Wedding hairstyles for short hair – juststylish, beautiful. Modern trends in wedding styling for shorthair (photo)

Вт, 25 апр 2017 Автор: Полина Андреева

Wedding is a special day that every girl dreams of
early childhood. Of course, any approach to the preparation of the celebration with
special care.

In a perfect modern wedding, everything is thought out to the smallest detail: from
boutonnieres to decorate the table.

All attributes of the wedding day must be made in the same style,
match colors and sound together in the main theme

An important part of this balance is the image
brides. Everything should be harmonious in it: a perfect dress
must be in harmony with hairstyle and accessories

Basic tips stylists and makeup artists: how to choose
wedding hairstyle

• At the initial stage, the girl needs to look for wedding photos
images that she likes most. Then first thing
need to buy a white dress;

• If the dress is chosen, then you need to meet with the stylist and
discuss the appropriate dress and hairstyle. Why is this not
worth doing the most? Because the professional is aware of the main
trends of the season, and also has extensive experience with brides;

• An important component of the image – accessories. If their wrong
pick up, you can spoil the overall look. Therefore, it is worth again
Seek help from professionals: the stylist will select
necessary decorations for hair and other accessories, and a florist
will advise a suitable bouquet. Also as a supplement to
wedding hairstyle, especially for short hair, you can use
ornaments from fresh flowers;

• Do not give up the rehearsal hairstyle. After all, you can
see if the girl is looking for a matched image, or he demands
improvements. After all, on the wedding day everything should be perfect …

• If the rehearsal takes place a few months before the wedding,
you need to take a picture of yourself with make-up and hairstyle so that the day before
celebrations appreciate the overall style, and it is possible to correct it
additional touches to make it look fashionable and

In addition to the general nuances that relate to the image of the bride as a whole,
There are many subtleties regarding wedding hairstyle on
short hair.

Important points to pay your attention to.
Attention when choosing a hairstyle for a celebration:

1. • If the wedding is planned in European style, then you need
pay attention to traditional hairstyles. And if the holiday
bright, thematic, you need to discuss hair styling with a stylist
and pick one that fits the appearance

2. • It often happens that a girl likes a lot of options.
laying on the wedding. In this case, you must decide what
need from the hair, whether it will look as beautiful as on
models, will it last throughout the day;

3. • It is advisable to bring a veil and
hair accessories. And to complete the picture it would be great
full vestments of the bride in dress, shoes. So fully
it will be possible to evaluate the correctness of the choice made.

Самые модные свадебные прически на короткие hair (photo)

Probably, many believe that owners of short haircuts
It is difficult to choose a wedding image because of a small selection of suitable

Of course, the list of trends in wedding hairstyles for girls with
short hair is different from the base one, but it is not less

Consider the fashion trends of wedding hairstyles on
short hair

1. Curls and curls. Today fashionable curls are different
diameter: either large or very small. Also be stylish
retro hairstyle with smooth flowing look

Very nice playful and slightly sloppy, larger curls, curled
chaotically. It is important that the style and mood of the hair combined with
общим видом brides. So, a light flowing dress will be great
to blend in with careless waves, and a smooth geometric outfit –
with smooth shiny curls.

2. • Unusual styling. This option is suitable for owners
shortest haircuts. On such hair, as a rule, it is difficult
add some new lines and waves. But in the hands of an experienced master
even the most extreme length can play in a new way. In any
случае, wedding hairstyle на коротких волосах всегда можно
add accessories.

3. • Accessories. The trend of this year is the wreaths of the living
flowers, or any decorations made by the florist manually. Also
Fashionable are tiaras, creative hats and exclusive
hair ornaments. It is this addition can make hair
truly solemn.

4. Removed hair. This trend is suitable for sophisticated brides,
radiating tenderness and beauty. These girls do not need to decorate,
just modestly emphasize their natural radiance and
attractiveness This trend promises to be very popular in
this year, since the image of the bride itself is gentle,
timid and virgin. Hairstyles with collected or partially
pinned hair look very feminine.

5. Chignon. If the young bride is not afraid experiment,
either dreaming of a wedding image that implies a hairstyle on
long hair, this can be done with chignon and overhead
strands. This technique will firstly add length, and secondly – volume.
It is very important to rehearse your hair before a celebration and evaluate
общий вид brides. As a rule, wedding hairstyles for short
hair using chignon is limited to a volume beam or
Greek braid.

6. • Haircut. The star of the whole image may be unusual
haircut that does not require additional decorations. Will consider
trendy haircuts:

• Smooth square with bangs and no bangs. This haircut looks very
elegant and feminine.

• Haircut-bob. This option looks very stylish. Also с
using the necessary lines you can adjust the shape of the face.

• Cascade. Gives volume to rare hair. This option is a haircut
the most unpretentious to styling. Even without it, it looks playful and

• Bangs. This is a separate trend. In fashion came thick and very
long bangs reaching to the eyes. Looks very feminine
and reduces age to many.

• Creative. This haircut with short temples and nape and
elongated middle part of the head. If the girl decided to shave
long hair, you can leave the sides of the long strands, and
the rest to make a creative haircut.

So, the upcoming wedding season is varied for various
варианты причесок на short hair. To the bride does not get confused
in all its diversity, you need to define your desires and connect them
with real options.

Each bride is individual and unique. It’s not worth it

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