What to wear for the new year 2019 – 5 fashion dresses,that will bring good luck for the whole year

Along for meeting the New Year women pay special attention,
no matter where in what format the party will be held.
Even in the family circle that night you want to look gorgeous. Choosing
clothes, many are guided by the animal symbol of the year. Upcoming
2019 according to the eastern calendar – the year of Yellow Earth
Pigs Astrologers attribute her kind, calm and thoughtful
character, at the same time, she appreciates beauty and luxury. What to wear for
celebrations so that luck will accompany you all 12 months?
We offer 5 fashionable images from the collections of autumn-winter 2018/2019.

Tips to help you choose a new year’s outfit

Eastern foretellers called colors that are necessarily
will attract good luck in 2019, it is: yellow, brown (the color of the earth),
gray, black and gold (symbol of wealth).

To make New Year’s Eve look amazing when choosing
Attire must take into account not only the advice of astrologers, but also stylists.
They recommend using a trendy shade of yellow – mustard
Colour. This exotic, rich tone will add a New Year’s look.
more chic.

  • Неплохой альтернативой желтого выступит золотой Colour. Bright,
    A chic golden outfit will make a woman a star in the evening.
  • New clothes will look no less impressive on New Year’s Eve
    orange, red, blue and purple.

Do not go out of their fashion gentle nude shades and become classic
achromatic colors (white, black and gray). But choosing for
This color scheme should still be used as
accents, natural bright shades.

New Year’s image should be chic, but do not get hung up
on the choice of evening dress. For a party, you can pick up trendy
pants, shorts or a stylish jumpsuit.

This year, stylists offer to pay attention to:

  • dresses from translucent fabric;
  • Romantic outfits (with frills, ruffles, ruffles and
    bulk sleeves);
  • blouses and dresses are ultraviolet, red, and all
    shades of red;
  • dresses decorated with sequins;
  • brindle print;
  • draped, asymmetrical and pleated skirts;
  • straight double-breasted blazer dresses;
  • classic little black dress.

Regardless of the chosen outfit, it is important that all the details of the image
were carefully thought out and consistent with the overall style.

And now let’s dwell on the 5 main shades.
the coming year, which astrologers offer us to attract
Good luck, wealth and love.

Yellow dress for New Year’s party

Given the advice of astrologers and recommendations of stylists, the most
the actual outfit for the New Year’s party in 2019 will be yellow
the dress. The most appropriate shade and model every woman can
choose by yourself. This may be a dress with a pea print,
velvet, long, short or with an asymmetrical edge.

  • The classic dress will look beautiful on
    slender girls.
  • A great addition to a yellow dress will be an elegant brown
    brown leather belt or belt. Any accessories of chocolate and
    brown shades will look harmoniously with yellow
    a dress.
  • It is better to pick up amber beads and jewelry from this jewelry.
    Earrings or beads from carnelian. Will look great products from
    platinum inlaid with precious stones. Shoes to yellow
    along the pick is not difficult. It may be brown or
    matched to match dress ankle boots. Will look beautiful
    brown leather or suede boots with openwork elements.

Golden dress

Even the abundance of sparkles and sparkling elements in the New Year’s Eve
looks appropriate. Для вечеринки подойдет золотое мини-the dress.
You can choose a dress completely transparent or with inserts. But need
remember that a dress made of transparent fabric can only allow
self-confident women. If a woman feels not comfortable
in such a dress, it is better to refuse him, regardless of
how fashionable and beautiful he is.

