Wardrobe list. How to hide a big belly withusing clothes?

How to hide a big belly with using clothes?Pick up to new
season fashionable things – a responsible matter, but extremely difficult if
there are problem “big places”. For example, how to hide a big
живот с using clothes? Such nuances make you puzzle
most obese women. Knowing just a few rules, you can
cope with this task as well as an experienced stylist.


Main contraindications

  • – There are nuances that are simply contraindicated for large
    the stomach. This shoulder pads of different types, skirts, sun blouses with
    high waist.
  • – Visually makes the shape of a short type jacket
  • – If the sleeves of a blouse or dress narrow down – this is not for you.
    Visually, such models will emphasize the shoulder line, and the person
    will seem square hulk. For the same reason you need
    abandon skirts, narrowed down and knee-length. Such
    models emphasize the bulge of the tummy.
  • – Underline waist is strictly prohibited. In such clothes belly
    hang over the belt as a “life preserver” and beauty silhouette, too
    definitely not add!

Pomp is sexy

That is, if you follow the taste and know how to hide a big
belly using clothes. The stylists have one secret. Worth wearing
dress with contrasting geometric inserts on a woman with
big belly like a silhouette will immediately find sexy
feminine forms.

Free flowing drop pants make even this
�”Problem” silhouette is much slimmer. Waist pants should be strictly
on the “waist”, just not lower or higher. Looks good on pants
Kulisk – string utyazhka in the girdle.

How to hide a big belly with помощью одежды: фото

  • Jeans or trousers, tailored with hip flare, having an average
    landing, very well hide even the biggest belly, especially
    if on top wearing a tunic with a neckline in the shape of the letter “V”. Fine
    Looks like a jacket to mid-thigh. And buttoned
    one button cardigan coarse-knit is able to create the right
    proportions of the figure and visually narrow the waist.
  • Will hide the belly model skirt, which expands downwards and
    closing knees. Decorative detail in the form of a strip or shuttlecock on
    hem will divert attention from the tummy.
  • If there is an overwhelming desire to have in your wardrobe a dress with
    high waist, then you need to choose a strict monochrome model
    colors with the obligatory “V” neckline.

Long live the details!

According to stylists, inventing how to hide a big belly with
using clothes, do not overly emphasize details that sometimes seem

  • For example, attention to detail is the presence of large overhead
    pockets on clothes that distract the eye from the extra kilos on
    the stomach.
  • Asymmetrical neckline, appliqué or embroidery on the chest,
    decorated hem, various buckles or straps on the sides,
    camouflage the stomach, focusing only on yourself.

Take allies dark color. This is a long-proven rule.
The black color of the evening dress is considered the best and faithful ally.
figures with a big belly. To dress did not look boring, you can
play on a combination of satin and lace, shiny details and
decorations. From the luxurious neckline, which is complemented by exquisite
necklace or necklace, it will be impossible to look away.

Houses also need to be beautiful

In home clothes also need to take into account the features of the figure.
No stretched pants and washed-up bathrobes! Free straight
knitted trousers, cardigan with long sides visually
stretched silhouette.

Dressing gown for the full knows how to be fashionable. If you choose
a model with a zipper, below the knee length, then in this robe will be
comfortable in every way.

In life there is anything. Loss of form after delivery, impaired
metabolism, endocrine diseases. The main thing is to remember that
fullness is not the enemy of attraction at all!

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