What to wear with a black dress: create a stylishform

Coco Chanel’s ingenious invention – a small black dress and
now, 80 years after its appearance, is
universal and necessary element of modern wardrobe
women. It is so democratic that its acquisition can
afford almost any woman regardless of her
financial position and so universal that pick yourself
suitable option can be any, regardless of age and
features physique. And to this day this dress remains
a symbol of elegance, sophistication and glamor, remaining at
This practical, modern and stylish piece of clothing.

Classic little black dress is a type
cocktail dress or evening dress up to the knee or
slightly lower (as recommended by Madame Chanel). It is sewn from
black material. Its versatility makes it
The dress is appropriate both at a business meeting, and at a theater, and at
grand reception or party. It all depends on what
wear a black dress, that is, the only difference is
used in either case of additional items
wardrobe, jewelry and accessories.

Wearing a strict jacket and low-heeled shoes you immediately
get a business look and can go to work in the office, and
changing the jacket in the evening on the stole, boa or fur collar, wearing
studs, adding a brooch or string of pearls and picking up a glamorous
handbag with exquisite and rich decor – you will be quite ready
for the publication.

A black dress can exist in different styles and looks,
without changing its essence: it can be a sheath dress,
usual strict mini, dress with a high waist or made in
the form of a shirt or a tunic. Wear such a dress and look in it
elegantly can a woman with almost any figure is important
choose the right model and take into account the rules of wearing such
iconic garment.

How to choose a black dress and accessories to it?

It is hardly worth buying a dress, focusing mainly on
recent fashion trends, more attention should be paid
to carefully select the style that suits you personally, and with the help
accessories you will always get a huge variety of combinations
allowing you to look different.

Rule number one – choose a dress of impeccable cut. Even
Sewn from inexpensive fabric – it can work wonders.
If you are going to go out into the light, think carefully about what you will wear
the dress. Pick up to him elegant shoes – studs or
lacquered “boats”. Do not forget that the classic version
implies black stockings or pantyhose and black, always with
closed toe shoes. If you want to achieve maximum effect
– choose red shoes, while the rest is your outfit
should be resolved exclusively in black.

Very impressive and unexpected with this dress look colored
tights or leggings, but wearing them is recommended only for women
with impeccably slender legs.

What of the jewelry is best suited for this option
dresses? Choosing accessories for a black dress, do not get carried away and not
перегружайте свой form обилием ярких, пусть даже и дорогостоящих
decorations and additions, as it may look tasteless.
One noticeable decoration will be quite enough. In classic
This can be a string of pearls or a brooch with a white flower
camellias. Along with classic pearls it is very interesting and elegant.
on a black background look products from natural stones, such as
moonstone, agate or turquoise, and also made of crystals or
Murano glass.

Very effectively against the background of a black dress look different
supplements in a contrasting white color, for example: a bag, a scarf,
belt and glasses. A fitted short white jacket will give your
alongside an elegant and finished look.

Finally, summarize the classic version of the costume based on
little black dress: pearls on the neck, small stud earrings
in ears, thin black tights, closed “boats” or stilettos and
A small clutch bag of contrast or black color in the hands.
Fitted jacket with a rich or contrasting white color
will complement the classic version of wearing a black dress.

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