Vertical strip in clothes … Slim orfull?

Life, as you know, is a striped thing: the strip is white, the strip
black … And what if you use this household motif in clothes? New
trend or danger zone?

Fashion tabloids are saying to us, they say, such a drawing
ambiguous, can harm and that only can use it
stars and couturiers with knowledge that ordinary mortals are better and
completely forget about the existence of “zebra”.

But we do not give up, therefore, despite everything and everyone, we boldly
We add monochrome to our daily outfit, just for a start,
we arm with knowledge.

Vertical strip in clothes ... Slim or full?
Vertical strip in clothes ... Slim or full?

Slender or full face vertical stripes in clothes?

We were tirelessly told that the horizontal bar was visually
makes the figure wider, and its vertical prototype acts
diametrically opposite. And, like, everyone is happy and happy.
But suddenly the whole world stirred up a new idea, screaming with foaming at the mouth,
that in fact the vertical effect does not stretch the figure at all. AND
the women gasped and panicked at once: what are we always wearing,
wore, and here on you – is full!

As proof of an exciting idea, even the study was not too lazy.
hold: participants looked at photos of the same models in
different stripes, and everyone unanimously declared: “Yes, in the horizontal
strip girls look slimmer. “

Еще одно из

Disputes are disputes, but there is still no definite answer. Clear only
one that has not yet been critically analyzed is the diagonal. Here is
here, while unanimously and vyingly, it is heard: “Slender! Slimming!
Slimming!» Ну хоть что-то, наверняка, вздохнули Вы. However not worth it
forget that everything in the fashion world, so let’s say, is generalized and does not fit
all because of the different colors and widths of the bands in the study, even the words

Here is, к примеру, Вы приходите в магазин и не скупаете же вещи,
even if its size, not trying them on. This is the essence
touching the strips: try and look for your option, no attention
crazy booms capricious fashion industry, but not missing
novelties by the ears. Just do not forget the following small

  • 1.Uzkie and frequent strips visually reduce the size of the figure, and
    wide do the opposite and add centimeters. There is an important role
    plays and shade. Win-win eternal classic: black and white
    French gamma and white and blue sea.
  • 2. Close to the shades of the things top and bottom, too, stretched silhouette and
    will create the impression of a continuous flowing line.
  • 3.One vertical strip (trousers, zipper, V-shaped
    neckline accentuate slenderness and length. Remember the legendary
    Vertical stitching jeans
  • 4. Pants, closing shoes, incredibly lengthen your legs.
  • 5. Remove special attention and accessories. So, long earrings and
    a down light scarf will hide the fullness. A big bag at all
    will reduce your volumes. Only the last option is no good at all.
    for little girls.
  • 6. Shoes also need to be selected carefully: cross straps
    �”Cut” and shorten the legs, and the heel on the contrary brighten fullness
    legs. The recent fashion trend – wedge – also “not to face”
    pyshechkam, but on thin legs sit like a glove.
  • 7. Strip, which is no, but still an accent, so neatly
    choose colors and other clothes. Brightness will refresh young
    girls, and more severe tones will fall by the way older women.
    If you are not inspired by this alignment and you want brightness, better
    Add paint with accessories: both stylish and will not spoil the image.

AND все же интересно, что решит модный суд: быть полоскам или не
be? So we storm the boutiques, run to the fitting room and buy
accused strip. And what will it be: diagonal, latitudinal or
completely equatorial – time will tell already …

Author: Lobastova Oksana

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