Voluminous hairstyles for long and short hair.How to make a voluminous hairstyle at home

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For a special occasion and every day, women make themselves lush
or voluminous hairstyles. Today we will talk about voluminous hairstyles and
how to make them without help.

Volumetric hairstyles: features and materials

Creating a lush hairstyle painstaking work. But if you do
imagine this every day, then do some new you do not
will work.

From the number and thickness of hair depends on whether the hair done
quickly and without improvised devices or over its creation
work hard If the hair is thick and strong, then for work
need only a comb and hairspray, and if vice versa, then
various fixtures may be required, such as overhead
bumps and other tricks.

Voluminous hairstyles for long hair

Three braids

Here the pigtails play the role of the rim and gum on the hair
at the same time.

Stage 1

Comb your hair. Making them curly is not necessary, but you can
if desired. Divide your head into zones. The first zone will be the top
part (all hair that is at a distance of 10 cm from the forehead to
crown). The second zone will be the remaining hair (top and
back of the head).

Stage 2

The upper part of the hair from the temple or from the middle of the forehead to the other temple
braid in a braid. With one edge, select three locks and start
intertwined, folding extreme curl on the middle and another in the same
technology. Along the way, in the process, grab the side hair, which
not yet involved in weaving.

Continue to weave such a scythe to the temple and farther behind the ear so that
the end of the braid would hide under the hair at the base of the head.
Secure the braid with a rubber band.

Stage 3

At the base of the head from the bottom take two not thick bunches.
hair. Braid out of each one in a pigtail, tie it with rubber bands and
Leave it hanging down your neck.

Stage 4

At this stage, hair that is not involved in weaving
braids need to give volume. To do this, comb them all in advance and
Layers, starting from the bottom, add at the roots. Sprinkle each layer
varnish, wait 2-5 minutes, then release and go to
the following.

Do this work until you reach the back of your head and
remaining topmost layer. You don’t need to comb it. Hair in
this layer should remain smooth without hints of bouffant. With
If you wish, you can sprinkle plenty of varnish on the roots of this layer.
inner side. Keeping your hair upright
wait until the varnish is completely dry, this is the key to
to success.

Stage 5

Carefully lower and correct layer after layer, and the topmost
close the combed hair. Lightly brush your hair,
smoothing the upper hair. Having corrected everything, spray varnish on top.
Get thin braids from the bottom to the top of the head and back.
Fix them stealth or hairpin.

If you do not want to do the bouffant because you feel sorry for your hair,
and try to make this hairstyle want? Take advantage of here
Such a miracle trick to give hair pomp.

This curved plastic form is enclosed under the top.
strand in the place where you want to create volume and fixed with lacquer,
hair and invisible.

High road

In this hairstyle the volume of hair is given with the help of a fleece, varnish
for hair and invisible.

Stage 1

Comb and comb the hair from the forehead to the neck in layers like
described in the previous hairstyle.

Stage 2

Spread out your hair and brush over it to ensure that
would straighten single hairs.

Stage 3

From the sides of the temples smooth hair and secure strong
invisible. Withдерживая одной рукой волосы, а второй направляйте
a stream of varnish at a distance of 20-30 cm from the head.

Voluminous hairstyles with gathered hair

Hair bump

If you have thick and thick hair, then special devices
for giving volume will not be necessary.

Stage 1

Comb your hair and lightly comb it at the roots from the inside.
on the back of the head on the front layer. This layer goes in a circle, then
there is hair at the neck, at the temples, forehead and so it turned out

Stage 2

Gather all the hair in the ponytail at the back of the head, while not combing
crush, and only slightly straighten hair on the visible front
to the side.

Stage 3

If you have thick hair, you can twist the bag, and this
will be sufficient.

If the hair is sparse, you can use a special
gum roller giving volume.

Put this roller on the tail of the hair. From the tail take on
small curl, twist it in your hands in a spiral and, bending around
roller, thread it into the hole, and bring the tip out.
Use the remaining tip to also wrap the roller.

The first loop and all the following ones should be magnificent
crumpled. You can specifically fluff hair and slightly
pull out of the gum by hand. In a circle surround roller in the same
in a way distribute all the curls from the tail.

If some curls do not hold and spoil the overall look, you can
закрепить их шпильками или invisible. Lightly spray hair

Patterned Kul

This hairstyle will require hairpins, rubber bands, hairspray and
a bump for hair to give volume.

Stage 1

Divide hair into sections. The first two sections divide the head into
two sides (right and left) and pass in the area from the forehead to
crown and behind the ears. The top of the head, the back of the head and the bottom of the head will be
third zone.

Stage 2

Сначала оформляется задняя часть hair. Withдайте волосам на
top of the volume. Withподнимите верхние пряди и начешите их у корней.
Spray the hairspray on them and wait until it is full.
drying out

Release your hair to fall down freely and straighten your hair.
The top of the head should be raised, and the hair on the top layer should lie
exactly one to one.

If you do not want to do bouffant, you can use
a special bump to give volume to the hair in the shape of a semicircular

Stage 3

Collect the hair of this area in a bun behind your head. Pass through
hair in gum. In the end, do not remove the ends of the tail from the gum, but
Thread only the middle. So you get a magnificent loop. Ends
hide under a sack or inside. Fan it, and the edges
Attach stealth or hairpin.

Stage 4

Hair from the sides with thin strands are alternately laid over the top.
the base of the hair cones, covering the gum on which
Kul keeps Begin to start at the beginning of the lower curls and
gradually moving up to the upper strands. Twist them into spirals,
so they will resemble twisted yarns. Lock the curls at
the base of the Kul, and curl their tips with tongs. The resulting curls
положите на куль аккуратным узором и обильно сбрызните varnish.

Voluminous hairstyles: professional advice

• Carefully work with hair, if you are doing bouffant. Frequent
the use of such a technique to add volume to a hairstyle leads to
is the destruction and breakage of the hair. If the option with a fleece closer to you
and more comfortable, then think about special hair care.
Repairing oils, hair balms and medical masks – this is
all that is so necessary to damaged curls.

• Do not hesitate to make yourself a voluminous hairstyle for every day
or for shopping. �“You can never bloom. Need to
always be in shape. Cannot be shown in poor condition.
Especially family and friends. They get scared. And the enemies, on the contrary,
experiencing happiness. Therefore, whatever happens is a must.
you need to think about how you look ”(Coco Chanel).

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