face when the pores are as open as possible and ready for
external exposure.

• Be sure to avoid the skin under the eyes, as it is especially
tender in the eye area and hard to recover after

• Whitening mask from age spots should be kept on the face not
more than 15-20 minutes, then rinse with purified water.

• Apply the mask to a point, that is, if a speck appears
on the cheek, then apply only to the place of appearance, it is not necessary to put
mask on all face.

• After using the mask, you can wipe your face with an ice cube,
giving a soothing effect to the skin.

Pigment bleaching mask recipes

There are actually many ways you can
справиться с образованием пигментных stains: в борьбе с ними могут
help special whitening creams costly
cosmetic procedures and whitening masks that you
сможете сделать самостоятельно в home conditions. Mask Recipes
simple and very low cost, but their effect can be compared
with expensive cream action.

Whitening mask with mustard

Mustard powder copes with skin whitening.
It is enough to dilute 1/2 tsp with warm water and apply
on the formation of pigment spots. After rinse off with warm water.
Remember that the mask must be kept until it is burning, that is, in
an average of 15-20 minutes. However, there is a correction here: such a mask is not
suitable for those who have an active growth of hair
on the face, as well as dilated capillaries.

Sour cream mask

It is no secret that dairy products have a unique
whitening property. Therefore, sour cream or yogurt (but only
natural, without additives) can not only cope with
pigmentation, but also moisturize the skin, saturating it with vitamins of the group

Strawberry mask

Berries are a source of useful acids that are actively used in
cosmetology purposes: they cope with the elimination of freckles,
age spots and redness, evening out the overall tone of the face. how
option, you just need to wipe the face with strawberries or use
full face mask: a combination of cottage cheese is suitable for dry skin,
lemon juice and strawberries, and for oily skin will be optimal
a combination of ground oatmeal, lemon juice and strawberries.

Yeast Mask

This mask is suitable for owners of oily and normal skin.
You will need 30 grams of baking yeast, which
subsequently need to be diluted with lemon juice to a thick consistency,
adding a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide there.

Lemon mask

Dip the gauze in lemon juice, attaching to the place of education.
stains. Lemon juice will not only help whiten the skin, but also give
her tone and freshness due to the action of ascorbic acid.

Whitening mask against age spots using

Вам необходимо залить 1 столовую ложку цветков dandelion
boiled water (100ml). Before applying, the mask must
insist on a water bath for 10 minutes. After 20 minutes after
applying a mask, wash it off with cool water

Parsley mask

For the preparation of this mask, parsley must be finely
chop, and then pour a glass of boiling water, giving her at the same time
to brew. The resulting solution must be filtered and cooled to
room temperature. You can apply a mask with gauze,
wetting it in the resulting broth. After the procedure, wash your face clean,
cool water.

Whitening mask from age spots using

It is necessary to take cabbage leaves (cabbage should be
white). The leaves are better to take those that are closer to
cobweb The leaves should be finely chopped, mixed with cream
oil Оптимальная пропорция cabbage и масла 1:1, добавив немного
boiled water. After applying the mask you need to wash it off.
cool water.

White Clay Mask

It has long been known about the beneficial properties of clay, but white clay
helps not only to cope with redness, skin irritation and
прыщиками, но также отлично убирает dark spots. Exactly
so most professional whitening masks from
pigment spots are made on the basis of clay, taking it as the main
component. You can make this mask at home by getting
maximum effect and benefit from the use of such a mask. Mix 20
grams of white clay with 100 ml of boiled water, adding a few
drops of lemon juice or chamomile solution. The resulting mixture
apply on problem areas of skin and after 20 minutes wash off with warm

Cucumber Mask

Grate a fresh cucumber on a fine grater until mushy
consistency. The resulting “porridge” must be wrapped in a gauze
tissue, putting the so-called compress on the problem area of ​​the skin.
After 10 minutes, the contents of the gauze must be replaced by filling the new
a portion of grated cucumber. This mask can be done every day in
during the ten-day period.

Whitening mask with pepper

You will need a green bell pepper, previously
grated on a fine grater. Attention, for dry skin you can
mix it with cottage cheese, and for fat, it is recommended to use
ground oatmeal flakes. Such useful components as: zinc,
vitamins of group C and iron will help not only to get rid of
annoying pigment manifestation, but also give the skin a tone
and freshness.

Beer mask for skin whitening

You will need 1/3 cup of beer, pre-mixed with
egg yolk and grated cucumber on a fine grater. Resulting
apply a liquid consistency to the face for 15 minutes, covering the face
gauze bandage. After the procedure, rinse your face with cool

Currant Mask

Attention, here you will need the unripe fruits of the currant,
which you need to crush with a spoon. Mix the resulting texture with
1 teaspoon honey. The mask must be washed off with lemon water.
additional skin toning.

Linden flower mask

Must take 1 teaspoon of linden flowers, mixed with a glass
boiling water. The resulting decoction should be infused for 10 minutes on
water bath. Before applying the mask (it should be room
temperature) be sure to rub the skin with lemon juice. After
процедуры ополосните лицо теплой water

Try to monitor your skin, providing it with proper care and
then she will repay you beauty and youth.

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