Trendy hairstyles for medium hair – beautiful andsimply. How to make a fashionable hairstyle on the middlehair

Вт, 07 фев 2017 Автор: Марина Ивасюк

Girls like to look good and beautiful hair helps
im in this. Neat curls favorably emphasize the pleasant features
faces. Today’s article talks about how to make a beautiful and
модную прическу на средние hair.

Модные прически на средние hair: особенности

Fashion does not mean complicated. Over time, the standards of fashionable
hairstyles change, so no one makes a perm,
as it was in the 80s. Зато в наши дни в почете здоровые hair,
therefore, their owners are trying to take care of them in every way. To such
methods include gentle drying of hair without a hair dryer, minimum staining,
neat combing

Everything natural and natural has become fashionable, therefore in hairstyles
no longer make an unnatural volume, refuse backing and
minimize the application of styler styling. However too
simple and sleek look is depressing, so the girls came up
look disheveled that also applies to natural
negligence in many hairstyles.

Модные прически на средние hair: с дополнительными

Hair is decorated not only with hairpins and rubber bands, but also
woven into the hair with ribbons and shawls.

Tape helix

The spiral of the ribbon on the hair can make every fashionista. For
you need a satin ribbon 1-2 cm wide and silicone
elastic. For декора можно использовать украшенный цветами

Stage 1

Разделите hair пополам вертикальным пробором.

Stage 2

From one side take the upper strand and departing from the roots 5
see, wrap a satin ribbon strip in several layers. Separate
part of the hair of the same volume as the first. Holding the first
strand with ribbon, add the second to it. Wind them up with each
friend using the same tape. So repeat until
спуститесь к шее и у вас на одной половине головы все hair будут
rewound. Do the same work with the second half of the hair.

Stage 3

Силиконовой или декоративной резинкой соедините у шеи все hair
in one tail. You can leave your hair without changes, or you can
wrap the elastic at the tail end and fasten with a comb or
studs. It is necessary to fasten, otherwise the tail may

Fabric bandage

Стильно смотрится все, что на первый взгляд simply. Make yourself
hairstyle, coiled on a cloth bandage will not come up with everyone, but
it turns out – it is very fashionable. You will need a piece of cloth or
a bandana in such a size that it would be folded in the opposite way
round the head and tied.

Stage 1

Расчешите hair. Fold the fabric in a triangle,
connecting the opposite corners and folding the bandage diagonally. Twist
triangle in the harness.

Stage 2

Wrap the ends of the hair around the bandage, twisting it around the hair and
rising higher along the length to the roots. Tie long edges
bandages in knots on top.

Модные прически на средние hair: поднятые

Нежно смотрятся hair, завязанные в куль, но каким он будет,
depends on your mood.

Spiral of spirals

For этой прически вам потребуется много зажимов, которые будут
work temporary hair support, comb with a thin end,
hairpins and decoration in the form of a beautiful chain, rubber band or

Stage 1

Starting from the bangs, from the edge to the center, separate
thin strand and twist it in a spiral. Get her on top
place where the ready sack will be placed) and fasten with a clip that
it would not be unwound.

Stage 2

Next to this strand are the same thin and twisted strand and
also temporarily lock near the previous one. Do this
работу по всей окружности головы и после того, как все hair будут
gathered at the crown, tie them together and tie them tight with a rubber band
for hair. You can leave a thin hanging order from the sides at

Stage 3

The hair in the tail of the same thin strips need to be twisted in
spirals separately, and then twist one of them into a dense sack
funnel shaped. The hair is stacked so that would be a rubber band, which
keeps them on top, was not visible. Pin it down with studs for
that he had not unwound. Decorate its base with something.
unusual, such as a thin diadem or a chain with stones.

Spit like a bezel

For этой прически понадобится резинка для волос и шпильки.

Stage 1

Разделите все hair на две части: hair у лба и на затылке.
Those that are in front are plaited into a braid that runs from one ear.
to another. Hair should be braided only one at a time.
the edge.

Stage 2

The hair on the back of the head is collected in a magnificent volumetric tail. Tip
braids hiding in the tail under the gum in the neck.

Stage 3

Hairpins pull the braid to the puffy crown to the tail and fasten.
The more often you insert the pins, the more natural it will be
look hairstyle. Tail can give extra volume,
slightly fluff it up.

Double tail

Extravagant type of hairstyle, which is not often seen on
the street. For нее вам потребуются две силиконовые резинки для

Stage 1

Separate от общей mass bangs and part of the hair from the top.
Оставшиеся hair зачешите наверх головы на самую макушку и
tie in a tight tail.

Stage 2

The hair that was left in front slightly combed and turned on
on the back of the head, along with them the free end of the first is added
finished tail.

Stage 3

From the thick of the hair, preferably from the bottom, separate the thin strand, and
the rest of the tie in the tail at the nape.

Stage 4

Wrap the loose strand around the elastic of the tail and fasten
the tip, so that it is completely not visible. Comb or lightly
fan the free end of the tail. Spray your hair with a polish for

Модные прически на средние hair: с бритыми висками

Необычно, когда у девушки выбритые hair на висках. However even
With such haircuts you can make a beautiful and delicate hairstyle.

Spikelet on the nape

For создания такой прически вам понадобится резинка для волос,
hairpins and hair dressing.

Stage 1

Опустите голову вниз и зачешите все hair к полу. At the neck
take three strands and begin to braid the braid, moving to the crown
and adding new strands. Hair that braid spit
tied in a tight tail.

Stage 2

Now you can straighten up and comb your bangs. Collect bangs and
hair на макушке в один хвост на затылке и уложите их воронкой
around the gum, it should be hidden under the hair. Fix the cul
hairpins and decorate with a bar clip. In our
case, this hairpin with abstract scattered stones.

Spit on the border

This hairstyle has a dividing strip between shaved and grown
part of the hair stands a thin braid.

Stage 1

Расчешите hair на одну сторону. On the open side of the forehead
Select three strands and start braiding the braid. Extreme strands
they are placed on the middle and are attracted to the fortress of the spit. Along the way
плетения добавляйте к каждой прядке по маленькой части новых hair.
Tie the end of the braid with a rubber band on the back of your head.

Stage 2

The same braid can braid on the opposite border
длинных и коротких hair. Зачешите свободные hair назад и
fix with varnish. They should cover the ends of the braids and
gum, which they wrapped.

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