Wedding hairstyles with bangs – stylish optionsmaking. What wedding hairstyle with bangs to choose for yourcelebrations

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The bride at the wedding party should shine. Nothing so not
decorates every woman, how to choose the right and neat

The presence of bangs varies, but it has long been known that
it is she who is able to give the image some mysteriousness. therefore
many hairdressers, when choosing an option prefer
wedding hairstyles with bangs.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs: features and materials

Original types and solutions of hairstyles are not considered, but for all of them
there is a strict list of necessary things that must stock up
future bride. Before going to the hairdresser, glance over the
list and buy something that you may not be enough in the right

– strong hold hairspray;

– invisible and non-decorative studs (preferably 30-40
pieces of each type);

– decoration for hair (it can be studs with rhinestones or
flowers, beautiful bezel, thin beads of white or gold color,
tiara or scallop);

– silicone hair ties and decorative rubber bands with
rhinestones or beads.

Make a wedding hairstyle yourself practically
impossible, it is better to entrust it to a specialist, but to dye your hair in
home conditions you can with ease. If your hair was
previously painted, and from that moment more than two weeks have passed,
Be sure to give your hair a fresh look. Not worth it
experiment with color before a similar celebration, choose
Only those colors in which you are completely confident.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs: long hair

Hairstyles for long hair imply half loose
curls or long braided braids, beaded.

Waterfall curls

The carelessness of the lines and the correct proportions are combined in one
this hairstyle. There are many types of wedding
hairstyles of this style, but they are all made on the same
principle. Part of the hair should be collected at the top, and part
remain not stabbed falling on the shoulders. Differ these
hairstyles can only pattern that a hairdresser creates on
top of the head. It can be: roses, baskets, curls, butterflies, bows
and so on. Depends on the imagination of the master. With such hairstyles
any bang is combined, both straight and oblique, but necessarily

Openwork Spit

Girls who want to show their long hair can be offered
wedding hairstyle with bangs and oblique. Long curled locks,
braided in a neat braid, will not be disheveled in the process of everything
celebrations. This hairstyle will suit absolutely any type of person, because
the bangs will hide the high forehead, and the long braid will visually extend the round
face. Another advantage of this hairstyle is its size.
The longer the spit is, the more fabulous the image will be

Chubby girls, if they have long hair, definitely worth it
look at this hairstyle. She is able to add a touch of charm,
lightness and slimness, rather than a round lush basket taken on
crown hair.

Decorate braid with rhinestones and beads along the entire length and curl the ends.
in curls. Do not be afraid to fluff the strands, so it will look
more feminine and more tender.

Layered tail

A tail made in this style resembles a hairstyle with all
Favorite Princess Jasmine from Walt Disney cartoon. Lush thick
the tail along its entire length will be tied with ribbons or rubber bands on an equal
distance from each other. He ripples over his shoulders and curls on
the end. Effectively, this hairstyle looks on dark hair, but if
you are blonde, you should not deny yourself in this image or
repaint hair for one day.

Complete the hair with ornaments in the form of crystals and flowers or let
from the crown to the tip of the tail are thin white beads, they are advantageous
emphasize the richness and pomp of the whole composition.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs and hair picked up

High hairstyles were and remain fashionable. Their worth
can be called a classic hairdressing.

Lush cocoon

Hairstyle is more reminiscent of the style of the 70s, when in full swing
there were fashionable smooth bumps on the head and nothing superfluous. Such
hairstyle will require special tools to create
volume, or the hairdresser will have to make strong hair in his hair.
This hairstyle will give your image more charm. Conciseness
lines skillfully intertwined with subtle femininity. Add on
the crown of a gentle tiara or bezel that would make a complete image
refined lady.

Shell in flowers

The bride can make this shell herself, but
simplicity hairstyle does not detract from its merits. Neatly twisted
behind the head, hair is decorated with rhinestones, beads or flowers.
You can insert a decorative comb in the very center of the shell. Bang
there may be any form. Having made this hairstyle, the bride
emphasize its narrow long neck and slender torso. Image of stately
Lady will be provided to you. A veil in such a hairstyle is attached under
shell, that would not close the flowers and rhinestones.

Bow on top

Fabulous hairstyle with a bow of hair on the top of the head
The base of the bangs looks amazing, simple and tasteful. Such
the bride can do her hair by herself if a little
practice in tying bows of curls. Bulk of hair
here it is hidden on the back of the head and wrapped in a modest shell. Veil
can be attached to the back of the head, just below. Such a promise
hairstyles is the simplicity and severity of the lines. Lovers
minimalism in hair straight thick bangs and a tight shell will be
very handy, and a tight bow in addition to a veil gives a light
playful tone to the whole image.

Hair basket

This is a complex design of hair in the form of a wicker basket.
Only a hairdresser in the salon can create such a masterpiece. With
hair weaving will require a lot of hairpins, stealth and varnish for
hair fixation. Thin in places hanging curls complement and without
that gentle image. If you have a slim figure and a thin neck, then
choosing this hairstyle, you only emphasize your strengths
appearance If your figure is slightly too full, and your face is round
Forms, then think, maybe you should give preference.
some other kind of hairstyles.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs: professional advice

• Talk to the hairdresser in advance about the hairstyle
which you wish to receive. Do not leave everything to last

• Think about how positive and
negative sides. Choose a hairstyle so that she would do
emphasis on virtues and hiding flaws. So for example, if
you have a round face, you should not make a thick bangs below the eyebrows,
otherwise its geometry will be distorted.

• Spare no expense on hair style jewelry. Studs with
rhinestones, flowers or beads, all this may come in handy for you
create a complete image. From whether you will be satisfied with your
hairstyle, it depends on what mood will remain with you all

• Consult with the master who will do you wedding
hairstyle with bangs. Most likely to give volume to your hair.
waiting for thick bouffant. This can be avoided if you purchase in advance
special devices that hide under the curls and create
the necessary pomp and volume without risk to the health of the hair.

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