What can you wear with gray boots? Looking for the perfectcombinations—

Gray is a color that combines practicality and
elegance. Gray shoes can look no less impressive,
than black, you just need to learn how to wear it. Gray boots,
for example, can be a model of elegance, while shoes them
It is possible both for regular jogging in shops, and in order to
go to a party. The only difference is what to wear with gray
boots – this choice will either make you a “gray mouse”, or
will make it look like a stylish thing.

Variations of stylish images with gray boots

To those who are bored by gray, we can argue –
This versatile color can be diluted with a variety of bright
in shades, it is good both as a base and as an additional color,
choosing which you do not risk showing bad taste. Gray
so versatile that you can easily find a “pair” for it
and look stylish and spectacular.

What can you wear with gray boots? Gray boots can afford
ladies of all ages, especially since there are boots on sale
colors of matte leather, suede and other materials. Despite,
that gray boots alone cannot attract increased
attention, in conjunction with other stylish things, they can look
very beautiful.

To begin with, gray boots are a great choice when creating
classic combination. This combination is born with
things only gray, but having one shade, they
should be a different tone. If the boots are light gray, then
a dress or suit may be slightly lighter, and accessories, on the contrary,
darker. If wearing a suit, then the blouse or shirt may be white.
colors, it is possible to add a brighter spot, for example, pink
scarf or scarf.

What can you wear with gray boots?

Others also go very well with gray boots.
pastel shades, such as safari color and milky white, beige.
In the classic style, you can also use gray boots in a pair
with a dark gray skirt and jacket, a yellow turtleneck and a yellow bag.
A combination of gray and

серые сапоги с оранжевым, фото

Pink and especially pink and pearl – this is the choice of a stylish girl
with a good sense of style. Gray boots, gray coat or gray
coat with fur collar, hat and pink gloves on his hands, in
which gray clutch – in this form, you can even go to the reception
to the English queen.

What can you wear with gray boots? It goes well with turquoise.
color and gray – gray boots above the knee, short gray dress,
turquoise shawl and turquoise bracelet – what could look more
stylish and romantic?

Silk short can also be worn with long gray boots.
dresses in pastel colors, putting on a leather jacket. In that
If you can put the ensemble together, you can tie a scarf on
which will be mixed all these colors.

What can you wear with gray boots if you need to go to a club?

In that случае с выбором еще проще: к высоким серым сапогам можно
Wear tight gray jeans. So the legs will seem
much slimmer and longer, and it will look very
stylish! Pink or olive short will perfectly fit here.
a jacket, black glasses and a black bag with a long belt (belt on
jeans should also be black). The combination of long gray boots and
gray jeans will benefit from a leather black waistcoat.

серые сапоги + розовая кофта, фото

Speaking of long gray boots, perfectly fitting leg,
Another interesting point should be mentioned: they can be excellent
Look with a black silver case
thin belt and pearl thread. Here you can add black

As you can see, in gray boots it is not necessary to look at all
gray and inconspicuous – this color gives a huge scope for
improvisation and fantasy. So do not deny yourself
an exciting search for your style!

What can you wear with gray boots? What can you wear with gray boots? серые сапоги с зеленым, фото серые сапоги с розовым, фото

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