Unusual triangular jacket – interestingversion of the classics on your nails

Many years ago, French manicure became a classic, but does not lose
its popularity today. However, even classic with time
undergoing some changes, so beloved by all girls
manicure received a new variation with geometric motifs –
triangular jacket It is very simple and at the same time elegant
thanks to which and gained immense popularity among modern

New forms of old design

In the classic version of this manicure is performed with nude
a shade of a basis and the snow-white line of a fringing of a nail. By author
design is Jeff Pink, who originally meant that
the edge that marks the edge of the nail should paint over exactly that part
which protrudes above the finger.

But as time went on, the traditional version of the French survived a lot
modifications and found several different directions of development.
Changed the allocated zone, there were new, bolder color
solutions, edging received new forms. One of the popular branches
французского маникюра стал triangular jacket

Bold and stylish, this manicure has a very characteristic
a feature that is obvious from its name: it is unusual
option design tip nails. Despite the huge popularity
in the current season, this trend appeared much earlier, and on
Over the years, happy women of fashion all over the world.

Manicure Tips

The way to create a triangular jacket coincides in many ways with
classic. The free edge of the nail is painted by hand or with
using a special stencil. You can use and improvised
materials – stickers or adhesive tape, which you need to give
the desired shape.

If you prefer a cut manicure, then before
start to remove the cuticle, it is recommended to steam a little
arms. To do this, you can use the bath with the addition of chamomile
or essential oils. If you prefer to remove the cuticle from
using a gel, you can immediately proceed to its application.

Then the nails are given the desired shape. If you decide to do
Geometric jacket, it can be almost any. Length
nails are also permissible the most different, since this design is harmonious
Looks on a quality treated nail plate any

Remember to use a base coat that is not only
protects the surface of the nail, but also aligns it for best
applying the main varnish. Then apply a transparent or color (in
depending on your preferences) varnish, covering them with a fingernail
completely. Wait until the base color is completely dry.

Cut from the adhesive tape or tape the blank of the desired shape and
tightly attach them to the nails. You can also use ready-made
stencils that are sold in specialized stores.

Apply the selected shade on the tip of the nail and carefully
dry it. Then cover the finished design with a top that will give
manicure beautiful shine and make it more resistant.

Fashion combinations

In the current season the palette has become especially popular among fashionistas,
as close as possible to naturalness: shades of white and beige,
light pink tones. They can be used for both triangular
edging the nail, and for the basics.

Not less popular are the various shades of blue – from
turquoise to indigo. Also triangular french demanded in shades
red, also in a variety of variations. But unchanged
the classic, popular at all times, remains a combination of black and

Design Ideas

We offer you some great inspiration ideas from
which you can choose the ultra trendy version of the triangular
french manicure.

  1. The easiest type of french – covering the main part of the nail with one
    color and edge selection to others. But, if you are tired of the combination
    White and transparent, you can try a bolder solution.
    For example, make the background opaque beige, and the edging –
    gloss black.
  2. But you can make the original manicure, even without changing
    classic palette. Try to make a highlight in the design, decorating
    nails rhinestones. It is enough to add just one shining one.
    a pebble on the middle nails of both hands, and you transform the standard
    manicure option.
  3. A brighter and bolder option – the nameless nail decoration
    finger large crystal placed in the center of the placer of smaller
    rhinestones or beads. You can create a luxurious effect with
    modern technology of liquid stones.
  4. Triangular jacket in variations looks very harmonious.
    Negative Space. It is achieved by the use of voids, which
    shine through a dense color coating. To create such
    design can use a variety of stencils. In a similar way
    performed a manicure with hearts that are easy to fit into
    triangles on the middle and ring finger.
  5. Permanent winning pair – black and white. But they can
    in an interesting way to beat in a new way. For example, one half
    edging can be done with black, the second with white lacquer, and their place
    connections – decorate with a bouillon or black rhinestone.
  6. Why not portray on the nail is not one, but just two
    triangle? So interesting The approach is applicable for long nails,
    as it makes them visually shorter. In this case
    the triangle on the edge of the nail is duplicated in the middle of the nail, and not at all
    Be sure to make the design monochrome. For example, long square
    nails can be covered with a clear varnish, paint over the edging with any
    dark color, and below add a hot pink check mark. If desired
    You can add such an unusual design rhinestones. To repeat
    triangle it is permissible to use not only varnish, but also special
    shining foil.

Triangular jacket – a very interesting, promising direction,
which gives us a new look at the well-known French
manicure. The triangle is a very interesting and modern form. If a
complement it with modern color combinations and original
декором, то получится очень креативный и красивый manicure. You
You can do it yourself or contact the wizard
which will help achieve an amazing result.

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