What colors are brunettes: choose your

What colors go brunettes?Despite the fact that youth and
beauty is a great excuse for experimentation, don’t wear everything
in a row, because sometimes even the most beautiful color of clothes or makeup
able to spoil the whole impression.


What colors are brunettes and what should be avoided?

The selection of colors of clothing and make-up is a purely individual matter, so
how important it is to consider not only the color of the hair, but also of the skin, the eyes – however
though there are certain general rules for choosing colors by color
hair. What colors go brunettes?

When choosing clothes should take into account what skin tone –
pink or dark – with yellow skin brunette can not wear
clothes of carrot, pink and yellow colors, with yellow –
Olive and gray clothes will look ugly.

If the hair is polished with yellow or white strands, this too
should be considered.

There are so-called “warm” shades of dark hair – they
cast chestnut, reddish and copper shades. To this type
hair is perfect red, coral, orange shades.

They suit and outfits in the color of eggplant, olive, greenery. Despite
that blue and light blue shades usually refresh the face,
�“Warm” brunettes should not wear such colors – they age them.
Do not go to them as gently pink, lilac, pale yellow and others
pastel colors.

Brunettes belonging to the “cold” type, that is, those whose
hair has a bluish-black shade or a brown-ash shade,
It is worth paying attention to the blue and lilac colors, the color of lavender,
green emerald shades, pastel shades. Im amazing to
face neon juicy colors, the color of mustard, which goes far from
all, light blue, pastel shades of orange and yellow.
They can easily experiment with different combinations.
of the above colors, without fear that they will be “lost” on the background
color chaos.

Natural colors are very much the owners of the “cold”
The type is sandy, dark gray, graphite, dark brown. BUT
the most inappropriate colors that make hair shade expressionless,
it is olive, nondescript gray-green, khaki – all these shades
make a brunette of this type older, colder and less noticeable.

What colors go brunettes?

What colors go brunettes?

Brunette “warm type” can also afford to wear
shades of natural colors – they are perfect clothes brick
colors, earthy, khaki, reddish orange and
red-brown, beige and camel hair color (between
yellow and orange). Aging and dull colors uncertain,
such as milky, gray, gray-brown, gray-blue.

For all brunettes, without exception, a great choice would be clothes
in classic black and white colors – black makes it “warm”
brunettes are very stylish and bright, especially black skin, and for
�”Cold” brunettes fit white silk, but only if
skin is not pale, and dark. BUTбсолютно всем брюнеткам идет металлик,
but the choice of colors is individual – whites should avoid shine in
pink and gray, and dark – in yellow and gold tones.

Black-haired girls are amazingly bright large jewelry –
with chestnut hair is red and orange, saturated
green and bright purple color of beads, necklaces and earrings, and with black
hair – turquoise, emerald shades and orange color ..

Jewelry made of bronze and gold with multi-colored gems and
precious stones of juicy shades will decorate the “warm” brunette,
giving her skin and hair a soft glow, and for a “cold” brunette
suitable large silver and platinum jewelry with bright
zirconium zirconia.

The beauty of brunettes is manifested only in bright combinations, pastel
shades are often destructive for her – wear rich colors and
Enjoy the beauty of colors in your clothes!

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