Unban french and holiday colors: fashionableManicure Spring-Summer 2019

Manicure is an important part of the image, so if the upcoming
in the spring you want to look your best, then it’s time to look
to fashion trends nail design. New trends are worth it
to pay attention to them and adopt. Shaped nails
can be very different – this is short square marigolds, and
long pointed. The color scheme is also pleased with the variety:
want bright yellow or deep pink – please, not strong
restrain rebellious impulses – choose something from the dark

1. Yellow – positive to the maximum

Pantone says that in the upcoming season there will be a variety of mods.
options are yellow. Stylists have adopted this advice and actively
they use this cheerful sunshine in their range.

The most ardent fan of yellow is the Alice + Olivia brand. Models
showed not only bright yellow manicure, but also the same bright
Accessories – bags, shoes, and clothes were often
made in yellow colors. Loved the yellow and Natasha
Zinko, she preferred an unusual canary shade.
Her models nails are short. It is also advised to abandon the length
Maryam Nassir Zadeh, to pay attention to the manicure will help color –
acid yellow. Great attention was paid to varnish color by Tibi and
Chromat, they also consider yellow “masthoe”.

2. Fashionable manicure “in the frame”

One of the most recent trends in the world of nail care is
�”Frame” manicure. Before such a love for such delights
designers was not observed. In general, the idea is original and looks
very advantageous.

Jeremy Scott likes the style
have a delicate pink shade, and the perimeter of the nail is highlighted by a bright
lavender. Framing effect became a favorite and Libertine, moreover
designers have relied on luxury. The nail frame is made in
rich golden tones. Nails are lavishly decorated with drawings, beads and
other decorative elements. Drew attention to this method
marigold design by Mary Katranzou. In her performance nails look
almost transparent, a thin metal frame repeats the shape
the nail.

3. Minimalist delighted: the rejection of color in favor of the modest

Those who love concise images usually prefer transparent
varnish and no frills. Now these shy people have one more
opportunity – to decorate marigolds (or to focus on one nail)
small pattern. This trend is widespread,
because it takes minimum time for such a manicure, it is simple
performed by and very versatile.

You can even create a provocative image, such as
Nicole Miller made: the nails of one hand became a “canvas” for
inscriptions, and on the other hand decorated with tiny lights of flame.
The idea from Kith is noteworthy: square spiral patterns
decorate the tips of the nails. Еще один вариант такого decor –
image of american flag.

Another original idea threw us Moschino: overhead
nails painted with clear lacquer are used as canvas
для каракулей — этот элемент decor повсеместно использовался на
shows of this designer.

Extremely minimalist. Monse – these are short nails with
transparent coating, only thin white stripes and corners adorn
one nail on hand. Fashion East decorated the nails of models only
a drop of red lacquer, and Proenza Schoeler – white.

4. Nude always relevant

Varnish natural shading nails never lose their
positions. In the upcoming season, this natural color is used to
registration of manicure entirely, and not just for a french. Stands for
the classic Noon by Noor mountain, in his opinion, the nails should look
as nature intended, the optimal shape is a rectangle with
rounded edges.

Interestingly designed this kind of manicure with a “moon” accent
Oscar de la Renta: nails have a delicate pink shade, special
zest is the selection of the hole, there is no varnish on it. Another fan
manicure “a la naturel” Brandon Maxwell – models nails covers
only a couple of layers of pink Essie Sugar Daddy.

5. Girlish colors – Spring Festival

The most ideal color for spring manicure is pink.
all its diversity, starting with cold tones and ending
warm peach. These tones are best suited to those who
wants to feel like a real girl. This is the color of the princesses, and
designers boldly use your favorite fairy tale character to create
feminine images, this applies to cosmetics, and accessories. And also
pink – the real symbol of waking nature, the first
timid colors.

Gucci recommends using a peach shade of pink for
ultra-short nails. Temperley London insists on peach,
and the varnish should ideally be combined with the color of the lips. Tome offers
play with shades and use color transition – ombre for
nails. Pink is perfect for false nails, such an example
filed with Marco de Vincenzo.

6. Saturated dark colors.

Looking at the manicure mannequins during shows, at times
forget that they show spring collections, because
Many designers have decided that spring is no reason to give up
dark dark colors. This trend can be seen in collections.
Emporio Armani where manicure of dark blue shades prevails and
the collections of Giorgio Armani, where the “mood color” is dark green.

The ominous tones of green and black are the favorites of Koche. Luxury
nails showing Philipp Plein: color – black, length –
maximum, decor – precious stones. Well, tom ford
supports elegant minimalism, black color and no

7. Sonic duet

The easiest and most effective way to decorate your nails is to apply on
nails two colors – one main, and the second additional, on the tip
the nail. Form choose at will. �”Fatal” marigolds
turned out at Fashion East: this is the good old jacket, but without white and
pink. They are replaced by red, black and other saturated

The appetizing option is offered by Sadie Williams – this is a divine
combination of gold and black. Kith prefers too
improved french, it’s a trio of nude color and brighter

Photo glowsly.com

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