What to wear with a gray dress: we select tights,shoes, costume jewelry

Gray color in clothes today can hardly seem to someone
too boring and uninteresting. Being at the peak of fashion and being
under the closest attention of designers and stylists, he began to play,
again demonstrating to his fans surprisingly rich
range of shades – from the color of wet asphalt and ashy to
pearl, pearl and platinum.

While remaining a classic neutral color, it leaves a wide
room for imagination and provides the richest choice of combinations in
depending on your preferences: from the classic combination
neutral black, white and gray colors, up to combinations of gray with
bright and rich shades of cold and muted – warm
color range.

Now this amazing color is no longer associated exclusively.
dressed in a formal suit business woman or quiet inconspicuous woman
– mouse. Putting on exquisite noble steel dress or
pearl gray, correctly picked up shoes, accessories and
makeup any woman looks stylish and elegant. It all depends on
her taste, sense of proportion and ability to combine.

С чем одеть серое платье? Колготки, туфли и бижутерия к серому платью

Solve the problem of choice and decide on what to wear a gray dress,
nowadays at the peak of fashion is not difficult now. Would be a bit
money, time and patience. A huge number of tips
Consultation stylists, and just chatting on thematic forums
always help to decide how to design a dress, if you are still
just think about your future outfit, and with all additions
to him, from shoes, handbags and tights to hair and makeup.

With all the elegance and sophistication gray color is very
democratic and fit almost any woman, regardless
on age, complexion and skin tone. A wealth of combinations
its use is determined by its neutrality and
ability to independently demonstrate their beauty, and
highlight the grace and unusualness of the other elements of the costume,
having a different color solution.

The classic combination of gray and black may seem to someone
a boring, but steel-colored dress with a black insert, trim or
just a big black line monotonous and suggestive boredom already
you will not name. And if under a monophonic dress thin black are worn
stockings or pantyhose, black shoes, thin arms
black gloves and a black clutch bag with a refined decor is taken –
You are ready to go out.

Choosing shoes for a gray dress is not necessary
dwell exclusively on classic models of shoes, although
suede shoes in black, gray, purple or dim red
colors are a win-win. For the warm season
light summer metal boots are also great
inserts, and for cooler days, complete with a gray dress
just above the knee’s length just look stylish gray
suede boots “mouse” color.

Careful selection of add-ons and accessories will help you create
bright and unique image. If you are a fan of the classics and avoid
bright colors, the ideal option would be decorations from
silver or white gold. Beautiful and noble on a gray background
look products made of pearls and natural stone cold range,
such as turquoise or gray pearl. Altogether
The decorations of deep blue color look amazing.

Speaking about the choice of stockings and pantyhose, I would like to note that gray
tights under a gray dress is not the best option, however, if
they have the color of graphite, wet asphalt or sharply fashionable
gray-blue color – you can safely combine them with a gray dress.
The basic rule when choosing this toilet item is that the color
tights should be matched to the color of the shoe. An exception
make up, perhaps, only red or cherry shoes. In this case
the color of the stockings is matched to the main suit, and the costume jewelry to gray
Dress and bag should be chosen to match shoes.

Option: gray dress, matching
tights, coral shoes, clutch bag plus coral beads
suitable shade. You can add any more costume
an item to match a shoe (such as, for example, a thin red
a turtleneck or blouse under a gray sundress). It is only important not
go overboard and avoid excessive variegation of aging in a single
colors of the dress.

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