Trend: men’s hairstyles with shaved temples.Creatively – a man’s hairstyle with shaved temples (photo)

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Men have to cut their hair more often than women, because
most of them wear short elegant or sporty

Hairstyles with shaved temples can drastically change
image of a man.

It’s no secret that most men prefer simple
grooming and classic hairstyles. Any haircut will look
attractive in the event that it was done by a true professional.
If you are ready to properly care for a man’s hair with shaved
temples, you can safely experiment, because literally
after a couple of weeks, shaved temples begin to overgrow, and
A visit to the hairdresser is inevitable again.

The easiest for men whose hair has smooth transitions.
hair on the temporal part. The same who loves creativity, and
unusual in this matter will have to pay attention to the means
for hair care and fixing hairstyles and, of course, in advance
set a time for the next visit to your master.

Cons and pros male hairstyles with shaved temples (photo)

Shaved temples in men’s hairstyles are always brave,
extraordinary and attractive. Of course, hairstyles in this style
not all men can afford. Before you create anything
new in your image, consult with a professional. Experienced
the master will always pay attention to all the “subtleties” of your appearance and
can pick a haircut that will decorate you. Choosing a haircut
necessarily takes into account the density of the hair, the shape of the head (skull),
direction and characteristics of hair growth, the scope of your activity or
your profession. For example, shaved whiskey with
unusual forms and transitions in men whose position
involves focusing employees or subordinates on
performance of important duties. But the young, extraordinary ladies,
such swifts are always to the face. Yes, and courage to them – do not hold.

Basic and well-known hairstyles: “Boxing”, “Poluboks”,
�”Canadian”, “Beaver”, “Hedgehog”, “English” and others may be
transformed with shaved temples, into something new and
bold. Or maybe it will be a great solution to change

Shaved shaved areas give the wearer its owner,
energy, and sometimes, and some status, because these hairstyles
are suitable for men who prefer both a tracksuit and

Important items for the selection of male hair with shaved temples
(a photo)

Did you decide to shave the temporal zones? Then,
consider some points in the approach to this hairstyle:

– visually lengthens the shape of the head (not very preferable for
men tall and thin physique);

– opens some skin irregularities in shaved areas
(scars, acne);

– slightly rejuvenates;

– in some cases it looks ridiculous and inappropriate;

– does not suit men with thin and sparse hair;

– not recommended for blondes with pink skin of the face (with rare
hair growth, appearing pink skin looks ugly);

– can ideally correct the shape of the face;

– great for chubby and short men;

– takes a little time to lay (in the event that the top
part of the hair remains short);

– requires more frequent visits to the master (in the case of creative

Male hairstyles with shaved temples for boys
(a photo)

Boys of school and college age can afford
in spite of any instructions and advice, change your image as much
times as they see fit. Rebellious nature of a young man no one
not entitled to appease and change. Young people rarely listen
tips classmates, friends, and even more stylists. And very
it often happens that a young man comes to the salon and requires
make him one or another hairstyle, regardless, she suits him or

In this case, you can offer some options for those
guys whose hair is rather short. Haircuts based on “Armeyki” –
hairstyles with short hair all over the head are fairly simple in
performance and versatile. Additional shaving of hair on
temples will allow you to forget about the hairdresser for a longer time.

Lovers, leave long hair on top, suit men
hairstyles with shaved temples that require some care, with
using styling mousse or hair gel. Apply the agent
on dry hands. Rub it between your palms and comb your fingers
hair. If necessary, fix the hair with hairspray.

Owners of a longer “hair”, and even with curls,
The following hairstyles will do. These haircuts also require
additional styling with special products. Or maybe you
Want to collect hair in a ponytail.

Men’s hair with shaved temples for men of average
возраста(a photo)

Middle-aged men, given that many of them already have
some life experience and can boast serious
posts and responsible work, you should choose haircuts,
who will be able to present their owner in a winning light
Show your seriousness by carefully selecting each line in
hairstyle The presented option is quite simple to maintain. Not
requires special time costs. Clean enough to wash your hair
put on your hands the styling gel or mousse and lightly walk on
hair, as if combing them. Surely you will appreciate it.

There are hairstyles that require more careful styling. But they do not
less elegant. The upper part of the hair in these haircuts remains
long and goes in the direction opposite to the shaved temple
(if he is shaved asymmetrically), or perhaps retracts and
fixed with hairspray. Current fashion trends very often
isolated in male haircuts a sharp transition from the temporal part to
head, trimmer. These stripes along the hair relief can be
thin, not more than five millimeters, and can “walk” impressive
line – from one centimeter and wider.

Creative and unusual in male hairstyles with shaved temples
(a photo)

There are men who are ready to surprise and admire their appearance
close and surrounding. There are many such brave and unusual men.
our society.

Hairstyles offered annually by stylists for a variety of
male images are often not without imagination. Sometimes, on the streets
cities, no, no, yes, and you will meet a brutal and stylish person, with
�”Lace and abstraction” at the temples.

Such hairstyles, in a special way, attract the attention of people.

Require frequent visits to support
figure creative. And if the hair on the crown of the head and its back
long, and then the use of special fixing or styling

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