Toothpaste, vinegar and mayonnaise insteadcosmetics?

Mon, Nov 07, 2016

Cosmetics that have an organic composition of the components, pretty
expensive. And few people know that the most natural means
beauty can be found on your kitchen shelf … Beauty expert,
Natalia Robinson, member of the British Association of Cosmetologists, decided
share small secrets about how you can achieve
beautiful complexion using ordinary
продуктов.Растительное масло

Natural and organic oils, such as
olive, rosehip or sweet almond oil. They are advised
use only if you have very dry skin. It will take completely
a little, a few drops on a cotton pad to calm
irritated skin and nourish it with strength. Rapeseed oil,
avocados, as well as sunflower and coconut oils are also suitable
in order to overcome dandruff, relieve itchy scalp and make
hair smooth and silky. They should be used in moderation.
oil abuse can lead to far from desirable
result. Lemon juice

Lemon juice можно применять как отличное вяжущее средство и…
toner. Yes, it is toner – lemons are excellent in quality.
exfoliating and brightening agents. Citric acid and
natural antioxidants will help to narrow pores and make the face cleaner.
The main thing – do not forget to dilute it with water. Not advised to use
lemon juice if you have sensitive skin. Dental

Благодаря содержащемуся в ней диоксиду кремния, зубная paste
effectively fights inflammation and pimples. Using her, not
you should forget that fluoride is a frequent component of toothpastes –
is a strong irritant, so keep the paste on your face more
five to ten minutes is not recommended. By the way, an excellent option
anti acne is baking soda that can
use as a gentle scrub. Honey

Everyone knows about the nutritional properties of honey … honey masks on the face and
the body not only softens the skin, but also has antibacterial
effect that helps effectively fight acne. Before honey
mask best to do a test test on the arm or neck.
МайонезМайонез богат витамином Е и его часто
used to remove irritation. Since, in
includes eggs containing amino acids and antioxidants, mayonnaise can
use as a hair conditioner, means for
treating burns and as a moisturizer to relieve itching from the skin,
склонной к экземе.Уксус

Can act as a tonic, improving
circulation. Do not forget that vinegar is still
acid, and it must be used with care not to
dry out the skin or not cause something worse. Dilute the vinegar before
application! A mixture of vinegar in half with water can also be
A great way to add shine to hair.

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