What to wear with a gray skirt: photo fashioncombinations

Spring is a time of renewal. No wonder every woman with
the onset of the long-awaited heat I want to be reborn and

Every year fashion is becoming more feminine. Pushed out
sports jackets and pants, giving way to elegant coats, dresses
and skirts. So, do not do without upgrades.

In the fashion collections of the spring-summer season is dominated by bright colors and
abundance of floral prints. And since not every woman is ready
change dramatically in one day, the best choice for the off season
there will be soft clothes of beige, blue or gray color.

For example, buy a gray skirt.


Gray is the perfect backdrop for a stylish look.

Buying a gray skirt will not create problems with what to wear a gray skirt.
Gray color is absolutely undeservedly considered impersonal. He is perfect
combines with a whole gamut of both pastel and contrasting
colors. And can be the perfect backdrop for a picture of stylish and
unique image.

  • Gray is effectively combined with especially fashionable red this year.
    color. Red turtleneck or blouse, shoes, gloves or just
    scarf. Such a woman would be difficult to call gray
  • It looks very unusual combination of gray with all
    shades of beige. This combination is gradually replacing
    podnadoevshie duets gray with pink and lilac.
  • This spring remain relevant combinations of clothes of the same color.
    different shades and layering. Gray skirt for such an ensemble
    fits perfectly: skirt, tights, golf with long
    sleeves, over a jacket and a scarf. Gray has thousands of shades.
    The main thing is not to overdo it. Shades should not be more

Gray is more feminine and tender. He is much better
combined with all the colors and accessories, without exception, than
radical black, dark blue, brown.

What style to choose if …

What to wear with a gray skirt depends on the style of the skirt, and the style – on
features of the figure.

  • Women with wide hips should choose flared
    models without decorative elements in the hips. Top of it
    The case should be original. Not tight top or cardigan, but
    elegant women’s shirt or silk blouse.
  • Short legs visually lengthen the skirt with a high waist,
    which is combined with a slinky top (turtleneck, top) or
    laconic blouse. Knee length skirts and lower with
    high waisted look great with short-fitting
  • Maxi skirt is suitable for tall women with an emphasis on the waist in the form
    wide belt.

Everyone, without exception, can advise the main trend of the season – skirt
midi in the style of the 70s. Actual length to mid-calf gets on well with
any feet. The skirt can be fluffy or straight, flowing
fabric or wool. It is best to supplement it with a top and blouse, which
refuel inside or rush on release. Knitwear is also suitable.

Owners of ideal legs – A-line skirt – the most
current model of the season among short skirts. In this case
the question of what to wear a gray skirt will not arise. Everything fits: tops,
blouses, thin jumpers, jackets and cardigans. All attention all
still be chained to the feet.

Skirts with original decor in the form of bows, flounces, embroideries and
It is better not to overload applications with complex additions. Gold
style rule – everything is good in moderation. The original must be one of
elements of the ensemble.


Gray savings

I am glad that you can wear most of the clothes with a gray skirt,
which is already in the wardrobe. This will allow you to buy new things.
meaningfully, without haste, gradually complementing the ensemble with fashionable and
high-quality things and accessories.

No need to change the entire wardrobe at the same time
It releases a lot of money that can be spent not only on
clothes, but also on positive emotions and vivid memories.

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