What colors are the blondes?

What colors are the blondes?Being blond is not easy at least
because girls with blond hair constantly live in power
stereotypes: they are considered frivolous, they are envied because of
men, they are credited with a lot of what
not at all – for example, it is believed that any blonde goes

But this is far from true – what colors go to blondes and how to make
looks more expressive?

Do not believe those who say that all-to-face blonde is
The statement has long been refuted by modelers. Light hair color
which has the ability to emphasize the slightest flaws
appearance, whether it is a small pimple on the cheek or tear-stained eyes,
very picky about choosing color combinations in clothes. Some
colors allow the blonde to bloom like a rosebush and some
make her looks ordinary and gray.

 What should be considered a blonde, choosing the color of clothes?

It is important how the color of the eyes, what shade, cold or
warm, have hair, what is the complexion, are there any visible defects in
the form of a rash, red spots, is there any freckles.

  • Blondes with light and pale skin and eyes of light colors
    (gray, green and blue) soft, not aggressive
    shades of green, purple, blue, gray.
  • Dark-skinned blondes face juicy greens,
    orange, red – they emphasize the natural bright colors of their
    lips and eyes, blush.
  • If you consider the shade of hair, it should be borne in mind that the ladies
    with a cool shade of blond (ash, platinum and beige) can
    calmly wear clothes of pastel tones with a predominance of gray and
    blue shades. They will be faced with bright red clothes, especially in
    combined with evening makeup.
  • Not bad emphasize the thin skin of blue, purple, green
    the color and shades of mint, as well as the perfect color for this type –
    pink. The most inappropriate color for this type of blondes is white with
    milky shade, it will make the appearance of an ordinary and even

What colors go to the warm-type blondes?

For “warm” blondes, and this concept includes
possessors of golden hair, copper and
champagne, it is not advisable to wear yellow and orange clothes
colors, metallic gold color. All other shades can
emphasize the flawless complexion and shine of the hair – but the colors should
be sure to be saturated. The color looks very nice
ocean water and turquoise, herbal green, coral and
shrimp shades. Do not neglect peach, dark
purple. But the pastel shades are not for the golden-haired beauties
– they are able to completely “put out” their cheerful glow and
Charm, peculiar only to blondes.

�”Goldilocks” will be able to safely vest in shades of camel
wool, ivory color, in dresses with lush prints and
mixing colors. But all shades of silver are dangerous, imposing
gray imprint on appearance, white color, color of cinnamon and gray

The universal color for all blondes will be, oddly enough,
black color – it will make their appearance more polished, stylish and
attractive Black clothes will match perfectly
яркие блестящие украшения – для холодный блондинок   это
platinum and silver, and for warm ones – natural and artificial
precious stones of the brightest shades.

If there are coloring or streaked strands in the hair, then
clothes should be chosen taking into account the shade that prevails in
framed face, but you need to take into account other shades,
present in the hairstyle.

Simple general rules exist only to
to orient you to the best choice, but still the most correct –
experiment and find exactly what suits
individually, taking into account the color of the skin, overall style, habits and

What colors are the blondes?

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