What to wear turquoise dress?

By itself, the turquoise color is very bright, it is always and everywhere.
attracts the attention of others.  Therefore it is not surprising that
girls often wonder – what to wear turquoise dress?
To answer it, you need to think over all the details of the upcoming
from lipstick to bracelets …

Plus the color of turquoise is that it suits literally everyone, and
dark-skinned women and blondes and girls with slightly yellowish

Immediately it should be noted that the dress does not leave turquoise color
no chance for other bright colors so that you decide
for him to wear it should be in pastel or
dark muted tones. And of course the black color (our
magic wand) is suitable for a turquoise dress.

So, let’s review several options for a turquoise dress.

  • – Turquoise dress with turquoise shoes. This is “super festive
    option. ” Best of all, such a set looks great
    events like weddings or birthday celebrations
    respectable restaurant (for a friendly party, it is not suitable).
    To this set pick up a handbag of gold color, and also
    accessories in dark gold with turquoise splashes.
  • – Turquoise dress with white shoes (romantic version).
    Здесь уместны  бирюзовые серьги (можно недорогие клипсы с
    turquoise red core), medium white feminine handbag
    sizes, wide white metal bracelet with turquoise and white
    enamel, as well as white nail polish.
  • – Turquoise dress with black shoes suggests the presence of
    black handbag. If the belt fits the dress, then let it be
    black color. Successfully combined with this costume earrings or clips,
    in which there are both colors (and black and turquoise), but you can
    so that they are pure black or pure turquoise.
  • – A turquoise dress with silver shoes will fit
    �Silver handbag. Rings, bracelet (s), chains should also be
    silver or in any case imitate silver. Available
    option with white gold.

  • – Turquoise dress with beige shoes. To this along
    идут  крупные украшения из тёмного золота с бирюзовыми
    inlays. If you pick them suitable wide belt bronze
    handbag colors, sustained in warm skin tones – will be very
  • Now a few words about what to look for,
    when are you going to wear a turquoise dress:
  • – when picking up gold jewelery, try not to
    bright yellow and bronze in color. It is possible that it will be one
    wide bracelet or a few thin hoops on the hand, not
    important, the main color. A few thin golds look good.
    chains of different lengths around the neck. If the dress is “girdled”
    wide belt, the best option is one large chain
    mating with the same large pendant. Ideally – pendant with turquoise.
  • – delicate turquoise necklace and earrings with exactly the same pebbles
    Go to a turquoise dress.
  • – a necklace with opal and a handbag in the color of the stone is a good complement
    to turquoise dress.

Makeup under the turquoise dress

As for cosmetics, then moderation is required.
Of course, some “shine” is not forbidden, but the main thing “is not

  • So, you need “silver” and just say gray
    Eyeliner. Make your eyeliner very close to your eyelashes and
    try to make it thin. Ink is brown. Shadows again
    same silver color. Do not be surprised that we are sharpening all the time.
    focus on the gray (silver) shade. The fact is that gray
    makes a certain balance in appearance when it comes to such a bold
    outfit like a turquoise dress.
  • Blush appropriate, but they should be a little bit.
  • Lipstick only and exclusively pale pink color. Not
    hot pink or dark pink, etc., namely pale pink.
  • By the way, the eye contour may be black, but in this case
    a delicate thin line is permissible, but not a fat supply. To black
    contour fit barely noticeable turquoise shadows with white or beige
    shades in the inner edge of the century.

That’s all you need to know for those who are going to wear turquoise
the dress.

С чем одеть бирюзовое платье?

С чем одеть бирюзовое платье?

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