  • At all times, gold was considered a symbol of high status and
    provisions. Clothes decorated with gold, could afford far
    Not all. Therefore, the golden dress and in our time is associated with
    good wealth and noble origin of its owner.
    Correctly adding accessories to a golden dress, you can get
    pretty discreet image.
  • A golden outfit is perfect for brunettes and redheads.
    for women. He successfully emphasizes the beauty of their natural data.
    Red-haired beauties can afford any golden bow
    saturation: from bright to soft golden. But dark-haired
    women prefer to give preference to rich tones. Deep
    Gold color will emphasize the brightness of the image. Burning brunettes are great
    suitable copper and pinkish shades of gold with modulations.
  • Golden New Year’s bow – perfect for girls
    with dark or slightly pinkish skin, chestnut or light brown
  • The golden fabric itself is quite self-sufficient.
    view, so stylists recommend picking out simple outfits
  • To meet new years designers offer a huge selection
    models of dresses. These may be sheath dresses, trapezoid,
    mini-dresses, with an asymmetrical bottom or top, with a smell, flared,
    multi-layered, with a balloon skirt or pleated.

Refined and extravagant will look at a slim female
figure golden dress in the style of “mermaid”.

Brown dress

Brown – the color of coffee and chocolate, in the winter evenings it gives
surrounding feeling of comfort and tranquility. Women who
prefer this color in clothes, balanced and confident.

  • Brown has a rich palette of shades: from light
    beige to dark, almost black. It allows women of different
    color type to choose the most appropriate tone.
  • New year’s look in brown shades will emphasize elegance
    and femininity. Designers offer a variety of styles of dresses,
    that will look beautiful in brown. For example,
    dress with a deep neckline and a fitted mini skirt, models with
    low or high waistline.
  • A win-win for New Year’s party will be
    a short sheath dress in brown tones. Such a model will make
    a more subtle image that will emphasize a sense of style
  • Silk or satin dress without unnecessary elements or
    decorated with ruffles and flounces, will be a real decoration
    New Year’s image.
  • Brown dress давно вошло в молодежную моду. It
    found in many collections of famous designers. So,
    for example, a short dress with a slit or an asymmetrical skirt would be
    appropriate for a club party, and a dress with a skirt-sun add
    an image of playfulness.
  • Large selection of models allows you to look fashionable and elegant in
    New Year’s Eve not only girls with perfect forms, but also
    women with a magnificent figure.

Shoes and accessories for the dress can be picked up in other shades,
Contrasting with brown.

Gray dress

Gray is so versatile that it suits absolutely everyone.
for women. The rich spectrum allows you to choose exactly the shade
which will emphasize female beauty. Light gray in clothes
goes well with pink, blue, white and purple

  • Wearing a gray dress, you can look strict, stylish, elegant,
    romantic, creative. Each time adding different decorations and
    accessories, it turns out to create a different image.
  • Designers of dresses offer dresses for every taste. It may
    быть платье с пышными рукавами, оборками или асимметричного cut
    For an evening out, usually choose a dress with a deep neckline,
    neckline or bare shoulders.
  • Depending on personal preferences, a holiday outfit may
    be of any length. Tall girls can pick a dress to the floor
    silver or pearl color. No less spectacular in the festive
    the night will look a long dress in the color of metal.
  • Steel color does not fit well with bright accessories, but only
    not red. Red handbag or belt harmoniously complement
    any gray outfit.
  • Maxi dress looks good complete with a cape, bolero
    or a jacket.
  • For an evening dress usually choose guipure, silk or satin.
    The dress of gray shades from thin flowing taffeta looks beautiful.
    Her glossy tone makes the dress more elegant.

To complement the outfit in this color scheme can be jewelry
ornaments in silver or white gold inlaid
natural pearls, turquoise or other precious stones
cool shades.

Black dress

Black – always current color. New Year’s Eve can be worn
coal black dress, decorated with sequins. For those who do not like
excessive shine, suitable satin dress with noble

Model black dress can be any. But do not forget about
balance: open top is compensated by the length of the dress, and
short length – strict riding.

Consider the advice of astrologers or not when choosing a New Year
outfit a personal matter of each. The main condition for creating a successful
image – wear an outfit that is like and goes for you. Besides
In addition, the dress must be chosen in accordance with the general theme and
party venue.

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