What to do if hair falls out badly:find out the reasons. Remedies for severe hair loss: recipesmasks

Пн, 30 май 2016 Автор: Инна Квашина

This topic will not leave anyone indifferent.

This problem can be faced by anyone, regardless of
man or woman, what age, and what is the image
of life.

The presence of such an unpleasant and annoying factor is certain.
It serves as a kind of bell about impaired functions in the body or
improper hair care.

But what exactly is it warning and what to do if strongly
hair fall out, we will understand in more detail.

What to do if hair falls out badly: внутренние

To study this problem there is even such a science as
trichology. She analyzes the condition of our hair and skin.

On average, a person has more than 100 thousand on his head.
hairs. A loss of 70-80 hairs per day is normal.
person But when the number exceeds the specified number, you should
think about how your body feels.

Выпадение волос — это вторичная проблема. For
beginning to find out the root cause and eliminate its impact.
It may be:

1) кожные diseases (фурункулез, микоз, себорея, дерматит и

2) all diseases of the endocrine (endocrine gland disorder)
systems (inflammation of the thyroid gland, diabetes);

3) diseases желудочно-кишечного тракта (гастрит, холецистит),
kidney, liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis), and gallbladder;

4) hormonal changes (hormonal disorders,
menopause, pregnancy);

5) инфекционные diseases и интоксикация;

6) the postoperative period or reaction to various

7) chemotherapy, other radiation;

8) lack of vitamin in the body;

9) nervous breakdowns and breakdowns can also lead to the fact that
Most of your hair will stay on the pillow.

In this case, you need to understand that no nutrient
masks, aroma oils and massages will not save the situation. It will only help you
conducting a comprehensive survey, proper nutrition and
specialist who will help in solving your question.

What to do if hair falls out badly: внешние причины

1. Ecology. This is the scourge of modern times. There is no sphere
vital activity of the human body for which it would not
influenced. This is an unfavorable radiation background, and
polluted air, and substandard water. Not surprising that
our hair is also subject to this negative effect.

2. Incorrect hair care, which is expressed in
регулярности и качестве мытья heads.

3. Use of hot air appliances, dyeing
hair, bleaching, perm.

What to do if hair falls out badly: основные правила

1. When washing do not use paraben-containing shampoos or
alkaline soap. Try to get organic shampoos with
herbal extracts and natural oils, such as sea buckthorn,
jojoba, olive, macadamia nut.

2. The comb should be wooden or using
natural bristles. Do not use metal combs.
A hairbrush is not something to save on. Get yourself
high-quality comb with rare teeth.

3. It is recommended to wash the head once every three days with warm water. Not
use hot and, especially, cold water.

4. Not злоупотребляйте использованием феном, утюжками и иными
curling. When doing a hairdryer – turn on the warm mode, and
flatten your hair about once a week.

5. Not проводите химическую завивку и краску волос
at the same time.

6. Use balms, masks and infusions for hair growth approximately
2 times per week. This will help nourish the hair, their
softening and saturation with active ingredients.

7. Take a vitamin complex with vitamin content inside
A, H and E. They will contribute to the normal growth of hair
покрова и верхнего слоя кожи heads.

Not пренебрегайте этими правилами! All of the above factors in
aggregate may cause the hair structure to change
cuticles and rods, they will begin to split and break, and then
fall out.

What to do if hair falls out badly: лучшие средства в
the fight

First of all, exclude from the use of all drugs that
may cause you an allergic reaction or cause harmful
effects on the state of the body.

1. Эфирные масла. They are great help in
the fight против выпадения волос. This, for example, such as: chamomile,
lavender, orange, cedar, ylang-ylang, juniper, thyme,
avocado and others

For эффективного использования необходимо смешать их с основой
(1 drop for 1 tsp.). As a basis can be used
olive or peach butter, honey or dairy products.
Next, the resulting tool with massage movements must be rubbed
in the hair and scalp and leave for 40 minutes. Very effective
use rosemary essential oil on the comb and so
comb hair.

Macadamia nut oil is becoming increasingly popular. Those,
who felt its impact on himself confirm that it is real

2. Маски для волос. For их приготовления могут
The following components should be used:

• vegetable oils;

• dry mustard;

• kefir;

• yolk;

• cognac;

• honey.

The application procedure is simple: the components used must
mix recipes and put on dry dirty hair. Head
wrap in plastic bag and leave for 40 minutes. Upon expiration
time mask rinse with warm water.

Рассмотрим самые популярные виды masks.

Dry mustard mask


• one egg yolk – 1 pc .;

• tea, it is better to use strong black – 2 tbsp;

• dry mustard – 1 tbsp. l

Mix the specified ingredients mix, and after 30 minutes
wash with plain water. Try to make this mask 2 times a week.
until the cessation of hair loss.

Mask with egg and honey


• burdock oil (a natural remedy that is beneficial
влияет на волосы) — 1 ст.l;

• honey (one of the best products in the field of cosmetology) – 1

• egg yolk – 2 pcs.

Thoroughly mix these components and rub into the skin
heads. The time is 60 minutes. Эффективное средство в the fight с

Effective mask with aloe


• сок алоэ — 1 ч.l или 5 ампул по 1 мl, купленных в

• yolk – 1 pc .;

• cognac (this alcoholic drink perfectly helps to
hair restoration) – 1 tbsp. l;

• мед — 1 ст.l

Add all other ingredients to liquid honey and rub in well.
в кожу heads. For этой маски достаточно 20 минут. Use
such a mask once a week for 4 consecutive months.

3. Морская соль. Also extremely appreciated in
use in the field of cosmetology. Renders favorable
effect on the growth and strengthening of hair. How can I rub salt in
roots and use the rinse solution.

Try sea buckthorn hair scrub. For его приготовления
you need to take puree of sea buckthorn berries, add a teaspoon of salt
and rub the mixture into the root of the hair. Leave the composition on the head for a minute
three, and then rinse with warm water.

4. В качестве натуральных средств лечения и care за собой можно
use therapeutic – preventive ointment for strengthening and growth
волос — сульсену. Her you can easily
purchase at the pharmacy. It is better to use this drug in
complex offered by the manufacturer. This shampoo and
paste and balsam rinse. The effect of this will only get better.
and faster.

5. For более глубокой проблемы выпадения волос используют
аппарат дарсонваль. Technology of its application
based on the fact that problem areas of the head are affected
high-frequency impulses under high voltage. Thereby
blood circulation on the scalp is improving and it is favorable
reflected on the structure of the hair follicles. That is, the hair starts
меньше выпадать и растand faster.

Thus, there are many exits and answers to the question that
to do if hair falls out badly. We wish you find your option
and have beautiful, healthy and lush hair!

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